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    Controversial Commando Wins Iraq Contract to Create the World s Largest Private Army http://www.corpwatch.org/article.php?id=11362 === 20 militants killed in
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2004
      Controversial Commando Wins Iraq Contract to Create the World's
      Largest Private Army



      20 militants killed in Fallujah fighting:
      13 civilians also killed, 14 others wounded, including one child



      Head of Iraq Teacher's Institute Killed:

      Head of Iraq's State-Run Teacher's Institute Gunned Down;
      Had Been Warned by Militants to Quit



      Iraqi governor ready to resign for kidnapped sons' release :

      The governor of Iraq's western province of Al-Anbar expressed
      Saturday his willingness to resign in an effort to secure his
      kidnapped sons' release.



      U.S. Iraq Security Plan A Disaster: Chalabi :

      Ahmed Chalabi, head of Iraq's National Congress Party and an
      ersthwile protege of the Pentagon in Washington, said Saturday the
      American security plan for his country was a disaster.



      Gadhafi urges Muslim nations not to send troops to Iraq :

      "Arab and Muslim troops should not be sent to Iraq unless the
      occupation forces withdraw,"



      Iraq kidnappings kingpin Zarqawi arrested:

      Abu Musab Zarqawi, the al-Qaeda leader in Iraq and alleged mastermind
      behind the hostage-taking incidents and attacks on the coalition
      forces has been reportedly arrested.



      Al-Zarqawi Arrest Denied:

      Reports about the arrest of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi have been denied by
      representatives of the US Commandment and Iraq's Interior Ministry.



      High Qaeda Aide Retracted Claim of Link With Iraq:

      Intelligence officials say the detainee, Ibn al-Shaykh al-Libi, a
      member of Osama bin Laden's inner circle, recanted the claims
      sometime last year, but not before they had become the basis of
      statements by President Bush



      Cover-Up of Iraq Bridge Incident Admitted:

      Three Army commanders admitted Friday that soldiers were told to
      cover up an incident in which two Iraqi civilians were forced off a
      bridge over the Tigris River, where family members say one of them



      Rebels' writ runs large across the troublesome Sunni triangle :

      The uneasy accommodation - whereby guerrillas and Iraqi security
      forces work in shifts - comes as several large Iraqi towns have
      recently fallen outside the control of US forces and its allies in
      the Iraqi interim government.



      Egyptian diplomat kidnapped in Baghdad
      DUBAI, July 23: An Egyptian diplomat was kidnapped in Baghdad on
      Friday by a group calling upon Cairo not to cooperate with US forces
      in Iraq.

      "The group said the abduction was in response to comments by Egyptian
      Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif that Egypt is ready to offer its security
      experience to the temporary Iraqi government," the Al Jazeera
      television network said, naming the hostage as Mohamed Mamdouh Qutb
      and showing a videotape it said had been sent to it by the group.

      "The hostage said in the tape that the Egyptian embassy does not
      cooperate with the American forces and should help the Iraqi people
      in rebuilding," the channel said. Mr Qutb was shown sitting in front
      of six masked men in black, at least one armed with a rifle.

      Mr Qutb, whom Al Jazeera said described as the number three in the
      Egyptian embassy in Baghdad, said he was in good health, the channel
      said. The group called itself the "Lions of God Battalions in Iraq".

      Staff of the embassy confirmed a diplomat had been abducted.
      Kidnappers have seized dozens of foreigners since April to press
      demands for foreign troops to leave Iraq, to deter foreigners from
      working with US forces or to extract ransom.

      A group which has threatened to behead seven foreign hostages - an
      Egyptian, three Kenyans and three Indians - issued a new 48-hour
      deadline to their Kuwaiti employers on Friday and demanded Iraqi
      prisoners be freed from Kuwaiti and US jails.

      Those countries are not part of the US-led occupation forces in Iraq
      but many of their nationals work as drivers and contractors. Many
      hostages have been freed, including an Egyptian released on Monday
      after the Saudi firm he worked for agreed to his captors' demands
      that it close its offices in Iraq.

      On Tuesday a Filipino truck driver held hostage was set free, a day
      after Manila withdrew its troops in response to demands from a group
      that had threatened to behead him. -Reuters


      25 guerillas die in Iraq battle
      BAGHDAD, July 22: Twenty-five guerillas were killed in a fierce
      battle with US troops on Wednesday in the Iraqi flashpoint city of
      Ramadi. Fourteen US servicemen were also injured, the US military

      The clashes were triggered when guerillas set off a bomb near a
      Marines convoy and then attacked it with rocket-propelled grenades
      and gunfire, according to a military statement.

      It said the US forces, backed by air support, battled against an
      estimated 100 guerillas and detained 25 of them, as well as
      discovering two bombs, including a car bomb.

      Police and hospital sources in Ramadi, 100kms west of Baghdad, said
      four people, including three brothers, were killed and 14 wounded in
      the violence, which they said included a car bomb.

      An Iraqi police official said the three brothers were killed when the
      car bomb exploded in their path as they walked along a main road
      lined with several public buildings.

      20 ARRESTED: A dawn raid on Thursday in Baghdad netted about 20
      Arabs, mostly from Syria, suspected of links with attacks on
      occupation forces in Iraq, the interior ministry said, as locals
      braced for violent repercussions.

      Hundreds of Iraqi police and national guards, backed up by US forces,
      took part in the operation.

      "Security forces arrested about 20 Arabs, most of them from Syria,"
      an official from the interior ministry said.

      The arrests were made "thanks to information that reached the
      ministry indicating that these Arabs were supporting terrorists who
      plan to carry out attacks in Iraq", the official said.

      Residents on Baghdad's Haifa street, where the sweep took place,
      spoke of being jolted awake by a loud explosion around 4.30am,
      followed by bursts of gunfire long into the morning. Surrounding
      streets were sealed off by Iraqi security forces and by US troops,
      while US helicopters kept watch overhead.-AFP



      US air strike kills 13 Iraqis in Falluja:

      Around 13 Iraqis have been killed and 14 others injured in clashes
      between resistance fighters and US forces in the town of Falluja amid
      reports of air strikes destroying civilian homes.



      Four car-explosions in Iraq? :

      Two people sustained injury from a car-blast on Friday near a
      hospital close to a US military base, and a further three car-blasts
      took place at the Green Zone



      Annan's Aide Warns of Humanitarian Crisis in Southern Iraq:

      "We are confronting a potential serious humanitarian crisis," Ross
      Mountain, acting special representative of the UN secretary-general
      for Iraq, told Reuters



      Iraq may fail as a state, warn MPs :

      The government's handling of the "war on terror" received a damning
      appraisal this morning, as senior MPs warned that, more than a year
      after the invasion, Iraq was in danger of turning into a "failed
      state" and that Afghanistan "could implode".



      'Human rights law impossible in free Iraq' :

      The British government expressed "regret and sympathy" for the deaths
      of Iraqi civilians, but argued in court that it would be impossible
      to apply domestic and European human rights laws in the chaos of Iraq



      Iraqis Say U.S. Air Strike Destroys House in Falluja:

      "The operation is still ongoing," the spokesman said, adding that it
      was too early to assess casualties in the clash.



      Slain Iraqi's brother seeks death penalty for soldier who killed him:

      An Iraqi man on Thursday demanded the death penalty for a U.S.
      soldier charged with murdering his wounded brother after a May car
      chase here.



      Soldier who hijacked sheik's SUV convicted of armed robbery in court-




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