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German Children of a Lesser God

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    OSCE Anti-Semitism Conference Report Below ========== In Berlin, the high and mighty including U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, German President Johannes
    Message 1 of 1 , May 6, 2004
      OSCE Anti-Semitism Conference Report Below

      In Berlin, the high and mighty including U.S. Secretary of State
      Colin Powell, German President Johannes Rau and Israel's president,
      Moshe Katsav gathered for a Conference of the Organization for
      Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) dedicated to the struggle
      against anti-Semitism. They proclaimed that "the Israeli-Palestinian
      conflict is serving as a cover for worldwide anti-Semitic sentiment"
      as Haaretz reported today. I was not invited to this gathering, but
      if I were, I would present them with the following talk.

      Children of a Lesser God

      By Israel Shamir

      Your Excellencies, this conference is indeed an extremely important,
      historic event, to be compared with Constantine's Edict of Milan or
      with crucial Councils of the Church. I am not sure that all of you
      fully understand what you did, what is the meaning of the code-
      words `Struggle against antisemitism'. Let us say first what it is
      NOT. `Struggle against antisemitism' is not defencing of a small
      persecuted nation; if it would, you were to defend the besieged
      Palestinians. It is not struggle against racism, for you defend
      racist apartheid in Palestine. It is not struggle against anti-Jewish
      discrimination, for there is none, and from Moscow to Paris to New
      York Jews occupy the very pinnacle of power. It is not defence of
      Jewish life, for the only Jew wounded in Europe cut himself with his
      kitchen knife while trying to incriminate a Muslim. It is not defence
      of Jewish property, for Jews are the only people on earth who
      regained every piece of property their ancestors ever owned from
      Berlin to Baghdad. It has nothing to do with long-dead historic
      antisemitism, anti-Jewish racial theory, for there are Semites and
      descendents of Jews on both sides of the battle.

      `Struggle against antisemitism' is a theological concept, related to
      the centuries-old question: "Are all people equal, equally important
      and equally close to God; or are the Jews a cut above, while the rest
      are children of a lesser God?" The first proposition was affirmed by
      St Paul, the second was the banner of Caiaphas. Today you gave your
      answer to the question, and, like Pontius Pilate in his time, you
      preferred Caiaphas. Today you proclaimed that the Judaic ideas and
      values are the foundation stone of the New World Order you are
      committed to uphold.

      It does not matter that the Palestinians are being immured alive
      behind the 25-foot concrete wall; that the olive groves are erased
      and wells demolished; what is important that "Israel or its leaders
      should not be demonized or villainized" in words of your colleague
      Colin Powell. It is not a question of policy anymore, but of
      theology, for belief in Jewish superiority is the official faith of
      Pax Americana, like Christianity was that of the Roman Empire in the
      days of Constantine the Great. To stress the point, you forbade using
      Nazi symbols in conjecture with Israeli policies, but allowed
      superimposing Swastika of Hitler onto the Cross of Christ.

      Probably you consider yourselves `realists and pragmatists' who care
      little for this religious mumbo-jumbo. If you were realists and
      pragmatists, you would consider what this acceptance of Jewish
      superiority means for YOU, if you do not care for Palestinians or
      Iraqis. I open the Jerusalem Post of 22.04.04, and read the words of
      your new superiors:

      "My problem is not only with Germany. It is with everything German,
      anywhere. I neither argue nor get upset. I have simply wiped Germany
      and its people off my globe", - writes Matti Golan, the former editor-
      in-chief of the leading Israeli newspaper Haaretz and of the Globes,
      the paper for the Jewish economic elites. Matti Golan is not a
      firebrand; he is not one of Jewish religious fanatics who deny goyim
      even descent from Adam. Indeed, I could fill hundreds of pages with
      similar – and worse – quotes from Khabbad books or Cabbala wizards.
      But Golan is not a Cabbalist and extremist but one of the sane, non-
      religious mainstream influential Jewish intellectuals. When this
      article was discussed on IsraelForum.com in the internet, a typical
      Jewish response was this: "Matti Golan is a prominent journalist and
      columnist. He represents ideas held by the vast majority of Israeli
      Jews in this subject. My opinion included." If I were a German, I
      would have second thoughts before providing Matti Golan's country
      with nuclear-capable submarines lest he will `simply wipe Germany and
      its people off our globe'.

