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Spy in a Governor's Bed

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    McGreevey & Cipel How to Plant a Spy in a Governor s Bed Commentary by Laura Dawn Lewis http://www.couplescompany.com/Features/Politics/2004/Cipel1.htm#First
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2004
      McGreevey & Cipel
      How to Plant a Spy in a Governor's Bed

      Commentary by Laura Dawn Lewis

      Governor Jim McGreevey's sorrowful admission on August 12, 2004 to an
      adulterous homosexual affair with Golen Cipel while in office
      certainly presents provocative copy, yet there is something very
      fishy about this and the direction the media chooses to pursue.
      Frankly, it stinks to high heaven. What do I mean? A question best
      illustrates the issue.

      Which is worse?

      (A) Having an adulterous affair with a homosexual while in office

      (B) Allowing a spy into your bed, attempting to install him into a
      highly sensitive security position, providing him access to sensitive
      military, energy, technology and corporate intelligence and
      endangering the entire country via this appointment?

      Call me crazy, but option (B) affects every American in the United
      States. Option (A), though embarrassing affects McGreevey and his
      family with little consequence to the rest of us. It's a scandal,
      but not a strong reason to resign or come forward.

      Then we have the US media. Yes, the National Enquirer would focus on
      a homosexual affair. That is their beat. But ABC, FOX, the New York
      Times and Washington Post, tabloid journalism isn't their forte, at
      least it didn't used to be. Which is why the media's focusing on the
      homosexual affair instead of the fact that Golen Cipel is a known
      Israeli operative who infiltrated a Governor's office and almost
      Homeland Security causes such alarm. That's the story; that's what
      the media should be investigating. What systems were compromised?
      What information did Cipel pass on? Why did he target McGreevey?
      What did Israel hope to learn? What power did they hope to exercise
      by corrupting the governor of New Jersey?

      Who is Golen Cipel?

      Golen Cipel at thirty-three is being positioned as a poetÂ…a warm
      fuzzy that brings to bear images of idealism, pacifism and deep
      thought and fits neatly with the cultivated image of the wildly
      creative, cuddly yet persecuted image of homosexuality so popular in
      the media today. Immediately Cipel receives the moniker of victim
      via this great distraction and brilliant piece of spin defined to
      deflect scrutiny. As an irrelevant detail, the stress of his poet
      soul's prominence within several stories August 13, 2004 shows it to
      be intentional serving two purposes: it softens the blow to
      homosexuality by maintaining a positive image and it redirects
      attention away from the more ominous details and Israel. Of course
      by the fourteenth of August, Cipel's story changed three times. He's
      gay; he's not gay. He's gay. Oops, no he's not gay again.

      The Ominous Details

      Cipel served as public relations officer in the Israeli consulate in
      New York as "information officer" from at least February 1996 until
      April 1999. During this time Cipel made appearances including the
      American Veterans of Israel's 1948 war, while creating propaganda for
      the state of Israel. Upon completion of his assignment he returned to
      Israel serving as a parliamentary aide to a Labor member of the
      Knesset, and was a public relations officer for the city of Rishon
      Letzion. It is here he met McGreevey.

      Working at the consulate, Cipel shares a commonality with all
      countries' intelligence forces. Whether CIA, MI-6 or any other, most
      agents do time at their country's consulate as part of their training
      in foreign countries. It is the best way to learn a new country, its
      habits, culture and language quickly. This tour of duty also
      provides access to diplomats and diplomatic immunity. Working at a
      foreign consulate fits within Mossad's standard operating procedures
      Victor Ostrovsky details in his book about his years as a Mossad
      agent, "By Way of Deception".

      Bolstering the spy angle is a letter to the INS McGreevey's chief
      counsel, Paul Levinsohn submitted describing the nature of Cipel's
      work on behalf of the Israeli government:

      "In particular, his experience as chief information officer,
      consulate general of Israel, involved responsibility for developing
      and maintaining the country's terrorism portfolio, keeping government
      authorities abreast of terrorist activities and threats, maintaining
      a database of such activities and coordinating that information with
      data obtained from other agencies."

      Not exactly the duties of an entry-level public relations worker the
      $30,000 a year salary he later took intimates. In fact, this
      description contains no duties common to public relations or
      marketing. So why when Cipel returned did he take an entry-level
      salary and position if he'd previously been Information Officer in
      charge of Israeli propaganda and terrorism intelligence? Where are
      the US's investigative reporters when we need them?

