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Ernst Zündel, Canary in the Coal Mine

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    Our freedom exists only upon the whim of psychopaths devoid of conscience Canary in the coal mine By John Kaminski skylax@comcast.net (No, not canary as in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2004
      Our freedom exists only upon the whim
      of psychopaths devoid of conscience

      Canary in the coal mine

      By John Kaminski

      (No, not canary as in disgruntled Mafiosi who tweetles to the feds,
      singing like a bird. Canary as in sensitive to toxic gases such as
      carbon monoxide, placed in a mine to warn of danger. Any sign of
      distress from the canary was a clear signal that conditions
      underground were unsafe and miners should be evacuated from the
      shafts. Ernst Zündel is our canary, not because he sings to the feds,
      but because he sings for all of us eloquent songs of truth and
      practicality, a lighthouse of hope in a world of deliberately
      scripted trauma. Ernst Zündel is our barometer of freedom, and that
      forecast is dreadfully stormy as his hope for freedom wanes. Held for
      18 months in solitary confinement in kangaroo-court Canada without
      charges and without the ability to defend himself, he faces imminent
      deportation to Germany where he will likely never leave prison again —
      all for trying to expose the demented Zionist lie that threatens all
      life on this planet.)

      Now if I tell you that you suffer from delusions
      You pay your analyst to reach the same conclusions
      You live your life like a canary in a coalmine
      You get so dizzy even walking in a straight line

      — Sting, "Canary in a coal mine"

      Letter to Ernst, July 30, 2004

      Dear Ernst,

      I am so ashamed, both to write you and not to have written for so
      long. I am so paralyzed about how to help you, if in fact in this
      current banana republic climate there is any way to help you at all.

      You are the character Orwell and Huxley dreamed up in their
      nightmares, whose principled pursuit of truth brought you straight
      down a no-exit highway to endless punishment, and no solution for it
      short of a sudden awakening of conscience in every person on Earth.

      You are the perfect cautionary tale for the Zionist monster now
      pillaging, blackmailing, extorting, and profaning the planet. The
      message your ordeal sends to the peoples of the world? Seek truth and
      you will be punished mercilessly. Try to tell them that war is a
      plague that destroys the victor as well as the vanquished, and if you
      participate you will become a victim of that war, and you will be
      ridiculed as hopelessly out of style, as reckless teenagers in Army
      fatigues run around viciously looking for a chance to kill someone
      they've been told by their schools and movies is less than human. It
      is a lesson they have been taught by their Zionist masters through
      rancid music and video games.

      Ironic is too kind a word to use for those who preach hatred of the
      Islamic world, call them cockroaches and cattle as they shoot down
      the next generation of Palestine, and terrorize Iraq with bombs and
      beheadings, but who use their own purported persecution fifty-odd
      years ago as an ikon of their own religion to exempt them from the
      very terror they now inflict around the world.

      Have you heard about the latest Zionist atrocity, recently uncovered
      in Far East, where Mossad agents seeking to steal identities to
      better infiltrate new nations they wish to target for enslavement are
      killing Australian tourists and then masquerading as the people they
      have killed? Lovely trait, eh, much like what they have become in the
      U.S., which they have effectively taken over and turned into a
      monster, as you so well know.

      Anybody with a brain and a modicum of political savvy knows these
      staged beheadings and random bombings in Iraq are carried out by
      Mossad hit squads who drop a Qu'ran at the scene of the crime and
      then the Zionist TV crews come by and say, "See? Islamics did this."

      Point out these cynical myths that those who enslave and exploit us
      use to deceive us and you will receive in return only silence,
      enmity, and inexplicably vicious retribution, as you know oh so well.

      You are despised by them for choosing nobility over the corrupt
      truculence that tortures them. Your persecution is an ugly
      manifestation of their betrayal of their own souls. Their day of
      horror and retribution is creeping inexorably toward them.

      All people of conscience know that there is no legitimate explanation
      for why you are kept in prison, so your jailers keep silent, smug in
      their knowledge that in their corrupt power that they can abuse you
      at will, yet fearful of the knowledge that when the human hearts of
      the world wake up and perceive their preposterous scam, it is they
      who will suffer punishment much worse than yours.

      As you scrawl your thoughtful observations about the world with your
      stubby pencil and try to sleep under the glare of unrelenting
      flourescence, you may not know the degree to which you inspire others
      by your steadfast pursuit of honesty, nor how you have kindled a new
      desire to know the true facts of what they call World War II, in
      which the German people, seeking merely to control their own destiny,
      were obliterated by Jewish bankers who were terrified the world would
      wake up and see the truth, and abandon their evil practices of fiat
      usury which had earned them their ill-gotten gain, and hurled the
      world into a permament state of war.

