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Farrakhan: Synagogue of Satan

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    The synagogue of Satan By the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan http://www.finalcall.com/artman/publish/article_1490.shtml [Editor s note: The following
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 5, 2004
      "The synagogue of Satan"
      By the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

      [Editor's note: The following article is based on an address
      delivered by the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan during a world
      press conference held May 3, 2004 at the National Press Club in
      Washington, D.C.]

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      In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful.

      The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan

      The thinking of the neo-conservatives is written of in scripture. In
      the Book of Revelations 2 and 9, it reads: "I know the blasphemy of
      those who say they are Jews and are not, but are a synagogue of

      What is the blasphemy? A Jew is a noble thing. A Jew means one who is
      in a covenant relationship with God in obedience to the Divine laws,
      statutes and commandments of God. But these people claim to be Jews,
      but they're not in obedience to God's law. They have given a mission
      of evil a divine look on it, and George W. Bush has swallowed that
      bait—hook, line and sinker.

      "Synagogue of Satan" is a gathering of persons of like mind and
      spirit who are in opposition to the will of God. So, in the Bible,
      Paul said, "We wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against
      principalities and powers and the rulers of the darkness of this
      world and spiritual wickedness in high places."

      In the peace process, no American president has been able to deliver,
      and President Bush is the worst in that line to deliver, because he
      is so in line with the thinking of those in opposition to peace.

      I warned the President that there were two fronts in this war, one
      right here in the United States of America. In order for them to
      complete their objectives, there must not be what happened in the
      sixties—a rise of the people in the streets of America. So, they must
      silence voices of dissent, silence activists, bring organizations
      that would oppose this war into court, call them enemy combatants and
      remove from them due process. Thus, the Patriot Act was rushed
      through Congress to give power to this country to take away the
      rights of the American people.

      As Black people, we already understand. We know what America is
      capable of doing. The reports that you've seen on television
      recently, that show Iraqi soldiers being tortured, stripped naked,
      being made to look like they were performing lewd acts on one another
      and the rape of Iraqi women by American soldiers; the whole Muslim
      world is seeing this and the whole Muslim world is rising in an anger
      and a hatred that has never been seen before towards America. Soon,
      it will be that no American will be able to travel in the Muslim
      world because they will kill Americans in the Arab and Muslim world.

      You may not like what I'm saying. You may be angry with me. But I
      have a mission and I'm looking to Allah (God) for my protection. I'm
      saying to you, beloved brothers and sisters and the people of America
      and the people of the world, this time is so dangerous that, if
      America does not change course, as a George W. (Washington) brought
      America into existence as the first president, a George W. will take
      America out of existence and you will witness the ruin of the
      greatest nation in the history of the present world.

      The Patriot Act deprives us of First Amendment rights. The Patriot
      Act deprives us of Fourth, Sixth, Fifteenth and Sixteenth Amendment
      guarantees. The soldiers are in the Middle East fighting for "Iraqi
      freedom," while the freedom that they thought they had is being
      diminished at home.

      When Senator John Kerry came back from Vietnam, he was a dissenter.
      He could throw away medals; he could stand up and speak against the
      war in Vietnam. If these soldiers come back, they will come back to a
      different environment. The Patriot Act will silence them.

      Did you know that in Iraq, for the last 12 years, the people have
      lived under the poison of dirty bombs that have poisoned their water,
      air and the land? Now, American soldiers have been in that
      environment for over a year, going on two years. When they come home
      and diseases begin to afflict them like Agent Orange began to afflict
      the Vietnam veterans, will the government of America deny them the
      help and support they need?

      They're talking about the soldiers that are dead, but at Walter Reed
      Hospital there are thousands that have been wounded by this war,
      their limbs gone, their faces disfigured—over nothing but the greed
      of a few people who have hijacked the government of the United States
      of America.

      An election is coming up—the most serious election in the history of
      this nation, because whoever becomes president will have the awesome
      responsibility of saving the lives of the American people.

      My dear Black brothers and sisters and Hispanic brothers and sisters,
      I know that you are Democrats. I know that you want Senator Kerry to
      win. You're registering people to vote in unprecedented numbers. But
      I say to the Black leadership, don't you herd our people to the polls
      before you put before Senator Kerry an agenda that is in the best
      interests of the masses of our people. If you betray our people and
      the suffering masses that want to be relieved, then your leadership
      is finished. This is the last time that you will herd our votes into
      the hands of any political leader without having the necessary
      strength to put before such a leader those issues that affect our

      Senator Kerry, at a recent visit to Howard University, when the
      question of reparations was raised, he said "no" to reparations,
      because he said it would divide the country and it would not heal the

      Congressman John Conyers put before the Congress H.R. 40, a
      resolution to simply study the question of reparations and Congress
      refuses to even study this question—which means to Black people that
      the Congress is not interested in justice for us.

