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Farrakhan's Guidance to America

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    Minister Farrakhan offers Guidance to America and the World in a Time of Trouble Monday May 3, 2004 CONTACT: NISA ISLAM MUHAMMAD (773) 602-1230 References
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5, 2004
      Minister Farrakhan offers
      "Guidance to America and the World in a Time of Trouble"

      Monday May 3, 2004
      CONTACT: NISA ISLAM MUHAMMAD (773) 602-1230

      References and Webcast Online @

      WASHINGTON (FinalCall.com) - American young men and women are
      fighting and dying to establish freedom in Iraq while their own
      freedom is being diminished at home, Minister Louis Farrakhan, the
      National Representative of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad and Leader
      of the Nation of Islam told reporters at the National Press Club in
      Washington and viewers around the world via live satellite and an
      Internet web broadcast May 3.

      "The war is not just against brutal dictators, but is a war against
      (the) Islam(ic)" faith itself, the Muslim leader told his
      audience. "That is at the root of the war."

      Min. Farrakhan also condemned the widely reported abuse of Iraqi
      prisoners by the U.S. military forces, saying it was the latest
      example of unjustified violence against Islamic nations.

      "The whole Muslim world is seeing this, and the whole Muslim world is
      rising in anger and hatred that has never been," Min. Farrakhan
      said. "Soon it will be that no American will be able to travel,
      because they will kill Americans in the Arab and Muslim worlds," the
      Muslim leader said.

      The Iraq war has been an administration plan since the earliest days
      of the Bush administration, Min. Farrakhan pointed out. He quoted
      from a letter he wrote to Pres. George W. Bush on Dec. 1, 2001. "I
      respectfully say to you that I believe if you continue this effort in
      the way that you presently have in mind, it will not end terrorism,
      but unfortunately may increase it," Min. Farrakhan said in that

      The war, Min. Farrakhan said, is the strategy of a group of so-
      called "Neo-Conservatives"—known as "Neo-Cons"—whose advice to the
      President is intended to fortify U.S. support for Israel, rather than
      in the best interest of the United States. "Do you want your children
      to die for this?" the Muslim leader asked rhetorically.

      "You would be foolish to send your children to fight against the
      interests of the United States in favor of the interests of Israel,"
      particularly in a war that is based on the need to eradicate Iraqi
      weapons of mass destruction, which have not been found after more
      than one year of U.S. occupation of that country.

      The Muslim leader also warned Black and Latino leaders to be cautious
      with their political endorsements during this presidential election
      year. The Black leadership, the Nation of Islam leader said, must not
      in its zeal to oust the Bush administration, refrain from demanding
      that the Democratic candidate—Sen. John Kerry (D-Mass.)—and the
      Democratic Party address issues of fairness and justice that are
      being demanded by the Black masses, Latinos, and poor Whites.

      Min. Farrakhan described Sen. Kerry, by quoting the late Dr. Martin
      Luther King Jr.'s description of White "moderates." White moderates,
      Min. Farrakhan read from remarks attributed to the late Civil Rights
      leader, may be greater enemies to Black progress than members of the
      Ku Klux Klan because they are trusted as allies of the downtrodden,
      who prefer to have "order instead of justice."

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