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Is Islam a threat to the White race?

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    Is Islam a threat to the White race? Maria Hussain http://www.whitecivilrights.org/ [NOTE: I m occasionally using Aryan in the white American sense of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 4, 2004
      Is Islam a threat to the White race?

      Maria Hussain

      [NOTE: I'm occasionally using "Aryan" in the white American sense of
      the term and not necessarily the linguistic-tribal sense exclusively.
      It's my appeal to the right wing to join us.]

      What is God's purpose for the Aryan people? Among Pentagon
      strategists as well as the common folk, there is a widepread panic
      about the inevitable transfer of world power out of White people's
      hands as we become increasingly irrelevant due to demographics. There
      is no genocide taking place here. We are being wiped out because of
      our own stupidity. The White race is becoming extinct because of
      personal choices. White westerners refuse to get married. Clearly,
      the White race is committing suicide. God's punishment is upon the
      White race. Given that there is going to be a power shift from
      America/Europe to Asia/Africa within the century, White people should
      decide if we want to die out or we want to survive. White men leading
      our country have cast our lot in with the Jews and expect us to die
      together with them in some kind of Last Stand against Islam. They
      would rather obliterate the world rather than share the wealth with
      Asia and Africa. White Americans, against their own self interest,
      have taken the Jews as friends and adopted their ridiculous tactics
      of extreme violent reactions based on paranoia. We have endangered
      our own lives by making enemies of the entire world. European-
      Americans are at a point where they need to develop a sense of
      tribal loyalty of their own, if they want to avoid becoming extinct.
      Is this murderous partnership with the Jews in the best interest of
      the survival of the White race?

      If "we" are against "them," who are "we" and who is "them"? President
      Bush tells us this is the civilized world against the barbarians. The
      war as it has been explained to us by the Jewish media is that this
      is a Clash of Civilizations, a duel to the death between East and
      West. According to them, Islamic civilization is the "enemy" which
      threatens Judeo-Christian civilization. But since we already know
      they lie about everything, anyone with brains should take anything
      they tell us with a grain of salt. They have been lying to us left
      and right about why we are supposed to be at war with Islam. Really
      what it looks like is that the Jews are sending the poor masses of
      Gentiles to fight their wars for them. Even if it were true, worst
      case scenario ala Daniel Pipes, that Islamic ideology took over
      America, would this actually endanger the future of the White

      Is this war a race issue? No, this is a war of "Western democracy"
      against "Islamic theocracy." So we are told. But in America it is
      pretty clear that "democracy" means nothing but a multi-ethnic mass
      of ignorant fools serving Jewish interests. Meanwhile, the Islamic
      world is clearly fighting with valiant honor against Jewish world
      domination. When we actually look at what is going on over there we
      definitely must realize that this war is not in the interest of the
      White race. The Iraqi people are as Aryan as any White American can
      claim to be. You may have come across a photo of an African American
      soldier holding an Iraqi family hostage. If you didn't know what the
      picture was, at face value it looks like a black man is brutalizing a
      white family. Who sent him there to do this but the Gentile servants
      of Israel, our elected officials. White American soldiers, alongside
      Blacks and Latinos, are killing Aryan people in Afghanistan and Iraq
      at a time when there is already a serious population crisis for the
      White race. We have taken the wrong people as our advisers. We have
      mistaken our enemies for friends and our friends for enemies. We need
      to re-evaluate our self-identity and choose our allies more wisely.
      Secular democracy cannot save the White race. Islam could.

      We face two choices. White people can either take the "Jewish"
      approach to the fact that we are demographically outnumbered, and try
      to even the score by massacring and starving millions of people whom
      we consider "The Other" in an attempt to control their population.
      This first choice is the approach of White people who self-identify
      as Westerners, Cultural Imperialists, and Crusaders. But does this
      self-identity really work for most of us? Western culture is not even
      a "White" culture. It includes Latinos and Blacks on many continents.
      It's just that its leaders are traditionally White. How many White
      Americans seriously think that the West could exist without the East?
      If we adopt tribal loyalty to the Aryan race on principle, instead of
      blind loyalty to "the West," there is suddenly no reason to fear the

      Not only does obeying the Jews put White Christians at risk of
      terrorist attacks, but these same White Christians are so demoralized
      by their association with Jewish controlled culture they cannot even
      claim to represent Christianity anymore. It is not an easy task to
      find an American White man who is not either a drunk or bisexual. In
      America, women take for granted that no White man is willing to
      support a family financially.The Christian Church, destroyed from
      within, has ceased to be a guiding force for White people in our
      time. The true Christians of Palestine are persecuted by the Jews
      along with the Muslims. Since the Judeo-Christian alliance has failed
      to protect even the original followers of Jesus, we should not serve
      this alliance.This "Jewish" strategy of pre-emptive attack on the
      entire world is counter-productive to the survival of the White race.
      Our other option is "the Islamic approach" which has worked for many
      Aryan tribes throughout centuries of Islamic rule. We can acknowledge
      the reality that we are physically outnumbered and conduct our
      affairs in such a way that we gain respect as a cohesive community
      that does not offend others but simply seeks to self-preserve. What
      is the actual belief of the Muslim world about the Aryan people and
      is there any wish on their part to wipe us out?