      In my view, Golan sounded a call for racist hatred and genocide. You
      could discuss it; but you would rather condemn Mahathir, or a peace
      activist who fights for equality in Palestine. Your colleague German
      President Johannes Rau said: "Everyone knows that massive anti-
      Semitism is behind criticism of the Israeli government's politics
      over the last decades". He said it a week after a four-year-old Asma
      suffocated of Israeli tear gas inside her room in Gaza on 23.04.04, a
      year after Rachel Corrie was crushed by Israeli bulldozer. Thus,
      whoever says `antisemitism' agrees with murder of Asma and Rachel.

      You cause contempt, and it is dangerous for you. In a mass-
      circulation Israeli daily Maariv (24.04.04), Dan Margalit, a
      superstar of Israeli journalism, writes of the man who tried to warn
      you of the grave danger of Israeli nuclear potential:

      "Vanunu posed himself as suffering Mel Gibson, a new Jesus, who
      suffers in jail for his conversion to Christianity. I must admit he
      was discriminated on the religious grounds, but positively
      discriminated. Vanunu remained alive for his treason, spying and
      baptism notwithstanding, Israel treated him as a Jew. Everyone knows
      what the Israeli Mossad would do to him if he were a German nuclear
      technician on a service of an Arab state - The names of those sorts
      are carved on gravestones in the cemeteries of Europe." (Do not look
      for this sentence on the Maariv English-language website: it is

      Its message is clear: blood of a goy, especially of a German goy, is
      of less value than blood of a Jew. And you brought it upon

      Israel boasted that her assassins murdered German technicians and
      scientists – but Germany never complained. A brave and noble American
      Jew, John Sack, published a book on Jewish atrocities committed
      against innocent ethnic Germans in late 1940s – but Germany did not
      investigate the grave accusations, did not demand the trial of the
      criminals; even the book of Sack was not published in Germany. Jews
      admitted mass poisoning of German POWs and an attempt to murder
      millions of German civilians – Germany did not investigate it, but
      transferred more money and military hardware to Israel.

      You accepted your second-class status of children of lesser god. Not
      today – when you elevated Auschwitz and disdained the fiery holocaust
      of Dresden. When you bewept deportations of Jews and ignored
      deportations of ethnic Germans by Zionist-ridden governments of
      Poland and Czechoslovakia. When you pushed for disarmament of Iraq
      and supplied nuclear equipment to Dimona. When you locked up and
      extradited Palestinian fighters and did not demand extradition of an
      Israeli citizen Solomon Morel who tortured and killed thousands of
      Germans. When you tried publishers of Norman Finkelstein's Holocaust
      Industry and allowed agents of ADL to march streets of Berlin with
      Israeli flags and portraits of Bomber Harris. You agreed that your
      blood is cheap. Do not be surprised if it will flow after the supply
      of Palestinians will dry up.

      Personally, I am rather grateful for what you did. Until now, the
      struggle for equality in Palestine was hindered by well-meaning women
      and men who did not question the Jewish supremacy in Europe and the
      US but were horrified by the genocide of Palestinians. While fighting
      against the Wall, or against devastation of Gaza, they were worried
      by accusation of `antisemitism'. They thought the argument against
      Israeli apartheid is legitimate in the New World Order. Now you have
      removed this obstacle by proving that whatever happens in Palestine
      is not a local aberration but the foundation stone of Pax Americana.

      Let them both fall together: the local and the global scheme of
      Judaic supremacy, so Jews and Gentiles will be able once again live
      like equals in Palestine and elsewhere.

      Israel Shamir, Jaffa



      Shukran OSCE!
      Anis Hamadeh, May 03, 2004

      The second OSCE conference for the struggle against anti-Semitism,
      with about 600 delegates from 55 states as well as 320
      representatives of non-government organisations, ended on April 30,
      2004, leaving behind some questions. Aim of the meeting reportedly
      was to work out an "action plan". A "Berlin Declaration" was
      formulated in which it reads that every kind of anti-Semitism is
      unlimitedly to be outlawed. The German press reported violence and
      agitation - also from Muslim sides - against Israel and (the) Jews.
      It was naturally concerning itself with this conference in detail and
      to a wide extend, as anti-Semitism articles belong to the standard
      program of almost every newspaper in the country. This is justified
      with the historical responsibility of Germany, a responsibility which
      is generally undenied, only that it does not everywhere lead to the
      same conclusions, but on the contrary to very different ones.

