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    THE UNITED STATES OF ISRAEL, APACHE NATION T Dillon May 2004 From: Tony Dillon Israel has been forced by historical circumstances to lead
    Message 1 of 1 , May 26, 2004
      T Dillon May 2004
      From: Tony Dillon <tonydillon@...>

      "Israel has been forced by historical circumstances to lead the way
      for America, especially when it comes to militant Islamic terror and
      the kinds of hard choices a democracy has to make in combating it."
      John Podhoretz writing his Israeli stuff in that beacon of Zionism
      the New York Post ( 01/29/03 ). Thus state sanctioned murder,
      collective punishment, mass internment without trial, the razing of
      homes and villages, using children as human shields, the weapons of
      choice of the IOF can also be legitimately employed by their more
      squeamish American cousins now thrashing wildly in quicksand Iraq.
      The Machiavellian apartheid state run by an indicted war criminal
      ordains its paymaster to use the same diabolic methods that Israel
      has always employed since first terrorising its way into Palestine in
      1948. The Israeli imprimatur of state sanctioned barbarity has been
      bestowed upon Washington by a Zionist Mafia don as if Uncle Sam
      didn't know how to take care of his own enemies. You certainly have
      to admire the chutzpah of these people!

      And then Niall Ferguson writing in the same organ, "The Last Iraqi
      Insurgency" New York Times, Opinion-Editorial, April 18, 2004, blood
      dripping from his fangs as he waxed nostalgic about British colonial
      policy before they were booted out of Iraq the last time round after
      their 35 year experiment in occupation. The slaughter of Kurds with
      gas was but one delicacy in their prolific catalogue of colonial
      brutality last time round. This chicken hyena calls for the ruthless
      suppression of the Iraqi population and exhorts Bush's imperial
      cohorts to apply all methods and all weapons in achieving their
      totalitarian goal of Arab subjugation. Even the application of
      mustard gas and the assortment of WMD at the erstwhile empire's
      disposal when the young Churchill in the name of John Bull dispensed
      his brand of British justice are all kosher for Ferguson. Empire
      building in the eyes of this "Oxford business graduate" is a noble
      enterprise that the Brits' American cousins must ardently embrace if
      they are to shake off their Vietnam trauma and forge ahead in the
      glorious tradition of ruthless Britannia. No doubt the bedrock in
      the "special relationship" colonisers Bush And Blair rave on about.
      The Marines should simply be let loose like dogs of war to get on
      with the job of annihilating diehards in besieged "target rich
      Falluja" where Ferguson admonishes an example must be made. Vietnam
      syndrome (which in all likelihood kept the Cold War cold ) must be
      overcome by prudish US citizenry if US military muscle is ever to
      achieve anything other than the destruction of the sovereign nations
      that the Pentagon sets its sights on. If the US wishes to reap the
      benefit of its military aggression in the way of former empires
      (especially British) then it must be able to do so from up close.

      It's not enough to destroy civilians and infrastructure from above,
      an army must be prepared "to engage on the ground". After all as Mark
      Kimmitt spokesman from the Pentagon so eloquently put it while
      speaking of the fierce resistance in the face of weeks of round the
      clock bombing in Falluja, "They just don't get it!" Apparently not if
      Kimmitt means Bush's plan for Freeiraq another regional US oil
      protectorate where Israeli trained death-squads rule and US oil
      company executives harvest the resources of a starving majority with
      pit bull Israel calling the shots in the region. No they just didn't
      get it and the Pentagon decided wisely to pull back and for now
      outsource the terror by persuading Saddam's former henchmen to do the
      bloodletting for them. The outcome of that particular scenario should
      be clear to all other than the treacherous cabal of Shylocks that led
      the US into this unholy mess in the first place.

