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Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up the Christian Churches

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    Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up the Christian Churches By Sam Hamod Al-Jazeerah, August 2, 2004 http://aljazeerah.info/Opinion%20editorials/2004%
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      Iraqi Muslims Did Not Blow Up the Christian Churches
      By Sam Hamod
      Al-Jazeerah, August 2, 2004


      Having discussed the matter in detail with other experts on the
      Middle East, Christianity in Iraq and on Islam in Iraq, we have all
      concluded this is not the work of any Muslim group. There has never
      been any animosity between the Christian and Muslim communities in
      Iraq, in fact, they have stood toe-to-toe against the American
      occupation and they have resisted efforts by the Israeli office in
      Baghdad to become allied with Israel.

      With these matters in mind, it appears as if this new "attack on the
      Christian churches" is just another attempt either by the American
      CIA or its operatives, or the Mossad of Israel, to paint Islam with
      terrorism and to split the Muslim and Christian communities in Iraq.
      They tried to do the same thing in Palestine, but the Palestinians
      wouldn't buy it. You may remember the Israelis shelled the holy
      churches of the Church of the Nativity and the Church of the Holy
      Sepulcher –both events were condemned by Christian and Muslim alike.
      Even today in Iraq, all Iraqis interviewed said they knew no Iraqi or
      Muslim would do such a thing. But, in America, where we are fed the
      news as it is planned by Bush and by Zionist influence, the story
      plays big to the evangelical group and to Christians who believe the
      U.S. propaganda media.

      This is another sad chapter in the U.S. occupation of Iraq. Since the
      early days of the war, the Iraqis complained about the treatment of
      prisoners taken by the Americans. We all know the truth at this
      point; but, for over a year the American media and the U.S.
      government ignored these pleas to look into the torture at Abu Ghraib
      and Guantanamo. Unfortunately, no one would listen to the Iraqis or
      those of us who reported these atrocities. So, once again, we have to
      report to you, this is another American cover-up to create more chaos
      in Iraq, just as America did in Viet Nam to keep us in that war.
      In this case, it is to rally the Christians of America against Iraq
      and to justify more attacks on Muslims groups in Iraq. The U.S. also
      wants to justify the continued and immoral and unjust shelling of
      Fallujah to allegedly kill Zarqawi. The townspeople keep
      saying, "There is no Zarqawi here, and there never was" yet our U.S.
      military keeps lying in order to justify the bombings of civilians in
      order to punish the Fallujahns for having kept the American forces

      At this point, there is no telling what the U.S. or the Israeli
      Mossad will do in Iraq in order to foment civil war among the Iraqis
      and to justify the continuation of an American occupation in Iraq.
      Some of you may remember that JFK felt he had to go into Viet Nam in
      order to protect the Christian Catholic leadership in the south—we
      have a replay of this today in Iraq.

      As for me, I've just about given up on believing anything the Bush
      administration or the major American media tells us—there have been
      too many lies.



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