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Iraq Torture Scandal Commentaries

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    Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women by US Occupation Forces by Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan [Image] Los Angeles, Alta California - May 2, 2004 - (ACN) The
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      Photos Show Rape of Iraqi Women
      by US Occupation Forces

      Ernesto Cienfuegos
      La Voz de Aztlan

      [Image] Los Angeles, Alta California - May 2, 2004 -
      (ACN) The release, by CBS News, of the photographs
      showing the heinous sexual abuse and torture of Iraqi
      POW's at the notorious Abu Ghraib prison has opened a
      Pandora's box for the Bush regime. Apparently, the
      suspended US commander of the prison where the worst
      abuses took place, Brigadier General Janis Karpinski,
      has refused to take the fall by herself and has
      implicated the CIA, Military Intelligence and private
      US government contractors in the torturing of POW's
      and in the raping of Iraqi women detainees as well.

      [Image] Brigadier General Janis Karpinski said to the
      Washington Post that Military Intelligence, rather
      than the Military Police, dictated the treatment of
      prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison. "The prison, and that
      particular cellblock where the events took place,
      were under the control of the Military Intelligence
      command," Brigadier General Karpinski said to the
      Washington Post Saturday night in a telephone
      interview from her home in Hilton Head, South

      [Image] Brigadier General Karpinski, who commanded
      the 800th Military Police Brigade, described a
      high-pressure Military Intelligence and CIA command
      that prized successful interrogations. A month before
      the alleged abuses and rapes occurred, she said, a
      team of CIA, Military Intelligence officers and
      private consultants under the employ of the US
      government came to Abu Ghraib. "Their main and
      specific mission was to give the interrogators new
      techniques to get more information from detainees,"
      she said.

      [Image] Today, new photographs were sent to La Voz de
      Aztlan from confidential sources depicting the
      shocking rapes of two Iraqi women by what are
      purported to be US Military Intelligence personnel
      and private US mercenaries in military fatigues. It
      is now known that hundreds of these photographs had
      been in circulation among the troops in Iraq. The
      graphic photos were being swapped between the
      soldiers like baseball cards.

      [Image] Speaking on condition of anonymity, one
      Mexican-American soldier told La Voz de Aztlan,
      "Maybe the officers didn't know what was going on,
      but everybody else did. I have seen literally
      hundreds of these types of pictures." Many of the
      pictures were destroyed last September when the
      luggage of soldiers was searched as they left Iraq,
      he said

      [Image] An investigation, led by Army Major General
      Antonio M. Taguba, identified two military
      intelligence officers and two civilian contractors
      for the Army as key figures in the abuse cases at the
      Abu Ghraib prison. In an internal report on his
      findings, Major General Taguba said he suspected that
      the four were "either directly or indirectly
      responsible for the abuses at Abu Ghraib and strongly
      recommended disciplinary action."

      [Image] The Taguba report states that "military
      intelligence interrogators and other U.S. Government
      Agency interrogators actively requested that Military
      Police guards set physical and mental conditions for
      favorable interrogation of witnesses." The report
      noted that one civilian interrogator, a contractor
      from a company called CACI International and attached
      to the 205th Military Intelligence Brigade, "clearly
      knew his instructions" to the Military Police equated
      to physical and sexual abuse. It is not known whether
      these instructions included, or led to, the raping of
      Iraqi women detainees as well.

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      La Voz de Aztlan

      30 More Torture Scandals Probed:

      The dossier of terror includes : Claims that POWs were thrown to
      their deaths from a bridge. A videotape of the killings is said to
      have been destroyed.

      Shame Of Abuse By Brit Troops:

      A HOODED Iraqi captive is beaten by British soldiers before being
      thrown from a moving truck and left to die.


      Punched, kicked, then left to die:

      Iraqi detainee 'beaten and urinated upon' as accusations of widespread
      mistreatment spread to UK forces

      Seymour M. Hersh: Torture At Abu Ghraib:

      American soldiers brutalized Iraqis. How far up does the
      responsibility go?