      Also standard program was the repertoire of statements on anti-
      Semitism. Thus the magic 15 up to 20 % of prones in our society were
      an issue just as the everywhere increasing anti-Semitism and the
      fears and threats is brings. Other typical issues were that the
      Middle East conflict is being exported to Europe, that something must
      happen, that a lot of all this has something to do with people from
      Muslim countries, that you may certainly criticize Israel, but not
      too much, that there is a new anti-Semitism which often hides, for
      example behind criticism of Israel, that anti-Semitism can be
      recognized by special experts only (see paradoxical definitions
      like: "Today one can be against racism and at the same time an anti-
      Semite", Sueddeutsche Zeitung, April 29, Jens Bisky), that Jewish
      people have to feel secure, that one must not compare Israel and Nazi
      Germany, and again and again the Middle East conflict, the Middle
      East conflict. In his page one commentary with the title "The risk to
      be a Jew", for example, Frank Jansen wrote in the Tagesspiegel
      (Berlin) on April 26: "No harsh strike whatsoever of the Israeli
      military justifies even an anti-Semitic allusion." An opinion which
      is prevailing in circles of anti-anti-Semitism, even if not always
      expressed as sharply pointed as here. It is apparent how much
      international politics is involved and how much the Israeli military
      has to do with the reproach of anti-Semitism.

      New about the topoi (i.e. standard motifs) of the anti-Semitism
      discourse in the German public is that they are expressed sharper and
      more demanding than a year ago. The German foreign minister, for
      example, now said that the struggle against anti-Semitism is a core
      ("Kern") of the federal German democracy and Heribert Prantl from the
      Sueddeutsche sided with him. The victim rhetorics, too, is even more
      highlighted than before. "We do not feel any support for our
      suffering". This is the title of an interview with the conference
      participant and Israeli president Moshe Katsav in the Frankfurter
      Allgemeine Zeitung on April 30. Note the detail: he does not want
      support for peace, but for suffering. Also new is the topos "Anti-
      Semitism is not to be projected on Arabs and Muslims too much" and
      maybe the faishonable concept of "demonization". The topos "In the
      realm of the globalisation critics there also are anti-Semitic
      tendencies" by now seems to belong to the established repertoire of
      anti-Semitism articles.

      All in all, this conference with high-ranking participants like the
      representatives of governments Colin Powell (USA) and Moshe Katzav
      (Israel) was a provocation for many observers, because a hard to
      define group of people was singled out and was given special rights,
      in immediate context with the human rights violations of Israel which
      have escalated in the weeks and months before the conference. In this
      way, the Israeli president used the forum to promote international
      solidarity with (the current, official) Israel. Mister Katsav
      provokes the West (more than the East who is used to such calls) with
      the words: "Our hands are clean. Our morals are very high. (...) And
      indeed, we try all that we possibly can to bring about a relaxation
      and peace with the Palestinians." Quote from the FAZ interview. So a
      huge world conference was summoned which immediately served Israel's
      (partly illegal) interests and actions in foreign affairs. In this
      directness this is also new. In times of flying killer squads, of
      heavier repressions, of the Sharon/Bush solo actions, and the
      building of the wall in Palestine. A time in which Israel - with a
      high inner-social acceptance - uses more violence than ever before
      and a time where it - visible for all - rather seeks to prevent peace
      than to reach it. This policy does not surprise too much in view of
      the current prime minister, remember for example the article "Schalom
      Scharon" by Amnon Kapeliouk in Le Monde Diplomatique/taz in November