      What is known, Cipel is foreign agent, though whether he was full-
      fledge Mossad or a simple asset remains speculation, though sources
      consulted today contend Cipel is Junior Mossad Case Officer assigned
      to penetrate New Jersey's homeland defense systems. This designation
      places Cipel at the same point Victor Ostrovsky was when he left
      Mossad in the mid 1980's. Judge Andrew Napolitano confirmed Cipel's
      foreign intelligence agent status on the O'Reilly Factor August 12,
      2004, twice.

      Additional sources, federal and foreign support Napolitano's
      assertions. Israel managed to get a spy into a governor's bed. Talk
      about bed bugs.

      Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't this seem a little more
      important than focusing on a homosexual affair and infidelity? How
      many state security secrets surreptitiously slipped during silliness
      between salacious acts satisfied while submerged in silk sheets?

      Field Trips for US Politicians: The Set-up

      McGreevey met Cipel on an all expenses paid field trip to Israel in
      January 2000 when introduced by an Israeli mayor at a reception. Few
      American Senators, Congressmen, Presidents or Governors escape this
      trip designed to assure total loyalty, empathy and commitment to the
      Israeli agenda by our officials. Of importance to note, any
      congressman or diplomat reaching out to the Palestinians immediately
      becomes fodder for defamation and removal from office. These trips
      purposely present Israel's side exclusively and deny the 3.5 million
      non-Jewish residents a voice or contact. Former Congressman Findley
      details this in his book and the price paid for looking at both sides.

      For Israel these political ties form the bedrock of profitability,
      explaining why a nation actively engaged in apartheid and war crimes
      of just 5.5 million people receives 40% of the entire US Foreign Aid
      budget and the bulk of our military equipment free of charge, year
      after year after year. Given what is at stake, it is understandable
      why Israel required collecting another Governor for its needs.

      According to the Israeli mayor facilitating the introduction, Cipel
      and McGreevey "hit it off" right away. Whether this introduction
      represents happenstance or intention remains unknown, though the few
      former Mossad agents who have written books on the Israeli
      intelligence system provide enough evidence to believe this
      introduction intentional.

      They would have briefed Cipel to McGreevey's likes, interests,
      dislikes, opinions and peculiarities allowing Cipel to create a
      character McGreevey would be drawn to. According to these former
      agents, sex or greed generally work best in getting close and
      infiltrating either an organization or circle. Mossad specifically
      looks for these opportunities and maintains files on all prominent
      political figures in the United States and abroad.

      Even if Cipel didn't begin as an agent, which is highly unlikely
      given his previous duties, it's a near certainty upon viewing the
      relationship he was later recruited. A spy in a governor's bed would
      be too tempting to ignore. With his military training, Cipel already
      possessed the discipline and patriotism to Israel along with the
      technological knowledge of defense and surveillance systems. All he
      needed was a cover. Charles Kushner stepped to the plate and
      provided this with a $30,000 a year entry-level public relations job
      just two weeks after McGreevey and Cipel met.

      Kushner is under investigation for tax evasion and election code
      violations. As he appears to be the financial facilitator and chief
      advocate of an Israeli spy by arranging his work visas, employment
      and housing, Kushner should be under investigation for treason.
      Jonathan Pollard, the Israeli spy continues to be the most damaging
      spy in US history. Cipel, with such appointments may turn out to be
      far worse.

      Swallows: Sexual Spies

      Gaining access through sexuality provides some of the best
      information and the CIA, Mossad, MI-6 and all other intelligence
      agencies worldwide regularly use hookers, concubines and escorts,
      often referred to as swallows to gleam information via pillow talk
      and intimacy. This should not surprise anyone.

      By default, most people become quite candid with sexual partners
      allowing a multitude of details to spill forth while granting access
      to their private world where trust often leaves important information
      within easy reach. Because of the emotional ties, when sexually
      involved or intimate, people tend to advocate for their lover. It's
      natural and a logical evolution to protect and promote those you care
      for. This is the only logical explanation for McGreevey considering
      a foreign national to head the Homeland Security in his state; he's
      thinking with the wrong head, which men often do though usually women
      serve as bait. Such an appointment, rich in information Cipel easily
      could pass on to Israel about every citizen in New Jersey and beyond;
      this is a goldmine for Israeli intelligence. Can anyone blame them
      for pursuing it? Cipel's claim of "lack of experience" conveniently
      provides a red herring for the American people. The fact he was even
      considered should alarm anyone. The questions we should be asking are
      why that job? Why that agency and how did they sell McGreevey on
      this? Common sense states with Cipel's PR background, McGreevey
      would have given him a job in his press office; Director of Public
      Relations could have commanded a $110,000 salary without causing
      suspicion. Where and how did the idea of directing Homeland Security
      for New Jersey come from?