      "Is the Iraq war the great neo-conservative war? It's the war the neo-
      conservatives wanted. It's the war the neo-conservatives marketed.
      Those people had an idea to sell when September 11 came, and they
      sold it. Oh boy, did they sell it. So this is not a war that the
      masses demanded. This is a war of an elite." Friedman laughs: "I
      could give you the names of 25 people (all of whom are at this moment
      within a five-block radius of this office) who, if you had exiled
      them to a desert island a year and a half ago, the Iraq war would not
      have happened." Thomas Friedman Interview with Ari Shavit writing in
      Ha'aretz April 28, 2004.

      This and a slew of refined barbarians shriek ever shriller in their
      chorus for Perle's "waging of total war" against the enemies of
      empire. Expect no apologies from this super race in the light of the
      flood of pornographic, psycho-sexual torture, Pentagon hardcore
      horror from a debauched band of thugs in US uniforms. Rumsfeld's
      foreplay for winning hearts and mind, lovingly filmed in Kodachrome
      for all Amerikan Christians to witness, causing hardly more than an
      ooh and an ahh when compared to Janet Jackson's errant Super Bowl
      nipple that brought the puritanical nation to a standstill. (Now that
      the promo photos have been released when can we expect the uncut film
      version of Amerika's crusading Christian boys and girls "Getting Down
      And Dirty At Abu Ghraib" not to mention the best of "Demolishing
      Falluja" shot from the sniper's lens?) The routine murder of men,
      women and children, the bulldozing of Arab homes, the legalised use
      of sado-masochistic torture with sticks and rubber gloves, once the
      forte of apartheid Israel is now as all the world knows par for the
      course for Brits and Yanks in Iraq. It's obvious that Britain's
      mercenaries didn't learn much about "human relations" during their
      centuries long occupation of Ireland other than the brutal methods of
      attempting to subdue and break the hearts and minds of a population
      that refuses to kowtow and be milked. "Sir" Mike Jackson the brain
      behind Northern Ireland's Bloody Sunday massacre of unarmed
      protestors more than 20 years ago has learned little as he leads
      Blair's squaddies in pissing on their prisoners in Basra with their
      own distinctly British approach to the Geneva Conventions. The Daily
      Mirror "dramatised" torture-porno peep-show speaks volumes about
      their attitude towards the population under the barrel of their tanks.

      Like an advance posse, Amerika sent out wicked little Israel to test
      its weapons and world tolerance for state organised depravity.
      Amerika by underwriting this Third World military super power has
      given the apartheid, supremacist state a free hand as the IOF and
      Mossad scout and scalp in the wasteland of government sponsored
      international terror much in the same way that white "settlers" who
      squatted America used renegade tribes to open the frontier in
      their "conquest" of the "homeland" as the West was "won" through the
      holocaust of the Native American population. Israel has blazed a
      trail of anarchy across the last 50 years of world
      history "conquering new territory" as it rampages through Palestine
      and is loathed like no other nation for its spate of provocative
      extra-judicial killings, systematic genocide, expulsion of refugees,
      land grabbing, amassing of nuclear and other WMDs; a rap sheet of
      crime that no single nation other than the US comes even close to.
      Allowed to "fly" amok with its high tech Amerikan weaponry, razing
      ghettos in the name of peace, murdering in the name of security; this
      Orwellian state knows no moral boundaries any more than geographic
      borders. And protected by its weapons purveyor through an unbroken,
      delinquent chain of UN vetoes by recalcitrant US governments, this
      rogue state especially under Sharon is the greatest single threat to
      world peace facing all of us today. This is the true face of terror,
      organised, righteous and extreme, and it is as at home in the White
      House as it is in Tel Aviv. Israel and the US have more in common
      than their radical supremacist Zionists howling for Arab blood and
      cheap oil. Podhoretz leading his savage war party of long knives in
      the great frontier tradition of Amerika! "Anti-Semitic talk is not
      about Jews at all: it is the dominant ideology of Pax Americana. A
      Cuban who talks about anti-Semitism paves the road for the triumphal
      return of Meyer Lansky's heirs to his island." Israel Shamir