      Now you are one of many victims held in dungeons throughout the world
      who have merely tried to point out the lies that hold the world in
      their death grip. All of Europe is now mindlocked under the ponderous
      weight of these new anti-Semitism laws, which prohibit honest
      discussion of the objective facts of World War II. Even the Church of
      Rome has endorsed them, and why not, since that is how Christianity
      was propagated all those many centuries ago, across the sightless
      corpses of millions upon millions of pagans, who, like you and me,
      were only trying to live life honestly, and describe things as they
      saw them, and not be told only what they were permitted to say, what
      they were ordered to see.

      Anyone who examines the matter with an objective and intuitive eye
      can't help but conclude the Holocaust story as told today by Jews
      seeking endless sympathy for their pain is a shameful hoax. The
      Germans didn't gas anybody. The so-called Final Solution was
      deportation, a plan in which Zionist leaders willingly participated
      and didn't mind that the old and infirm lost their lives in prison
      because they were deemed ineligible, expendable, exploited corpses,
      sacrificial stock too weak to seed the insane incubus that was to be
      imposed on the waste land of Palestine. Jewish authors such as Lenni
      Brenner, Edwin Black and others have chronicled this shameful
      betrayal, a syndrome very much like what happened on 9/11 — sacrifice
      your own and blame someone else as a firestarter for conquering

      The Auschwitz gas chambers that now are the site of tours for those
      who seek redemption through victimhood were fabricated in 1947, after
      the war had ended, as several French magazines have reported on
      numerous occasions. All the dead and emaciated so eagerly paraded in
      photographs at the close of the war had not been gassed, but had
      suffered and died from typhus and malnutrition. All the hysterical
      Jewish claims of gas chambers are lies. The real Holocaust was
      perpetrated on German prisoners by Eisenhower's U.S. soldiers after
      war, but this news was blacked out in America, just as today's
      American atrocities in Iraq are conveniently ignored by the the U.S.
      Zionist press.

      Hitler was the Saddam of his time, the bin Laden, the Noriega.

      Certainly the Germans were not blameless. Their singlemindedness
      proved their undoing. Nations without willing allies will always be
      destroyed eventually, a lesson of history the United States would do
      well to realize on its present, manical dash toward empire. But
      ultimately, Germany's principled resistance to the corrupt
      doublespeak of conscienceless bankers was rewarded in the same way
      that your integrity has been rewarded — with inhuman persecution and
      shameful silence as to the reasons why.

      Now is a black time in human history, the beginning, perhaps, of a
      new Dark Ages, when lies are called truth and truth becomes an
      offense against the evil state, which bans all speech not consistent
      with its own depraved objectives.

      And now, with a worldwide epidemic of creation of these anti-free-
      speech laws prohibiting rational discussion of these facts, the
      twisted truth grinds down upon all who oppose the worldwide menace
      pillaging Jerusalem, whose nuclear weapons are aimed at all the
      capitals of Europe, and whose stealthy agents have frequently been
      seen driving around America in white vans, positioning more nuclear
      weapons as part of their policy of blackmailing everyone into
      submission, or carrying out assassinations anywhere they please on
      orders from Ariel Sharon with the eager, truculent approval from both
      political parties in Washington.

      Most people don't have a clue about the real purpose of all these new
      anti-semitism laws — they are to assure the spread of the Jewish
      version of history, and eradicate all those opposed to their fable.
      That fable includes the entire history of both the United States and
      the Soviet Union.

      In the case of America, Jewish bankers in control of the Bank of
      England started war after war, including the Civil War, to wrest
      control of the American financial system from Americans themselves, a
      goal they finally achieved with the passage of the Federal Reserve
      Act in 1913.

      In the case of Russia, Jewish revolutionaries were exported from
      Brooklyn by American bankers, and recruited from all over Europe to
      send to Moscow to create the 1917 firestorm known as the Bolshevik
      Revolution. This resulted in 20 million deaths in Russia and nine
      million more in Ukraine, genocide of Russian peasants engineered by
      the Jews who controlled the Bank of England and all the financial
      systems of the world. You won't find details of these episodes in
      your local Holocaust museum.