      First, McGreevey possessed a prolificacy of scandalous skeletons
      making his selection prodigious. Corrupt persons make tantalizing
      targets via their vulnerability and their house of cards built on
      lies within shifting sands.

      Secondly, New Jersey's positioning is fortuitous for several

      1) Israel already possessed a spy network in New Jersey.

      We know this because the only people arrested on September 11th for
      celebrating the destruction of the twin towers were the five dancing
      Israelis, soon determined to be spies in New Jersey. Then we had the
      two Israelis, working for a New Jersey moving company caught with
      classified submarine fuel near a US base in Tennessee. We also know
      by January 2002, an entire Israeli spy ring was shut down using the
      services of art students and mall kiosk workers, a network which
      spanned the entire country. The majority of the people arrested and
      deported for spying and covert activities after September 11th were
      Israelis, not Arabs or Muslims, another of those little details the
      American media conveniently omits.

      2) Easy anonymity

      New York, directly adjacent to New Jersey possess the largest Jewish
      population in the United States, an ideal place for an Israeli
      operative to melt into the community without drawing attention.[1]

      3) The military's presence in New Jersey is substantial

      Israel's extra income according to former Mossad Agent Victor
      Ostrovsky comes two sources: drugs and arms. The world's top supplier
      and manufacturer of ecstasy, what drugs don't buy, arms do. By
      selling military equipment to other countries, generally supplying
      both sides until a clear winner establishes, as in the Sudan where
      Israel continues to fund and arm the Muslims against the Christians.
      In the past two years, two million Christians met their death through
      Israeli supplied weapons.

      New Jersey, with over 5 billion in State-based military spending in
      2002 and over 43,000 military attached jobs, he who governs New
      Jersey accesses defense secrets and defense budgets. New Jersey also
      possesses a strong technology sector with highly sensitive research
      and development. Cipel has a degree in technology. Accessing this is
      winning the lottery by Israeli standards.

      4) New Jersey provides direct access to the ports, air and water of
      New York.

      5) New Jersey is at the center of our war on the tactic called

      Flight 93 from Newark to San Francisco was commandeered by the
      terrorists on 9/11

      The anthrax letters were mailed from New Jersey.

      Newark has recently been put on orange alert as the U.S. braces for a
      pre-election terrorist strike.

      6) New Jersey is a Window to the Financial World

      New Jersey provides direct access to the world financial markets and
      key economic factors. It also provides access to most international
      companies and activities, especially dealing with Europe, Africa and
      the Middle East.

      Obviously, getting a spy into the Governor's bed in New Jersey serves
      massive strategic advantages and an inside view into the heart of
      America. If I were the head of Mossad and had an opportunity like
      McGreevey, I'd exploit it and the CIA would do the same thing if the
      situation were reversed. By installing this spy as head of state
      security, talk about hitting the mother load. This operative now
      achieves access to military spending, budgets, technology and our
      complete security infrastructure and intimate details on every New
      Jersey citizen with the ability to pass on this information via his
      contacts at the consulate to Israel, which Israel in turn could sell
      to the highest bidder, (something Israel has done several times in
      the past with US military, technology and trade secrets, including
      selling these to China).

      Given the above, why is the US media focusing on the homosexuality
      issue and painting Golen Cipel as a sympathetic victim of sexual
      harassment? Doesn't that seem a bit off? Who really cares if the
      Governor's bedtime snacks lean toward Honeybites or Hershey?

      McGreevey's sexual exploits, irrelevant when
      compared to the damage by this copulation induced security breech.
      We've got a spy who bedded a Governor and attempted to insert
      himself, no pun intended, into a sensitive security position! What
      was compromised? What information did he pass on? Do the citizens
      of New Jersey have anything to worry about? Are they now all
      imbedded and categorized in the Mossad databases, their own intimate
      details available for anyone to sum up? What about our military
      bases and technology? Who else did Cipel contact and seduce? Had
      Cipel been an Arab, the scandal would raise the rafters of alarm
      commanding a relentless media investigation! Why the white wash?
      Why paint a foreign spy as a victim?

      As for McGreevey's confession, based upon the above consider another
      possibility. His coming out over a homosexual affair doesn't make a
      lot of sense and the fact the media is focusing on this issue rather
      than the big issue, espionage and the compromising of a state office,
      leaves me to believe the following better explains what is going on.