      Martin Luther King Jr., before he passed from us, said: "I have been
      gravely disappointed with the White moderate. I have almost reached
      the regrettable conclusion that the Negro's great stumbling block in
      the stride toward freedom is not the White Citizens Counselor, or the
      Ku Klux Klanner, but the White moderate who is more devoted to order
      than to justice, who prefers a negative peace, which is the absence
      of tension, to a positive peace, which is the presence of justice."

      Senator Kerry appears to be a White moderate who prefers
      order: "Don't disturb order by asking for a study of whether Black
      people deserve reparations. Let's not go back to the past." Yet,
      Americans say, "Remember the Alamo," "Remember Pearl Harbor"
      and "Remember the Holocaust," but forget what Black people have

      We, the Blacks in America, deserve to be repaired. We are a broken
      people and we need to be repaired. How, Senator Kerry, can you heal
      the racial divide by sweeping the principle of justice under the rug?

      When a husband and a wife have disagreements, if they don't address
      the reason for the disagreement, the gap between the two continues to
      widen until the division between them is irreconcilable. Therefore,
      they have to go before a judge for separation or divorce and then the
      court must look at the assets that the wife helped the husband to
      accrue and share it with the woman who is seeking relief.

      Well, here we are with you. We helped you build this country. We
      fought, bled and died to maintain this country. You don't want to see
      the horror of the trans-Atlantic slave trade and the inhumanity of
      what we've suffered.

      You say, "But the present generation had nothing to do with it." That
      is true. But the present generation of Germans had nothing to do with
      what happened to the Jews of yesterday, but they're paying
      reparations. It's not about what you did; it's about a responsibility
      to correct a wrong that must be corrected.

      We were robbed of the knowledge of ourselves. For 300 years, Black
      people were reduced to a subhuman level as chattel. We lived under
      lynching, segregation, Jim Crow, injustice, police brutality and
      racial profiling up to this very moment. Don't we deserve

      If you want our vote in this most critical election, I'm warning the
      Black leadership, don't sell out your people for that which the
      Qur'an says happened to the magicians of Pharaoh: They were promised
      wealth and nearness to Pharaoh. A slave may want some money and to be
      seen in the halls of power, while justice does not come to the
      suffering masses.

      I have been a faithful Warner to you. I know that the Sanhedrin will
      meet after this speech and they will decide what to do with me. You
      may do as you please. But if this country is to survive, it must
      renounce and repudiate the doctrine of the neo-conservatives and
      distance this country from their agenda.

      If America is to survive, she must not use the might of America to
      fight the battles of Israel and allow herself to be used to destroy
      the real or perceived enemies of Israel. I must say, with truth, that
      I know this President is bound to the neo-conservative agenda and it
      is in their best interest to have President Bush reelected.

      So, I am hoping that the neo-conservatives will not contrive some
      terrorist activity in America—which the government continues to warn
      us will happen—that will kill many more Americans in order to
      facilitate a political and economic agenda.

      I warn you, if you go into this wider war with Syria, Iran, Sudan,
      Libya and other members of the Arab and Muslim world or if you plan a
      preemptive strike against Cuba, America will fight the War of
      Armageddon. It is right at your door. Soon, you'll be fighting in
      Asia, in the South Pacific. If China fulfills her word that if Taiwan
      seeks independence, China will attack Taiwan, and the neo-
      conservatives are saying to the President, "You must uphold your word
      to defend Taiwan," then American soldiers will be sent to Asia to

      You're drawing away your troops from Eastern Europe. Homeland
      security is weak because the National Guard is supposed to protect
      the nation, but the National Guard is now in Iraq. The military is
      spread out all over the world—while this country now has 12 million
      undocumented aliens. You want them to give their names. Is it so
      that, like ancient Rome, you may use those without any benefit now in
      this country to fight for America in order to gain their citizenship?

      Will you advance a draft next year to draft American children to
      fight and die for neo-conservative aims? If you do, American soldiers
      will go away to fight by the tens of thousands, but they will come
      back to America by the fives and tens—these are the words of the
      Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

      America will not win another war. Allah (God) has set His hand
      against you. America is a preserved area. No foreign enemy will
      destroy this country. This country was allowed to become great and
      powerful like the ancient Pharaoh in Egypt, for God Himself to make
      Himself known. Please, do not force Allah (God) to destroy you.

      How you handle me will determine how long you will live.

      Thank you for listening (reading these words). May Allah (God) bless
      you as I greet you in peace, As-Salaam Alaikum.



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