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Nader’s the one

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    Are you an authentic human being or a brainwashed media-controlled robot? Nader s the one By John Kaminski skylax@comcast.net I consider it one of the clearest
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 4, 2004
      Are you an authentic human being
      or a brainwashed media-controlled robot?

      Nader's the one
      By John Kaminski

      I consider it one of the clearest indications that Americans are
      completely brainwashed and anesthetized in a consumeristic, media-
      induced coma that Ralph Nader, a man who has accomplished much for
      the actual benefit of many Americans, is regarded as the illegitimate
      presidential candidate who can't even get on the ballot in many
      states, while George W. Bush and John Kerry, two privileged
      patricians who have never even held a job that wasn't handed to them
      by their rich friends, and certainly have never done anything
      significantly positive for humanity, are widely recognized as the
      only realistic choices for voters in the upcoming election.

      Could there be a clearer indication that the majority of the American
      population is simply incapable of holding a conversation on their own
      without depending on the slyly deceptive media misconceptions they
      have been forcefed all their lives?

      Could there be a clearer example of how Americans are narcotized by
      the avalanche of consumer images that dog their every step and can't
      even make an authentic decision based on what is good for their own

      I don't think so, although there are many other possibilities for the
      best example of this — to name just one, sending your children to war
      in Iraq for reasons you know in your heart to be blatant lies.
      Rephrasing that: sending your children to die for lie.

      I keep wondering what Nader would have done, imagining he were
      president right after 9/11 happened. Can you just imagine him siccing
      legions of Nader's Raiders on the World Trade Center rubble to check
      for anomalies in the steel core columns to determine why they broke
      and allowed the building to fall? And scrutinizing fires that burned
      underneath the debris for many weeks? Those reports his Public
      Citizen troops would surely have written would have been very
      interesting. Overly analytical type that he is, you can be sure there
      would have been a very detailed investigation

      It's an interesting thing to think about, considering we have had
      absolutely no investigation at all into the greatest crime in
      American history, a stupefying insult to our intelligence that has
      changed the entire character of political discourse throughout the
      world based on a bald-faced lie that no one seems to have the courage
      to confront. A stupefying insult to our intelligence that
      significantly lessens the chances of every person on the planet that
      they will live their lives without being blown up by their own

      And yet it's exactly the kind of thing Nader has confronted every day
      of his adult life.

      Can you imagine Nader deploying an army of psychiatrists and (non-
      fundamental) clergymen on the soldiers returning from Iraq and
      requiring them to explain why they would have raped young Iraqi
      children in front of their imprisoned mothers in order to extort
      tactical military information from clearly innocent civilians upon
      orders from Donald Rumsfeld?

      Of course, of course. 9/11 and the Iraq butchery likely never would
      have happened had Nader been president. To my knowledge Nader is not
      intimately and perversely connected to the petroleum-producing
      elitists who desire to see American landmarks in a heap of rubble to
      increase their already obscene income stream.

      He's the only candidate I know who talks about the danger of
      corporate power. He's the only candidate I know who talks about the
      influence of Israel on the American government.

      I don't need much more information than that to know that puts him
      head and shoulders above Bush and Kerry, who are squarely in the
      pocket of both corporate power and Israel, the two greatest threats
      to the well-being of everyone on earth.

      How much more do you need to know? And how brainwashed are you?

      I find it very instructive to compare the achievements of Ralph Nader
      with the resumés of George W. Bush and John Kerry.

      For all the information Nader has compiled to help average consumers,
      Time magazine once called him "America's toughest customer."

      Though I don't have matching Time quotes for the other two
      politicians, you can just imagine what they might have said.
      Bush? "Was never successful at any job he ever had." Kerry? "Bogus
      war hero who Admiral Elmo Zumwalt once said needed to be watched
      carefully because of his penchant for killing Vietnamese civilians

      Nader has been called one of America's most effective social critics.
      His well-documented criticism of government and industry has had a
      tangible effect on public awareness and bureaucratic power. His
      actions have motivated thousands to become consumer advocates who in
      turn have established their own organizations throughout the country.

      Nader first made headlines in 1965 with his book Unsafe at Any Speed,
      a scathing indictment that lambasted the auto industry for producing
      unsafe vehicles. Not many of you remember the Corvair, a gasoline
      bomb on wheels. The book led to congressional hearings and a series
      of automobile safety laws passed in 1966.

      Since 1966, Nader has been responsible for at least eight major
      federal consumer protection laws, according to his campaign
      literature: the motor vehicle safety laws, Safe Drinking Water Act;
      the launching of federal regulatory agencies such as the Occupational
      Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), Environment Protection
      Agency (EPA), and Consumer Product Safety Administration; the recall
      of millions of defective motor vehicles; access to government through
      the Freedom of Information Act of 1974; and for many lives saved.