      Intrinsic to espionage, intimidation and blackmail serve to dish dirt
      on the target and guarantee behavior. When McGreevey attempted to
      install Cipel as Director of New Jersey Homeland Security, no doubt
      if at the time he was unaware, he quickly learned Cipel's clandestine
      occupation. Cipel in turn threatened to expose his homosexual affair
      with McGreevey if McGreevey didn't continue to work with him. He
      would out him and destroy his career, family and future, utilize
      sexual harassment and get the New Jersey taxpayers to fund his

      expect the standard reactions

      Looking forward, expect Israel and Cipel to deny everything, claim to
      be the tragic victim, (though the last time I looked, it's a little
      hard for a military superpower or a man in his thirties with military
      training to be much of a victim. Besides, he's changed his story
      three times in as many days). Cipel will likely escape to Israel
      eventually where he is protected from prosecution as a spy or
      otherwise; this is standard operating procedure anytime Israel or one
      of is citizen gets caught anywhere in the world engaged in mischief.
      It's always the same, though the order or a step may be left out from
      time to time:

      Deny, feign shock, promise to investigate, deny again, claim victim,
      deny again and feign major shock, refer to anyone doubting,
      questioning or accusing of anti-Semitism, remind everyone of the
      German holocaust and tie it to this event somehow, reaffirm all
      persons questioning are anti-Semitic, deny denying, blame everyone
      else, claim super victim and demand reparations for victimization,
      while throwing in one last charge of anti-Semitism for good

      Sound familiar? It should. It's a proven model. Simply consult
      Israel's reaction to their attack on the USS Liberty, their murder of
      Rachel Corrie, their murder of American citizens the Salah's this
      July, their New Zealand Israeli Spy Scandal in June, their killing of
      Australians for the passports last year by Mossad, their invasion of
      Lebanon in 1982, their withholding information from us that caused
      the murder of the 241 Marines in Lebanon in 1983...the list is
      endless. So are the same old excuses.

      Americans have a right to be angry about the Cipel affair and we
      have a right to do something about it. That doesn't make us anti-
      Semitic. This doesn't make us anti-Jewish. It makes us Americans.

      The moral? There is much more to this than a simple spy story. Expect
      Cipel to follow the above pattern to a 'T' over the next year.
      Expect Americans who love our country to object, and object loudly.
      And expect every politician, journalist or activist to be called anti-
      Semitic who objects to Israel's spying on us, again.

      The beginning

      The McGreevey/Cipel falling out appears to apex in March 2004 though
      the relationship began four years ago. Based upon the treatment of
      other politicians sucked into this quagmire, it's possible McGreevey
      realized he was being blackmailed into working with Israel and
      betraying his country thus spending April, May and part of June
      trying to decide how to deal with this no-win situation. If he
      didn't play along, he'd lose his family, his job and his reputation.
      If he acquiesces, he'd continue as Governor, but he'd be committing
      treason by knowingly allowing a foreign agent to continue under his
      watch. The viciousness of the media attack and its protection of
      Cipel the spy, by journalistic standards are suspicious.

      The lawsuit going public remains the one issue out of place. Threats
      of public disclosure often force those being handled to give up
      suggesting McGreevey called Israel's bluff and sacrificed himself
      rather than betray his country further. Such impertinence equals
      declaring war by Israeli image standards and likely Cipel's handlers
      figured the threat would be enough to force McGreevey's hand. But he
      didn't do that, going public instead and now whole mess bounces
      about, causing more problems and ultimately more lies and more

      Former Congressman Paul Findley's book "They Dare to Speak Out"
      covers Israel's blackmailing and intimidation tactics, how they
      collect information and use it to gain compliance from Presidents on
      down. Everything Findley and Ostrovsky talk about in their respective
      books presents itself in the McGreevey/Cipel affair. Currently US
      politicians readily sacrifice US interests, as evident in the types
      of bills passing, the unending yet increasing foreign aid to Israel
      and the blocking of UN and international law while rewarding Israel's
      war crimes and immoral conduct. Ostrovsky explains how politicians
      are targeted, used and kept in line via blackmail and threats.
      Findley provides numerous examples of the results. The
      McGreevey/Cipel situation follows the classic case study of a
      successful Mossad assignment.