      Abuse at Abu Ghraib, the Psychodynamics of Occupation:

      A prisoner was tortured to death under interrogation, then his
      injuries were disguised and body disposed of. The world should not
      allow this be a matter for the American military alone to deal with.


      General Suggests Abuses At Iraqi Jail Were Encouraged:

      Brig. Gen. Janis Karpinsk, an army Reserve general whose soldiers were
      photographed as they abused Iraqi prisoners said the special high-
      security cellblock at Abu Ghraib had been under the direct control of
      Army intelligence officers, not the reservists under her command.


      Seven Iraqis die in British custody.

      How many soldiers are charged? None:

      This is not the first incident to involve the Queen's Lancashire
      Regiment and allegations of brutality.


      They tracked Saddam, only to follow in his footsteps:

      The horrific pictures of Iraqi prisoners being "softened up" by
      American soldiers are reminiscent of the Nazi regime's treatment of
      prisoners. It is no wonder that the coalition troops are hated by the
      Iraqi people and that the uprising against the coalition continues to


      Excerpts from writings of accused soldier who helped run Baghdad

      ``Chip'' Frederick wrote an account of how the prison he helped run
      treated inmates. The writings were given to The Associated Press on
      Thursday by the soldier's uncle


      Torture photos 'the end' for US in Iraq :

      Chilling pictures of Iraqi prisoners being tortured by US soldiers
      will damage Britain and signal the "end of the story" for America in
      Iraq, it was claimed today.


      US military in torture scandal :

      According to lawyers for some of the soldiers, they claimed to be
      acting in part under the instruction of mercenary interrogators hired
      by the Pentagon.


      Amnesty International: Iraq: 'Torture' :

      "Our extensive research in Iraq suggests that this is not an isolated
      incident. It is not enough for the USA to react only once images have
      hit the television screens."


      In case youmissed it:

      War Crimes: The Evidence File


      In case youmissed it:

      Take No Prisoners : Another proud moment in U.S. Military History


      US soldiers are seen as 'uncaring, dangerous and lacking in

      An overwhelming majority of Iraqis, 71 percent (and that figure rises
      to 81 percent if the Kurdish areas in the north are excluded), see
      the US-led coalition as an occupying force and not as liberators.


      'Americans don't know how to be peacekeepers':

      Fear that ruthless United States tactics could lead to disaster in
      Iraq has caused Washington's most loyal ally Britain to waver in its
      support as never before.

      Robert Fisk: The "Good Guys" Who Can Do No Wrong:

      It's not difficult to see how some British scumbag will urinate into
      the face of a hooded man, how some American sadist will stand a
      hooded Iraqi on a box with wires tied to his hands.


      05/02/04 "The Independent" -- Why are we surprised at their racism,
      their brutality, their sheer callousness towards Arabs? Those
      American soldiers in Saddam's old prison at Abu Ghraib, those young
      British squaddies in Basra came -- as soldiers often come -- from
      towns and cities where race hatred has a home: Tennessee and

      How many of "our" lads are ex--jailbirds themselves? How many support
      the British National Party? Muslims, Arabs, "cloth heads", "rag
      heads", "terrorists", "evil". You can see how the semantics break

      Add to that the poisonous, racial dribble of a hundred Hollywood
      movies that depict Arabs as dirty, lecherous, untrustworthy and
      violent people -- and soldiers are addicted to movies -- and it's not
      difficult to see how some British scumbag will urinate into the face
      of a hooded man, how some American sadist will stand a hooded Iraqi
      on a box with wires tied to his hands.