      "And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth,
      and the variations in your languages and your colors; verily in that
      are Signs for those who know." (30:22).

      The above verse from the Quran clearly demonstrates that the various
      races, including White, are to be preserved. Muslims have no desire
      to make the White race disappear. There is no Islamic prohibition
      against inter-tribal marriage, but in that case the woman leaves her
      family home and joins the tribe of her husband. The integrity of the
      tribe remains intact. There is no Islamic plot to make the future
      world a cultureless, homogenous Brown. Many Arabs and Turks have
      blonde hair and blue or green eyes. Despite being numerically a
      minority, White Muslims have maintained their distinct genetic
      characteristics throughout the Islamic world. The original Aryans
      came from North India which is now Pakistan. Many of these devout
      Muslims have ginger red hair like their descendants the Irish, but
      with the porcelain white skin of the Orient, without the ruddiness.
      In Kashmir the recessive genes for blue eyes and golden blonde hair
      have been preserved by the tribal tradition of locally arranged
      marriage. Afghanis, believed to be descended from Alexander the
      Great, are known for their piercing green eyes.The burqa was
      originally created by upper class Afghan women to preserve their
      beauty from the sun. Islamic Law not only protects the ethnic purity
      of Aryan tribes by prohibiting "free love," but the very practice of
      keeping covered increases them in Whiteness. The lily white skin
      underneath the veil is a beauty rare. The Muslims are willing to die
      to defend the chastity of White women. Look at how they ran to Bosnia
      to fight. The Taliban formed a militia to defend the honor of
      Afghanistan because one of their precious Aryan women had been raped.
      A chaste White woman is considered the jewel of Creation and Muslims
      will happily lay down their lives for her. This is so different from
      the Jewish attitude towards Aryan women, which robs us of our honor
      as commodities to exploit.

      It is difficult for White American women to travel anywhere in the
      world without putting herself at risk of being harrassed or raped
      because of Hollywood movies and TV programs that portray White women
      as free prostitutes. The sexually degraded White woman is a
      stereotype promoted by Jews. Eastern European women are being bought
      and sold as sex slaves in Israel and for the UN in Kosova. Meanwhile,
      in America White women are used to sell products and their flesh is
      exposed to the world. The Jews like to see their own women in decent
      dresses and hats but they like to see the Gentile women in tight
      jeans and shorts. To the Jewish community, all White Gentile women
      are trash. A Jewish man can sleep with a Gentile woman and he is not
      even considered to be cheating on his wife.

      The Muslims, unlike the Jews, have deep and abiding respect for the
      Aryan people as a race. In fact, the Muslims have a saying: "If you
      must marry a European, then marry a German woman for she will be
      faithful to you." They got this idea because they know history. The
      pre-Christian Germans were known for their deep sense of honor and
      fidelity. The ancient Romans wrote about the chastity of German women
      despite the barbaric nature of their fierce tribal society. In a
      similar way, although we don't always understand the cultural habits
      of Muslims, we can recognize that their way of life has been
      instrumental in preserving the lineage of Aryan tribes throughout the
      world. The White race has nothing to fear from Islam.

      Europeans and Americans complain about "mongrel" races taking over
      their countries but they are mistaken. These people are not mongrels.
      Most Asians, Africans and Arabs are very particular about their
      breeding and will arrange marriages only within their clan. They
      limit their potential marriage partners to persons with select family
      names that trace them back to a particular village of origin.
      European and White American racial purity is not being threatened by
      these people. As long as we respect their culture they will respect
      ours. Islamic society gives full respect for each culture to have its
      own distinct identity. In Islam, careful breeding is a sign of faith.
      It's the cultureless American pagans who will marry anyone who
      says "I love you."

      The Quran says He is Allah "Who has created man from water: Then has
      He established relationships of lineage and marriage: for thy Lord
      has power (over all things)." (25:54).

      While Islam acknowledges the basic human equality of all races, and
      Muslims pray side by side each other, there is and has always been
      strong social pressure to marry within one's tribe or clan.
      Preservation of tribal loyalty is the thing which drives fathers to
      kill their own daughters who marry without permission. There is some
      need of women's rights reform, obviously, but the point is that Islam
      does not traditionally encourage free racial mixing without a
      legitimate reason. Aryan tribes coexist with other tribes as distinct
      members of a greater faith community. The Pakistanis, the Arabs, the
      Black Muslims: very few of them want a White woman for a daughter-in-
      law. They are not prepared to absorb White girls into their families.
      All the unattached White American women at the mosque are a threat to
      their racial purity. They want their men to marry their women. They
      are trying to maintain their own culture. Likewise, they give the
      European tribes full freedom and respect to remain within their
      culture in peace. Four out of five American converts to Islam are
      women. A White man can take his choice of wives. The future of the
      White race lies untapped in the empty wombs of these fair maidens
      living in spiritual seclusion behind the veil. They are waiting for
      the other half of the Aryan race to quit drinking and join them in
      Islam so they can honor and obey them, and be fruitful and multiply.



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