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Canada: Police Raid Scholar's Home

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    PAKISTANI SCHOLAR S HOME IN OTTAWA RAIDED BY RCMP SON ARRESTED WITHOUT CHARGE: Could be Attempt to Silence Outspoken Critic http://www.newtrendmag.org Dr.
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2004

      Could be Attempt to Silence Outspoken Critic


      Dr. Mahboob Khawaja is a pre-eminent Pakistani scholar who has
      numerous publications and who writes off and on for New Trend. Early
      on March 30, 2004 his home in Orleans, near Ottawa, Canada by raided
      by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP]. The raid was carried out
      like a military attack as if terrorists were being targeted. The
      Canadian force burst into the peaceful home, wrecked the peace of the
      family and behaved in a way which showed the savagery of Canadian
      racism. Dr. Khawaja was not there but his son, Momin was arrested.
      The police refused to divulge any charges against Momin and would not
      tell Canadian newsmen why the raid was carried out. A CBC journalist
      contacted New Trend and informed us of the tragic raid on a peaceful
      home. A day after the raid, it's still not clear why this shameful
      act was carried out against a family which has never broken the law.
      One can only speculate that Dr. Khawaja's criticism of U.S. foreign
      policy and his strong words against the vicious Musharref regime in
      Pakistan may be behind this outrage. The Canadian government seems to
      be trying blindly to please the U.S. government.
      [The raid was first reported in the Canadian media as below, without
      a clue.]
      POSTED AT 8:11 AM EST Tuesday, Mar. 30, 2004
      Mounties arrest man during raids in Ottawa
      From Tuesday's Globe and Mail

      One man has been arrested after heavily armed officers from the
      RCMP's anti-terrorism unit executed two search warrants in the Ottawa
      area yesterday.
      "The RCMP executed search warrants in Ottawa in relation to an
      ongoing criminal investigation," RCMP Corporal Natalie Deschenes said
      last night.

      The RCMP would not confirm the age or name of the man who had been

      Cpl. Deschenes would say only that the arrest was connected to a
      search warrant. "As this is an ongoing criminal investigation it
      would be inappropriate to comment further," she said.

      One of the raids was conducted at a home in Orleans, just outside

      The owner is listed as Mahboob Khawaja, author of the book Muslims
      and the West: Quest for Change and Resolution, which was published in
      2000 and looks at Islamic fundamentalism, global conflicts and the
      Western world's understanding of Islam.

      Dr. Khawaja has also written several essays disapproving of U.S.
      foreign policy and the war on terrorism and commenting on "corrupt
      Arab leadership" and "American-Zionist political encroachment in the
      Middle East."

      He was once listed as policy adviser and a member of the
      international affairs, politics and religions faculty at Syracuse
      University in New York.

      There was no answer at the home last night.

      Neighbours said the owner lives in the house with his wife and four
      adult children and that he is a university professor who works

      They also said that two people, believed to be the owner's children,
      were led out of the house. Cpl. Deschenes said they were not
      detained, that they were only asked to leave during the search.

      "He's a really nice guy, really easy to talk to and friendly," said
      neighbour Veronica Thorogood, who said she hasn't seen the homeowner
      in about a month.

      The RCMP said the search warrants were obtained, after review by an
      Ontario Court judge, under Criminal Code procedures intended
      to "enable police to collect evidence in an ongoing criminal

      CBC-TV reported that the searches involved agencies from other

      It was confirmed that the RCMP had worked with the Ottawa Police
      Service during the raids, but it was not clear whether the Canadian
      Security Intelligence Service was involved.

      The main objective of CSIS as the federal government's adviser on
      matters of national security "is to investigate and report on threats
      to the security of Canada, an objective that it pursues while
      respecting the law and protecting human rights."

      "I can say we work closely with the RCMP on a number of issues and I
      did hear of something happening this afternoon, but it's all RCMP,"
      CSIS spokeswoman Nicole Currier said.



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