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Spain Suspects blow themselves up

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    Suspected terrorists blow themselves up in Spain ... MADRID, April 4: Three suspects in the Madrid railway bombings blew themselves up as police prepared to
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004
      Suspected terrorists blow themselves up in Spain
      MADRID, April 4: Three suspects in the Madrid railway bombings blew
      themselves up as police prepared to storm their apartment, setting
      off a powerful explosion that killed one special forces agent and
      wounded 15 police officers, the interior minister said.

      Saturday's news further shocked Spaniards, still traumatized by the
      March 11 bombings that killed 191 people and wounded more than 1,800.
      An unexploded bomb found on Friday by a high-speed rail track added
      to the country's uneasiness.

      The blast in Leganes, a southwestern suburb of Madrid, blew out part
      of the exterior walls on the first two floors of the brick apartment
      building. After the blast, floodlights lit up the wreckage in the
      exposed rooms of the building. Pieces of concrete littered the floor
      and wires dangled from the ceilings.

      Television footage showed smoke billowing into the dark sky behind
      buildings in a built-up area, and a handful of people fleeing down
      the street. In addition to the three suspected terrorists, one
      special forces agent was killed and 15 police officers were wounded,
      Interior Minister Angel Acebes said. The injured officers were taken
      to hospitals, including Severo Ochoa Hospital in Leganes, where three
      of them were listed in serious condition.

      The interior ministry said the police began approaching the building
      around 7pm (1700 GMT) to make the arrests when the suspects spotted
      them from a window and began shooting, chanting loudly in Arabic. No
      police officers were hurt by the gunfire.

      "The special police agents prepared to storm the building and when
      they started to execute the plan, the terrorists set off a powerful
      explosion blowing themselves up," Acebes said. Police had evacuated
      residents from the area, and low-flying helicopters used searchlights
      to scan the buildings.

      The minister said a preliminary investigation indicated that three
      suspected terrorists had died, but he added the number had yet to be
      confirmed because of the damage to the bodies. He added that police
      believe those killed may have helped carry out the March 11 train

      The news agency Europa Press reported that forensic police and fire
      fighters were searching the building's swimming pool for a possible
      fourth body. This could not be confirmed independently. "There are
      three that could have blown themselves up, but the possibility of
      more is not ruled out," Mr Acebes said at his news conference.

      "Police believe some of the terrorists that could have died in the
      explosion, could have been some sought by the security forces as the
      alleged perpetrators of the killings of March 11," the minister
      said. -APP




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