      This is what these new anti-semitism laws seek to conceal by
      prohibiting free speech under the misleading rationale that anti-
      Zionism is anti-Semitism. That, and Jewish complicity with Hitler in
      devising their unholy solution to acquiring the soon-to-be-ruined
      land of Palestine.

      You are one of the principal people who blew their cover, Ernst.
      That's why they hate you so. That's why nothing is ever heard about
      your plight in the newspapers, and when it is mentioned, it is in
      their condescending Zionist tone that you are less than human for
      challenging their sanctimonious, self-righteous deceptions about gas
      chambers, control of banks, manipulation of media, and usurping
      control of the way the world thinks through Freud, Einstein, and
      other geniuses strategically deployed by the men behind the Red

      Canada's pretension of being a free country is even more absurd than
      America's claim, but resistance is futile in Canada, owing to these
      Orwellian free speech sanctions created and gleefully wielded by
      Zionist influences over every aspect of Canadian life.

      Of course you know all this, and mostly are too gracious to even
      mention it. Instead you speak in generalities of what we need to do
      to restore health to our planet, and escape the tyranny of those who
      don't care about anything but their own sick perversion of the
      world's cultures. And conduct yourself with sublime dignity in front
      of villains who have no conception of what humanity and justice
      actually are.

      We both know, Ernst Zundel, that not all Jews are evil people, nor
      all Catholics, Protestants, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists or any other
      sects, but we also know that each group has its own conscienceless
      thugs. But the question at hand today in regard to control of the
      world is about Jews, and about how they have deliberately altered
      society in a massive way resulting in endless wars and serious
      imbalances in the distribution of the fruits of our labors.

      A revolution is brewing, Ernst, a worldwide revolution, and many
      people tell me at this point it can't be stopped, because the
      financial beast centered in London and emulated in Washington and Tel
      Aviv has gone too far, has abused everyone too much, has told too
      many lies. And because they have abused too many, they are
      vulnerable, because they have too few friends left to participate in
      their evil schemes.

      Even their soulless employees will turn on them when the time is
      right. That time is near. You are an inspiration to this group, which
      is growing by the day. There are even Jews in this group, Ernst, who
      see the Zionist monster for what it is.

      I found this best expressed in a post on Rumor Mill News by a person
      named Aladdin. It goes like this:

      Israel is not a home for Jewish people.

      Let us not mince words here. The time for pussyfooting is over.

      Israel is a base for the terrorists who created and control that
      state to operate, on behalf of the House of Rothschild and the Elite,
      a global terror and manipulation network.

      That is why it was created after the war and the influence of its
      intelligence arm, Mossad, is so vast for such a tiny country because
      Mossad is really the intelligence agency of the Rothschild -
      Rockefeller - Global Elite, while genuine Jewish people who live in
      Israel (the vast, vast majority) are used as an innocent front, a
      smokescreen, for this.

      So, too, is the suffering of Jews in Nazi Germany which resulted from
      the manipulating of the Nazis into power by, among others, 'Jewish'
      financial and political forces....

      It is no good some writers condemning the whole thing as a Jewish
      plot. It is not. The mass of Jewish people are victims, not
      perpetrators of the events I describe. It is those who control Israel
      who are among those behind the plot, not Jewish people, as at least
      some brave rabbis and other Jews have had the guts to point out.

      Mossad, like the State of Israel itself, was created by groups such
      as the Stern Gang and others, which terrorised Palestine out of
      existence after the war, under the financial and political direction
      of the House of Rothschild.

      Lord Victor Rothschild, the former British intelligence officer, and
      KGB spy, was at the forefront of this.

      People know, Ernst. The word is getting out. The hoax is being
      exposed. The men in the corrupt system who abuse you know their days
      are numbered.

      Unfortunately, some time will pass before this Zionist ogre is
      definitively dismembered, and in that time, you and I may not be
      around to see the final flowering of freedom, when the malevolent
      beast is dissolved into a molten pool of bubbling green puss.

      But know this. What happens to you is what will happen to all those
      who seek freedom, truth, and the right to express our most sincere
      thoughts. You are our canary in the coal mine, Ernst. What happens to
      you happens to us.

      The fight for true freedom turns on your fate. And your fate is ours.

      Fight to Free Ernst! Do it now. Before it's too late for all of us.

      John Kaminski is an Internet essayist and author of "America's
      Autopsy Report" and "The Day America Died" whose works are seen on
      hundreds of websites around the world. His new collection, "The
      Perfect Enemy," will be available in September 2004. For more
      information see http://www.johnkaminski.com/



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