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Jews Selling Iraqi Rape Porn

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    USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis worse than imagined Collusion with US based Jewish pornographers seen by Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan Los Angeles,
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2004
      USA rape and sodomization of Iraqis
      worse than imagined

      Collusion with US based Jewish pornographers seen

      Ernesto Cienfuegos
      La Voz de Aztlan

      Los Angeles, Alta California - Cinco de Mayo - 2004 -
      (ACN) By now, the whole world is aware of the
      decadent, perverted and immoral abuses that took
      place inside the dungeon near Baghdad known as the
      Abu Ghraib prison. The vile incidents were committed,
      not by Saddam Hussein, but by those who call
      themselves "The Liberators of Iraq". What the world
      does not know, however, is the full extent of these
      perverse acts and who are actually and ultimately
      responsible for them. The horrid sodomization of
      Iraqi POW's and rape of Iraqi women detainees is much
      worst than can be imagined by decent minds.

      La Voz de Aztlan received information today that many
      of the rape and sodomization pictures of Iraqis are
      now being made available to perverts by Jewish owned
      pornographic websites based in the United States. One
      of these pictures, also released by CBS News, shows
      an Iraqi male POW on the ground with his underwear
      pulled down. The Iraqi has since been released by the
      US occupiers and has been interviewed by the
      international media. He says that he was sodomized by
      a US interrogator (hired mercenary) while a female
      soldier "cheered" and the whole event filmed.

      Why was this sexual torture and humiliation being
      filmed? Why were thousands of these photographs
      showing the rape of Iraqi women disseminated among
      the US troops in Iraq? A Mexican-American soldier
      said in a telephone interview, "Maybe the officers
      didn't know what was going on, but everybody else did.
      I have seen literally hundreds of these types of
      pictures." He added, "Many of the pictures were
      destroyed last September when the luggage of soldiers
      was searched as they left Iraq. The graphic photos
      were being swapped between the soldiers like baseball

      The most important question of all is "Why are these
      pictures and videos being shown on, for pay,
      pornographic websites in the US? Were the pictures
      disseminated to the US occupation forces to encourage
      the rape of Iraqi women and other nefarious acts
      against the Iraqi populace?

      The American people and the rest of the world are
      generally not aware that the US government has hired
      literally thousands of hired guns, many with
      notorious war crime records. A significant number of
      these are rapists, sodomites and murderers from South
      Africa and Serbia. These vile individuals work for so
      call "security services" under contract to the
      Pentagon. Most of these "security services" are
      cronies of both Bush and Chenney and are owned by
      nefarious Jews who also have ties to the Burbank,
      California pornography industry.

      Among Afrikaner war criminals hired by the Pentagon
      are Frans Strydom and Deon Gouws, both with
      despicable atrocity records against South African
      Blacks that sought independence. There are an
      estimated 1,500 South Africans employed by "security
      services" in Iraq, according to the South African
      foreign ministry. Many used their atrocious
      backgrounds as mercenaries during Apartheid to
      bolster their credentials to the Pentagon. Many other
      hired mercenaries are Serbians known to be rapists of
      Muslim-Croatian women. Some of the mercenaries in the
      photographs shown raping Iraqi women look Serbian.
      The Military Police, including Brigadier General
      Janis Karpinski, has said that the cell where the
      sexual torture took place were dominated by these
      mercenaries in collusion with the CIA and Military

      La Voz de Aztlan believes that "film crews" run
      mostly by mercenaries actually instigated the rapes
      and sodomy of the Iraqi POW's inside the Abu Ghraib
      prison. These mercenaries had the full cooperation of
      the CIA and Military Intelligence and perverted
      elements inside the Pentagon and the US government.
      In addition, these mercenaries trolled the Iraqi
      countryside for Iraqi women they could abduct, rape
      and film.

      The ultimate purpose for the films and photographs
      was to make money in the multi-billion dollar
      pornography industry in the USA and other western
      countries. There are powerful people in the US
      government and wealthy individuals at high levels of
      US society that pay large sums of money for these
      decadent sexual materials. Some of these individuals
      are members of the Satanic Skull and Bones/CIA
      organization. These materials that also include
      "snuff movies" of Central American children are being
      distributed by Jewish pornographers.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

      The photograph of sodomized Iraqi POW
      is at the bottom of the web page at:

      More sexual abuse and torture of Iraqi POW's at:

      Michael Georgy, Reuters, 4/28/04

      NEAR FALLUJA, Iraq (Reuters) - As U.S. Marines went through every
      house in the village, the women told them not to be afraid and they
      soon discovered why -- there were hardly any men.

      "The men were all taken away last Friday. Nobody is left here,
      including my son," said Om Hussein. "Why has everyone been taken

      Residents say American troops swept through the area last Friday and
      detained most of the men, part of a crackdown on guerrillas fighting
      to control postwar Iraq.

      The conflict has claimed many lives and torn apart the social fabric
      of once peaceful farming communities known primarily for lush fields
      and cows.

      Now women with many children are left to fend for themselves,
      wondering where and why there husbands are being held.

      Many don't drive, so getting food is a problem and taking children to
      a hospital is difficult, especially with gunfights in their fields
      and mortars flying overhead nearly every day.

      When the Marines arrived in armored vehicles to hunt for guerrillas,
      three men started running away from a house and gunfire erupted as
      soon as Marines pursued them.

      One of the men was killed and another wounded while the third
      escaped. The clash startled the village and charged up the Marines,
      who searched every single house clutching M-16 rifles as their
      commanders barked orders.


      Sgt. Archie Taylor, 32, of Texas, kept asking women if they had seen
      any strange men passing through the area. But they kept hitting back
      with the same question -- where have the Americans taken our husbands
      and brothers?

      He shrugged his shoulders.