      The sexual sadism -- the bobby--sox girl soldier who points at a
      man's genitals, the mock orgy in Abu Ghraib prison, the British rifle
      in the prisoner's mouth -- might be a crazed attempt to balance all
      those lies about the Arab world, about the desert warrior's potency,
      the harem, polygamy.
      Even today, we still show the revolting Ashanti on our television
      stations, a feature film about the kidnapping of the wife of an
      English doctor by Arab slave--traders, which depicts Arabs as almost
      exclusively child--molesters, rapists, murderers, liars and thieves.
      It stars -- heaven spare us -- Michael Caine, Omar Sharif and Peter
      Ustinov and was made partly in Israel.

      Indeed, we now depict Arabs in our films as the Nazis once depicted
      Jews. But Arabs are fair game. Potential terrorists to a man -- and a
      woman -- they must be softened up, "prepared", humiliated, beaten,
      tortured. The Israelis use torture in the Russian Compound in
      Jerusalem. Now we torture in Saddam's old jail outside Baghdad and --
      for this is where British soldiers beat a young Iraqi to death last
      summer -- in the former office of Saddam's most murderous chemical
      warfare fascist, the awful "Chemical" Ali.

      And the officers? Didn't the British lieutenants and captains and
      majors in the Queen's Lancashire Regiment know that their lads were
      kicking to death a young Iraqi hotel worker last summer?

      That man's fate -- and the documentary evidence proving that he was
      murdered -- was first revealed by The Independent on Sunday in
      January. Didn't the CIA boys at Abu Ghraib know that Ivan "Chip"
      Frederick and Lynddie England, two of the American soldiers in the
      photographs published last week, were obscenely humiliating their

      Of course they did. The last time I saw Brigadier General Janis
      Karpinski, commander of the 800th Military Police Brigade in Iraq,
      she told me she had visited Camp X--Ray in Guantanamo and found
      nothing wrong with it. I should have guessed then that something had
      gone terribly wrong in Iraq.

      I remember how in Basra, on the eve of a visit by Tony Blair, I
      visited the British Army's press office in the city to ask about the
      death of 26--year--old Baha Mousa. The dead man's family had given me
      British documents proving that he had been beaten to death in
      custody, that the British Army had itself tried to pay off the family
      if they would give up any legal claim against the soldiers who so
      cruelly killed their son.

      I was met with yawns and a total inability to furnish information
      about the event. I was told to call the Ministry of Defence in
      London. The officer I spoke to appeared weary, even impatient about
      my inquiry. There was not a single word of compassion for the dead

      Back in September last year, General Karpinski was with a small group
      of journalists in Abu Ghraib -- the same ghastly prison in which
      thousands were put to death by Saddam, the same jail in which
      Frederick and England and their American buddies were standing their
      hooded Iraqi prisoner on a box with supposed electrodes on his hands -
      - and General Karpinski took some delight in escorting us to the old
      Saddam execution chamber.

      She led the way into the concrete room with its raised dais and
      gallows, and -- in front of us all -- triumphantly pulled the gallows
      lever so that the trap door clanged down. She urged us to read the
      last messages scrawled on the walls of the neighbouring death row by
      Iraqis awaiting Saddam's vengeance. But there was something wrong
      about her prison tour.

      There was no clear judicial process for the prisoners and there was
      no mention -- until I brought it up -- of the mortar attack on the
      American--held jail which killed six of the inmates in their tents in
      August, when General Karpinski was already in command of Iraq's 8,000
      prisoners. They had been given "counselling", she told us. "They
      seemed to think we had been using them as some kind of sand--bag."
      Abu Ghraib was then being attacked by insurgents four out of every
      seven nights. Now it is attacked twice every night.