      And just in time comes senior Republican lawmaker, Senator Chuck
      Hagel claiming that deteriorating security in Iraq may force the
      United States to reintroduce the military draft. The spin which he
      put on it would be laughable if it were not a question of sending
      thousands of young Amerikans to their desert deaths. He tries to
      portray his call for conscription as an equal death opportunity for
      middle-class and privileged kids, glorious patriotic death now being
      hogged by unemployable, minority, inner-city and small town, middle
      Amerikan boys. Enough to bring a tear to the jaundiced eye of gung ho
      armchair Nazis! Privileged kids like Clinton of course will always be
      able to weasel out of dying for Uncle Sam whatever about killing for
      the old curmudgeon. Case in point Bush Two's Vietnam days where one
      faked dental appointment in Alabama was proof enough that this "War
      Prez" slacker and half the warrior nation that supports his corpa-
      terrorism had done his patriotic duty when "grunts" were
      snuffing "gooks" in Asia. So a concerned Republican blue blood calls
      for conscription across the board to take the burden from the
      shoulders of redneck, working-class Amerikan youth trapped in the
      military because their country could not provide them with a decent
      form of employment in the first place. These leeches would have us
      believe that they give a damn about these working-class jar heads
      spilling blood to keep the oil flowing and for this reason want to
      level the battlefield so to speak. Pass round the Kleenex!

      Truth is they need every kid they can muster and then some if their
      psychotic nightmare for the Middle East is to have a snowball's
      chance in hell of being realized. The fact is that the geriatric
      fundie elites and Zionist policy pirates in the White House and
      Pentagon know that the body bag count can only skyrocket as Perle's
      total war heats up in Iraq and later "God willing" in all of the
      Middle East. Allow these neo-conmen a second term in office with
      their idiots' master-plan of regional domination hand in glove with
      butcher Sharon's delusion of Greater Israel and the chances of
      inflicting a mortal wound on Amerika rise exponentially as wily Osama
      had so rightly calculated from the start. With every passing day,
      every body bagged and shipped home, with every grisly detail of
      Amerika's degradation and degeneration becoming more apparent as it
      futilely tries to impose its will on the occupied population of Iraq
      the stakes only become higher. Sharon's "rules of engagement" a la
      Shatila, Sabra and Jenin have been in operation in Iraq from day one
      and everyone knows it except Joe Public stateside who knows very
      little about anything and seems to care even less unless it happens
      to be his own flesh and blood getting grilled in the daily Humvee

      My Lai and Colin "good cop bad cop" Powell's alternation of cover ups
      and frame ups since the Tonkin Incident, Operation Phoenix and Tiger
      Force, all the filthy little secrets of Vietnam genocide that
      Amerikans still don't want to face up to are being played out once
      more in Falluja and Baghdad. Apaches, F16s and barrages of mortars
      for softening up, then the tanks and bulldozers for mopping up, the
      disgusting calculus of high tech military-industry Amerika grinding
      Third Worlders into the shit and desert dust for a fistful of
      dollars. Bring on the 'dozers, guys and the IOF landscaping
      marauders, all the foreign legion of killers our tattered greenbacks
      can still buy and together my contracted comrades in hell we'll pile
      a mound of ruins in that biblical tradition here where Satan fell, a
      monument to our great Judaeo-Christian culture in Washington, Israel.
      Proudly raise Ol' G'ory on a modern Iwo Jima of re-bar, rubble,
      protruding bone and human flesh. Sound the bugle and frame the photo,
      a pledge fulfilled to Freeiraq, the latest protectorate of the US oil

      US of Israel, predator nation supreme, a mean killing machine
      must "win" in the Iraq theatre, destroy or subvert all opposition and
      successfully plunder that ex- sovereign nation's vast wealth, if it
      is to sustain itself after this massive haemorrhaging of its own
      blood and resources. Succeed in that goal or not -either way USI
      paradoxically loses. You can't save face and holler from the moral
      high ground after this gratuitous slaughter for a few billion bucks
      more for the Haliburton mob and the promise of a couple of cents
      less at the gas pump for the Jim Jones "Christian" coalition freaks
      that abetted the Bush youngun's God given Texas chainsaw "mandate" in
      the first place.



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