      Security restrictions placed on reporters accompanying the Marines
      mean Reuters may not name the village. Marines in the unit conducting
      the search said they did not know why the men of the village had been

      Further information from U.S. forces was not immediately available¬Ö

      Related La Voz de Aztlan articles:

      Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women
      by US Occupation Forces

      U.S. Assassinates Two Shiite Clerics Organizing Nonviolent Resistance:

      In Najaf, two top Shiite clerics were assassinated this week, Aaron
      Glanzt of Free Speech Radio News reports from Najaf and Hilla.

      Officers, soldiers in Iraqi prison abuse scandal tried to hide their
      actions from Red Cross.


      Associated Press, 5/4/04

      Portland, Ore. - A Canadian civilian says in a lawsuit that he was
      tortured by U.S. troops in Iraq and saw Iraqi prisoners suffer even
      worse mistreatment - the latest allegations of human rights abuses to
      surface against coalition soldiers.

      Hossam Shaltout, 57, claims in a suit filed with the U.S. Army Claims
      Office on April 30 that he was beaten after being taken to the Camp
      Bucca detention centre shortly after the launch of the U.S.-led

      "I saw Iraqis tortured more than I was. They did unspeakable things
      to Iraqis," Mr. Shaltout said Monday in a telephone interview with
      The Associated Press from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

      The allegations coincide with a larger scandal involving alleged
      mistreatment of prisoners in Iraq. Photos made public last week
      showed U.S. soldiers humiliating Iraqis at the U.S. Army-run Abu
      Ghraib prison near Baghdad.

      Repeated calls to Army public affairs officials seeking comment were
      not immediately returned Monday. U.S. President George W. Bush has
      asked military officials to investigate any alleged prisoner abuse,
      and to punish those soldiers responsible.

      In his complaint, Mr. Shaltout, a Los Angeles resident, claims one of
      his tormenters is among a group of reservists who have already been
      discharged after being accused of abusing prisoners at Camp Bucca.

      According to the complaint, Mr. Shaltout had gone to Iraq before the
      war on behalf of a group called Rights and Freedom International,
      hoping to persuade Iraqi leaders to step down...

      Drudge Report, 5/4/04

      The US interrogater yanked the 24-year-old Iraqi male's hair and
      peeled back his eyelids.

      "'Do not ever imagine you will manage to get out of this. Forget
      about your Jazeera; forget about your future; the only future you
      will enjoy is in Guantanamo,'" the American shouted, according to Al-
      Jazeera television cameraman Suhaib Badraddin Baz who spent two-
      months in US custody.

      Baz's story is just one of many told by Iraqis about beatings at the
      hands of US prison guards, allegations which sparked international
      outrage last week when images of abuse were published in the US

      The coalition has vowed to bring all offenders to justice and has
      already suspended 17 US military personnel from their duties.

      But Baz, who was detained twice last year by US forces, said he no
      longer believed in America's commitment to human rights or freedom.

      "It was night, 10:00 pm (1800 GMT). The American officer came and
      said to me 'Maybe there are some guys who respect the media, I
      respect no one'," Baz recalled of his first night in US custody after
      his second arrest.

      "It was only after three hours I spent standing hooded that I was
      admitted to a room and they started interrogating me."

      He said the interrogator accused him of collaborating with insurgents
      fighting US forces and demanded to know why Al-Jazeera, an Arab
      station which is heavily criticized by US officials, appeared to know
      about attacks before they occurred...

      Ian Fisher, New York Times, 5/4/04

      BAGHDAD, Iraq- The shame is so deep that Hayder Sabbar Abd says he
      feels that he cannot move back to his old neighborhood. He would
      prefer not even to stay in Iraq. But now the entire world has seen
      the pictures, which Mr. Abd looked at yet again on Tuesday, pointing
      out the key figures, starting with three American soldiers wearing
      big smiles for the camera.

      "That is Joiner," he said, pointing to one male soldier in glasses, a
      black hat and blue rubber gloves. His arms were crossed over a stack
      of naked and hooded Iraqi prisoners.

      "That is Miss Maya," he said, pointing to a young woman's fresh face
      poking up over the same pile.

      He gazed down at another picture. In it, a second female soldier
      flashed a "thumbs up" and pointed with her other hand at the genitals
      of a man wearing nothing but a black hood, his fingers laced on top
      of his head. He did not know her name. But the small scars on the
      torso left little doubt about the identity of the naked prisoner.

      "That is me," he said, and he tapped his own hooded, slightly hunched

      Marian Wilkinson, Sydney Morning Herald, 5/5/04

      At least four Iraqi detainees have died in British custody in the
      past year, one as a result of torture, says the human rights group
      Amnesty International, while the CIA admits it is investigating the
      death of a prisoner under interrogation.

      As the scandal over the abuses at Abu Ghraib jail, near Baghdad,
      widened, President George Bush pointedly called his Secretary of
      Defence, Donald Rumsfeld, to ensure that "those responsible for these
      shameful, appalling acts" are held "fully accountable".

      In Australia, the Federal Opposition condemned the Government for
      an "immoral disinterest" in the treatment of Iraqi prisoners and
      warned it had a legal responsibility to them.

      A CIA officer told the Herald that "one prisoner . . . who we were
      talking to did die". And the former US officer responsible for the
      jail, Brigadier-General Janis Karpinski, reiterated that the cell
      blocks where the abuses took place were under the control of military
      intelligence when the prisoners were subjected to beating, rape,
      sexually humiliation and torture...

      Six military police officers photographed abusing prisoners are
      facing criminal action.

      General Karpinski has been accused of failing to prevent the MPs from
      abusing prisoners, but told the US ABC network they were given
      separate instructions by US intelligence officers "on what they
      needed to do"...



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