      The Real Game

      The homosexual focus on the McGreevey/Cipel scandal, though
      irrelevant provides a digestible reason for the rest of America,
      perfect for tabloids and the dumbing down of reason and inquiry,
      effectively parsing investigation and writing it off as immorality
      thou it fails to stand up under scrutiny. The shame from adultery,
      even a homosexual affair lacks motivation to sacrifice everything.
      Fifty years ago, it would work. Not today. Thankfully the heavily
      unconstitutional Anti-hate Crime Legislation the ADL continues to
      push through congress isn't law yet. If it were, we could not even
      mention or criticize a practicing homosexual, Israel or Governor
      McGreevey's seduction by both without being accused of a hate crime.
      We would be censored and our criticism a crime. Fortunately, this
      bill isn't in effect and we still have our first Amendment rights in
      this country leading one marvel at our media's continued avoidance of
      the real issue: a spy in the Governor's bed.

      Therefore the question is, why now? Why is McGreevey sacrificing
      everything now when he could have just refused to run for office

      Based upon human nature, only two motivations conjure up the strength
      for complete sacrifice, including sacrificing one's family:

      Protecting one's faith,


      Protecting one's country.

      As an admitted homosexual and adulterer, protecting his faith fails
      the Litmus Test; he wouldn't be in this situation if he followed his
      faith and paid tribute to refusing each of the seven deadly sins.
      Therefore, religion is not McGreevey's motivation although this
      situation no doubt will cause him to find it. Tremendous challenges
      generally do.

      However, protecting his country does make sense. He is a politician,
      a corrupt politician, but still a politician. He didn't need to do
      this, come out and give up everything. By doing so he said no to
      blackmail. He said no to treason. He said no to Israel and he is
      losing everything because of it; his public humiliation represents a
      very public threat to others and every politician in this country
      knows that. This idea should not surprise Americans.

      Combine the smear job on McGreevey with the media's bypassing of the
      espionage element, the packaging of Cipel as a victim and the past
      instances detailed by Victor Ostrovsky and Paul Findley, this makes
      sense: McGreevey sacrificed his family, his career and his reputation
      to prevent being manipulated into further damage by espionage. Why
      else sacrifice everything? Nothing else makes sense given the
      devastating personal costÂ…nothing.

      Cipel Timeline:

      Prior to 1996:
      Cipel serves in the Israeli Navy, retiring with the rank of Lieutenant

      February 1996-
      Cipel functions as "Chief Information Officer" for the Israeli
      Consulate in New York, focusing on documenting terrorism and defense.

      Cipel graduates from the New York Institute of Technology

      April 1999:
      Cipel leaves the Israeli Consulate.

      Cipel returns to Israel as a tour guide, an apparent demotion in
      career terms.

      January 2000: McGreevey and Cipel meet in Israel at an Israeli state
      sponsored event

      Two weeks later Cipel is hired by Democratic State Committee, which
      pays $1100 for Cipel's INS paperwork.

      February 2000:
      Cipel hired by controversial developer Charles Kushner $30,000 a year
      marketing job.

      Kushner also pays Cipel additional funds as a consultant.

      February 2002:
      Cipel Hired as NJ's Director of Homeland Security

      March 2002:
      US Intelligence denies Cipel this job. He's a foreign national and
      does not pass security clearances. McGreevey keeps Cipel on the
      state payroll at $110K a month as an advisor.

      August 13, 2002: Cipel Resigns as McGreevey's advisor

      Mid-August 2002 - Cipel takes position as Vice President Public
      Relations MWW Partners

      October 2002
      Cipel leaves MWW and becomes a Partner at State Street Partners,
      across from the Statehouse; Partnership is through McGreevey's best
      friend, Mayor Jim Kennedy.

      May 8-9, 2003:
      Cipel fired from State Street Partners for habitual truancy.

      February / March 2004: Cipel Threatens McGreevey

      July 23, 2004:
      Cipel's lawyer contacts McGreevey asking for $50 million &
      administration approval on the development plans for a private
      medical college to make the issue disappear. Later this drops to $5
      Million + a medical School

      August 2004:
      The FBI begins investigating whether Cipel tried to blackmail the
      governor, through a plan to build a medical school at Touro College,
      a private Jewish college in New Jersey.

      August 12,2004:
      McGreevey cites his homosexual affair with Cipel as his reason for

      August 13, 2004: Cipel denies all, including he tried to extort money
      and that he is homosexual but continues accusing McGreevey of sexual

      August 16, 2004:
      Foreign Policy & Intelligence Columnist Andy Martin confirms Cipel is



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