      Oddly, she claimed in answer to a question of mine that there
      were "six prisoners claiming to be American and two claiming to be
      from the UK". But when General Ricardo Sanchez, the senior Iraqi
      officer in Iraq, later denied this, no one asked how the confusion
      had arisen. Was General Karpinski making it up? Or was General
      Sanchez not telling us the truth? Prisoners' names were often
      confused, Arabic script was mis--transliterated, men went "missing"
      from the files. It spoke of a whole culture in which Iraqis --
      especially Iraqi prisoners -- were somehow not worthy of the same
      rights as us Westerners; which is why, I suppose, the occupying
      powers in Iraq always give us the statistics of Westerners' deaths
      but care not the slightest to discover the statistics of the deaths
      of Iraqis, the very people they are mandated to protect and care for.

      A few weeks ago, I was chatting to a young American soldier off
      Saadoun Street in the centre of Baghdad. He was giving sweets to
      street kids and mimicking the Arabic for "thank you": sukran. Did he
      know Arabic, I innocently asked. He grinned at me. "I know how to
      shout at them," he said. And there you have it.

      We are all victims of our high--flown morality. "They" -- the Arabs,
      Muslims, "cloth heads", "rag heads", "terrorists" -- are of a lesser
      breed, of lower moral standards. They are people to be shouted at.
      They have to be "liberated" and given "democracy". But we little band
      of brothers, we dress ourselves up in the uniforms of righteousness.
      We are marines or military police or a Queen's regiment and we are on
      the side of good. "They" are on the side of "evil". So we can do no

      Or so it appeared until those shameful pictures last week tore apart
      the whole bandwagon and proved that race hatred and prejudice is an
      old historical inheritance of ours. We used to call Saddam the Hitler
      of Iraq. But wasn't Hitler one of "us", a Westerner, a citizen
      of "our" culture? If he could kill six million Jews, which he did,
      why should we be surprised that "we" can treat Iraqis like animals?
      Last week came the photographs to prove we can.

      Copyright: The Independent

      Barbarians at the Gate: US Occupation Forces
      Torture Iraqi P.O.W's


      1,361 Iraqis Killed in April :

      Volunteers hunting for bodies in Fallujah find a woman and her
      daughter in their home, killed in the siege but undiscovered for
      days. Chanting mourners bury two boys caught in the crossfire of a
      Baghdad gunfight. A morgue in Basra overflows with torn and burned
      bodies from a suicide bombing.


      'It's hell...everything will be destroyed' :

      The US snipers are on every roof and minaret. They don't care who
      they shoot. They are shooting old people, women and children.Where is
      the UN in all this?"


      America's shame :

      The events inside Abu Ghraib prison opens a shameful episode of US
      ill-treatment of its prisoners, and has provoked worldwide

      Video and text

      Prisoner Abuse may have been 'order':

      Abuse of Iraqi prisoners that sparked worldwide condemnation may have
      been ordered by US military intelligence to extract information from
      the captives, and was possibly more cruel than officially acknowledged


      Army secretly reports blatant abuses of Iraqi prisoners, says
      magazine :

      The US Army has found that Iraqi detainees were subjected
      to "sadistic, blatant and wanton criminal abuses" by American
      military police at the Abu Ghraib prison near Baghdad in a secret


      And They Ask, "Why Do They Hate Us?":

      Alarmingly, each crime committed against my people is beginning to
      act like a vaccine booster, as if we were slowly adapting to
      humiliation. Proud men getting their faces rubbed in sand is the
      order of the day.

      Editorial: Sheer Depravity:

      What is no less shocking about the degrading photos from Abu Gharib
      prison is that not a single US newspaper yesterday led its front page
      with news of them. That is a further demonstration of the appallingly
      limited comprehension of the Middle East that runs from the White
      House down to the humblest New York burger stall.


      An empire in moral crisis:

      One day, he said, he was taken to a private room and sexually
      assaulted. He asked me what I would have done if I were him, and I
      had no answer."


      Riverbend: Iraqi Girl Blog:

      Seeing those naked, helpless, hooded men was like being slapped in
      the face with an ice cold hand. I felt ashamed looking at them- like
      I was seeing something I shouldn't be seeing and all I could think
      was, "I might know one of those faceless men..."



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