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Colonel Maguire: Be of Good Cheer,

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    Be of Good Cheer, by Colonel Maguire ZOG is now rapidly heading for total tactical battlefield defeat in Iraq. With this low level defeat the defeat will be
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 16, 2004
      Be of Good Cheer,
      by Colonel Maguire

      ZOG is now rapidly heading for total tactical battlefield defeat in
      Iraq. With this low level defeat the defeat will be total at all
      three levels of warfare.

      War consists of three levels. From smallest to largest we have:

      Tactical. Tactical war occurs at the individual soldier level up to
      about Corps level.

      Operational. This is the stage in between Tactical and Strategic.
      Generals in High Commands, such LTG Sanchez, are responsible for
      orchestrating the results of many smaller tactical operations into a
      coherent theme that advances achieving the overall Strategic goals
      which define 'victory'.

      Strategic. These are overall political goals and the specific
      policies intended to advance those goals. These are set by the
      political authority conducting the war. In the current case the
      Zionist entity and its American collaborators and puppets. Bush,
      Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz & Company et al.

      Phase I. March to May, 2003. Strategic Defeat. The Strategic goals
      were always in doubt from Day One and I made this plain on FAEM in my
      contemporary war coverage. This however was initially masked by the
      apparent Operational level successes achieved in overwhelming
      Saddam's forces from March to May 1, 2003 and 'Marching on Baghdad'.
      We can describe this Phase I period as consisting of Strategic
      Defeat - Operational Success - Tactical Success.

      Phase II. May 1, 2003 to April 1, 2004. Strategic Defeat -
      Operational Defeat -Tactical Victory.

      This is the period during which Operational level defeat began
      occuring. The country was not pacified, the resistance was not
      ended, a new cooperative government was not coming into existence.
      That is, the continuing operations clearly were failing to achieve
      the Strategic Victory, previously defined as a secular 'liberal
      democracy' friendly to Zionism and separated from other Islamic
      aspirations. Tactical successes however continued almost uniform.
      The Capture of Saddam Hussein and the location and killings of his
      sons are examples of these tactical victories.

      Phase III. April 1, 2004 to present. Tactical Level Defeat.

      The failed tactical level campaign against Muqtada al Sadr and his
      Mahdi Army militia will probably be retroactively seen as
      the 'Stalingrad' of this war. The Coalition Provisional Authority
      initially set out to arrest or kill al-Sadr and destroy his Mahdi
      Army militia as an organized military force. Tactical defeat was
      total in both goals. Muqtada al Sadr remains free and his Mahdi Army
      still exists while the Coalition Forces that entered battle are
      retreating from contact with al Sadr's forces.

      This campaign incidentally was conducted at a very high tactical
      level by the 1st Armored Division and thus constitutes an extremely
      high level tactical defeat. This more than anything is why retired
      CENTCOM commanders are all sounding the alarm about standing on
      the 'abyss' of defeat. It's a simple statement of reality despite
      ongoing ZOG Media spin to the contrary.




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