      What is more, the subjects "anti-Semitism" and "threat by
      Palestinians/Muslims" were often mixed, not only by the Israeli
      governmental guest. Yehuda Bauer, for instance, at the conference
      found sufficient space to condemn the "totalitarian, radical Islamist
      ideology". In an interview with the German newspaper "die
      tageszeitung" (taz) he said that Muslim fundamentalism was ready for
      a second genocide of the Jewish people. While reading the press
      coverage one continuously stumbles over words like "Islam"
      and "Arabs", "neighbor countries of Israel's", "Muslims", "juvenile
      immigrants" etc.. This is the backside of the coin, concerning this
      conference: the thorough condemnation of an abstract and undefinable
      anti-Semitism necessarily needs an enemy. So what would seem closer
      to the mind than to take those societies which after ("anti-Semitic")
      September 11 have become suspects, anyway. Societies, for it is
      societies which in the end are affected and involved. Into this line
      of argumentation belongs the myth that the Palestinians could have
      gotten "everything" in Oslo and Camp David, just as the omnipresent,
      and still indefensible thesis that attacks on Israeli soldiers and on
      civilians would happen out of a hatred toward Jews and not a reaction
      to occupation and to racism in the country. Accordingly, the official
      Israeli side denies that the violent policy of the Jewish state can
      cause negative feelings against Jews, meaning that this "anti-
      Semitism" to a great extend could be a result of Israel's policy.

      For this reason some people will probably bring their sarcasm
      together to say: "Shukran OSCE", for shukran means thanks in Arabic.
      The concerned Arabs and Muslims will certainly have their own
      thoughts about this matter, for they have a legitimate interest in
      understanding why justice is not the same for all people. For that
      the reproach of anti-Semitism is a means to keep critics calm, writes
      for example the Neue Presse from Hannover (see SZ 30.04., p.2), there
      it also reads: "With the foundation of the state of Israel Jews are
      not only victims anymore. Israel is the strongest power in the Middle
      East." Indeed does Israel own nuclear weapons for decades, people
      speak of 200, while no other country in the region may have such
      weapons. For decades also the government, which represents the
      Israeli society, has been ignoring essential UN resolutions
      concerning its violence. Other important resolutions were vetoed by
      the USA. Nobody really shows the Israeli government that it
      permanently is committing heavy injustice, and therefore there is no
      end in sight for this destructive behavior. The Israeli left does not
      really oppose to it, either, with few exceptions.

      The shamelessness of the our-hands-are-clean rhetorics should give
      people in the East and in the West reason to think, because it
      manifests the increasing loss of reality in Israel which has recently
      been formulated in the analyses of Moshe Zimmermann, Avraham Burg,
      Jossi Beilin, Uri Davis, Uri Avnery and many others. For many Arabs
      and Muslims, especially Palestinians, the impression grows that the
      German Jewish control drama of the Holocaust is being experienced
      with the substitute agents of Palestinians, Arabs, and Muslims.
      Without the moral support of other countries like on this kind of
      anti-Semitism conferences the official Israel could not continue its
      policy of occupation just like that. The silence about occupation
      made the Berlin conference a western scandal.

      The anti-Semitism conference in Berlin in a conspicuous way did not
      offer any measures which could possibly lead to a social peace
      between involved conflict parties, but only repressive measures, like
      punishments and outlawing, and didactic measures. Like the one of
      Nobel peace prize winner Eli Wiesel who in the conference called for
      a manifesto against anti-Semitism which is to be translated into all
      the languages of the world and to be read out aloud in all schools in
      the world once a year. Wiesel should have proposed to learn this book
      by heart, then the aspect of indoctrination would have been
      represented more adequately.

      Such stereotype demarcations of anti-Semitism like in Berlin can
      neither lead to social peace, nor can it fight anti-Semitism, but
      only its mastering and overcoming. Through the ritual of assertion
      things are kept to remain unchanged, "are kept" not in the first
      place meaning a political intention, but the control drama, the
      unmastered past working in the sub-conscious, nagging like an
      addiction. The force to evoke and go through the trauma over and over
      again, to re-experience it, finally in order to understand it,
      overcome it... Today it is necessary to urgently refer to these
      aspects, because there is no other way to peace than through
      questions and understanding, and probably many people would not have
      to die if we finally started to talk, instead of accumulating more
      and more guilt in the foreign department, similar to the department
      of finances. For the conclusion is close at hand that the persecution
      and murder of Jews during the Nazi period did not lead to plausible
      and generally valid consequences, but to philo-Semitism, i.e. the
      regular preference of Jews, again a discrimination. The big value
      debate, however, which does justice to the victims of the Holocaust
      and which is not at the expense of Palestinians, Arabs and Muslims in
      a way more than justified, has not happened yet.

      Anis Hamadeh is the author of the study: "The Reproach of Anti-
      Semitism in Critical Reflexion" (in German, abstract translated to
      English, February 2004, 108 pp.), URL www.anis-



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