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Israel Kills American Father & Son

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    [NOTE: The first person killed in the Jenin Massacre of 2002 was an American woman. -WVNS]
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 1, 2004
      [NOTE: The first person killed in the Jenin Massacre of 2002 was an
      American woman. -WVNS]


      Open Season: Disposable Americans

      Death of an American Father & Son
      By Laura Dawn Lewis

      When Americans travel abroad we feel pretty safe, especially when
      visiting the countries of our allies and friends. After all, as
      citizens of the most powerful country in the world, most governments
      take extraordinary measures to avoid disrupting their relationship
      with us. Killing one of our citizens with its military sullies
      diplomatic relations resulting in international condemnation,
      sanctions or worse. Recently one country emerged where killing an
      American civilian or our military personnel receives vague notice, a
      cursory condemnation and usually no investigation. In fact, our
      government goes to extraordinary lengths to protect this country when
      it kills American citizens. Its reputation supercedes American lives.

      The country of course, Israel. When confronted with the hypocrisy of
      America's treatment of all other nations by one set of rules and
      Israel's exemption of such, our government and media immediately cite
      our "special relationship". Special is right, the United States now
      represents the epitome of a battered wife. Lie, cheat, steal or kill,
      we forgive, forget and beg for more. The rest of the world refers to
      us a whipped, with reason. This emergence of American citizens as
      ducks in an Israeli shooting gallery involves more than the most
      recent murders and extends to American soil with origins dating to
      1967. Through decades of US government acquiescence and media
      self-censorship a pattern emerged, supplanting the value of an
      American life and labeling us as disposable citizens to protect
      Israel's reputation. Both the US Government and the US media share
      responsibility for the disposable nature of American lives.


      Two weeks ago an American father and son were murdered in their home
      at 3 AM in front of the mother and two siblings in Gaza by Israeli
      Defense Forces, (IDF). You're right. You didn't hear about it; they
      were not terrorists, agitators or militia. They were simply an
      American family trying to improve life under the world's most brutal
      ongoing occupation. The reason for the media blackout will become
      apparent later in this article. We became aware of it July 8th when
      the following e-mail from a source in Palestine dropped into our inbox:

      "In a press conference for the sorrowing mother and her daughter and
      son, the mother said that when she called the American embassy, they
      told her that her family's name is not listed in their files as
      residents in the West Bank. The woman then told them that could not be
      true because during the Gulf War, the embassy called them and offered
      help in leaving the territories, or providing masks against gas, in
      case they do not want to leave the West Bank.

      The woman said 'How come we were American citizens then, and we are
      not American citizens now?'"

      Dr. Salah and his son were murdered July 6, 2004.

      This e-mail represented our first indication Americans had been
      murdered in Palestine. The 'not listed' issue is irrelevant and scary.
      If the US Embassy somehow lost track of US Citizens in a war zone kind
      of makes you wonder how many of us they lose track of regularly.
      Rather incompetent of our country, don't you think? However, the
      Salahs identified themselves as American citizens before being shot
      and with a son studying in America, the excuse shows its transparency.
      Further investigation led to scant details. Over the following days we
      scanned the US media trying to find a mention. We found nothing. As
      usual, the foreign press covered the story. The American press
      ignored it. Murdered Americans are news everywhere but America.

      The writer of the above e-mail is the neighbor of the slain American
      citizens living in the West Bank, Dr. Khaled Salah, 54and his son
      Mohammed Salah, 16. Dr. Salah and his wife Salam are the parents of
      four: Diana, 23, Mohammed and Ali, 11 and their oldest son currently
      attends college in Boston, working on his degree in electrical
      engineering. An American citizen, Dr. Salah received his PhD from UC

      Choosing to return to Palestine where he could do the most good, Dr.
      Salah established the Department of Electrical Engineering at An-Najah
      University in Nablus. The University put out the following statement,
      "An-Najah National University condemns the killing of its Professor,
      Prof. Khalid Salah, of the Faculty of Engineering, early this morning.
      He was 54 years old. His sixteen-year old son, Muhammad, was also
      killed. Prof. Khalid Salah was killed in cold blood by the Israeli
      Occupation Forces in his flat where he lived with his family. Both
      were left bleeding for four hours until they died. Medical teams were
      not allowed to offer their urgent first aid to them. Prof. Khalid
      Salah was born in 1950 and started his work at the university in 1979.
      Prof. Khalid Salah was an American citizen. He was awarded his PhD in
      the Electrical Engineering from California University (Davis) in 1985.
      He received his MSc in Electronic Engineering from Wales in the United
      Kingdom in 1980."

      Two weeks after the incident, this gut-wrenching article detailing the
      murder of Dr. Salah and his son appeared Ha'aretz Daily, the Israeli


      Feedback Appreciated:

      Laura Dawn Lewis
      CEO, Couples Company
      (503) 645 -2818



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