      All these years later Nader is still on the rubber chicken circuit
      preaching about the "imperialism" of multinational corporations and
      of a dangerous inbreeding of corporate and government power. With the
      passage of autocratic trade treaties like the North American Free
      Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the new General Agreement on Tariffs and
      Trade (GATT), this merger of corporate and government interests is
      escalating. A magazine founded by Nader in 1980, the Multinational
      Monitor, tracks the global intrusion of multinational corporations
      and their impact on developing nations, labor, and the environment.

      Nader has always talked about empowering citizens to create a
      responsive government sensitive to citizens' needs. The top of
      Nader's agenda has been detoxing the U.S. civil justice system,
      particularly in the areas of product liability, securities fraud, and
      medical negligence.

      So just compare that impressive record with Bush and Kerry.

      Bush? Military deserter, covered up by his father's political
      connections. Cocaine addict, arrested in Houston, 1972, trial records
      made to disappear. Shady character in Central America, working for
      his father, who had an oil company as a cover for drug smuggling.
      Then somebody bought him a baseball team, and he turned a tidy
      profit. Then somebody put him on the board of an oil company, whose
      stock he illegally sold at a hefty profit just before it collapsed.
      Suddenly he's governor of Texas, signing death warrants at a record
      pace. Then bingo, he's president, put there by a stolen election in
      which the pivotal state was run by his little brother, who devised a
      scheme to deprive tens of thousands of people who would have voted
      for his opponent of their right to vote.

      Then, bingo again, New York City is attacked and we have endless wars
      all over the world. Now that's what I call a resumé. No wonder the
      American media are so impressed.

      Kerry? Member of same disgusting and secretive college fraternity as
      George Bush who just recently discovered his name was not Kerry but
      Kohn, Jonah Kohn. Jewish on both sides of his family, but he let
      people think he was Irish for years and years in order, one might
      allege, to get elected in Irish Massachusetts. Campaigns as a war
      hero but his Army buddies felt the need to write a book about what a
      reckless faker he was, putting himself in for medals for minor
      incidents he himself precipitated and killing hapless Vietnamese
      civilians who couldn't fight back. Faked being an anti-war type in
      the '70s to get publicity, but later, after being elected senator,
      denied he ever meant it.

      But the topper for Kerry is what Sherman Skolnick reported: Kerry was
      on the plane that took Poppy Bush and his evil Republican retinue to
      Paris in 1980 to bribe the Iranians to keep the American hostages in
      prison until Reagan had won the election. Yes, the famous October
      Surprise. Let's hear it for the Democratic Party, Lori! You too,

      So, when you put these three resumés side by side, and calculate that
      both the media and the American public consider Bush and Kerry to be
      the legitimate major candidates, and Nader to be the perennial
      inauthentic pretender, what do you conclude?

      If you reach any other conclusion that the vast majority is a
      braindead, manipulated, unconscious herd that doesn't hear a thing
      that is actually being said, then you are probably a member of this
      majority yourself.

      Now, I am not advocating that you vote for Nader, because I am
      urging — because we all know the vote count is being manipulated by
      the fascist companies that control the electronic voting machines,
      and your vote won't count in any circumstances — that you do not vote
      at all.

      And even if I were going to vote, I would not say that Nader is the
      best of the alternative candidates, although I'm not saying he's not,

      The Green Party recently dumped Nader for one of its own, and more
      recently the
      California Peace and Freedom Party instead nominated jailed American
      Indian activist Leonard Peltier at its convention. Were I to vote
      this time I could easily vote for either of those candidates, or any
      of several others who are running with alternative philosophies. The
      point is that they are ALL more legitimate — and will do far less
      damage to both us and the world — than the two major candidates who
      are being stuffed down our throats by the cabal of mainstream media
      mannikins who wouldn't recognize the truth of this rant if it were
      stuffed up their noses — and if they were allowed to attempt to speak
      the truth by their Zionist/CIA/banker controlled corporate bosses,
      which they are not.

      It's just that of three candidates I focused on — Nader, Bush, and
      Kerry — Nader is by far the more authentic human being and the less
      dangerous person than either of the two anointed perverse patricians
      that are being shoved down our throats by journalists who are really
      propagandists for tyrannical criminals.

      That virtually the entire American populace actually thinks this is
      not so is a crystal clear indication of what mindwashed and
      manipulated morons — willing to countenance the unjust mass murder of
      both its own citizens and innocent people around the world — the U.S.
      population has become.

      John Kaminski is the author of "America's Autopsy Report," a
      collection of his Internet essays seen on hundreds of websites around
      the world. More recently he has written "The Day America Died: Why
      You Shouldn't Believe the Official Version of What Happened on
      September 11, 2001." Soon to be released is his new collection of
      essays, titled "The Perfect Enemy." For more information go to



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