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Mazin Qumsiyeh/Morton Klein Debate

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    Mazin Qumsiyeh/Morton Klein Debate @ Manhattanville College by Abbas Hamideh (Resistance48@aol.com) March 31, 2004 - I just got back from the Mazin
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2004
      Mazin Qumsiyeh/Morton Klein Debate @ Manhattanville College

      by Abbas Hamideh (Resistance48@...)

      March 31, 2004 - I just got back from the Mazin Qumsiyeh/Morton Klein
      Debate at Manhattanville College in Westchester, New York. I must
      say that this was a victory for the Palestinian perspective and
      struggle in Westchester County, New York tonight!!

      Dr. Mazin Qumsiyeh (Co-founder, Al-Awda/Palestine Right To Return
      Coalition) was truly impressive tonight with his debate against
      Morton Klein (President, Zionist Organization of America), the oldest
      Pro-Israeli organization in the United States.

      During the extensive debate, Dr. Qumsiyeh kept to the basics on the
      plight of the Palestinian people, explaining Israel's racist
      policies, endless human rights violations, defiance of International
      Law, UN Resolutions violations, continued building of Apartheid Wall,
      extrajudicial assassinations, killing of Internationals like Rachel
      Corrie and the continued and on going brutal occupation and
      oppression of Palestinians.

      Meanwhile the Zionist Morton Klein in my view committed political
      suicide with his very racist references and attacks on Hamas, the
      Palestinian Authority, and even used his indoctrinated views of Arabs
      in general and Saudi Arabia's 'neglected Arab women.' Not to mention
      in his views that "Palestine never existed." The audience was purely
      disgusted with Klein's poor and overly abused Zionist propaganda.
      Basically Klein did the Palestinians a favor in spilling out his
      organizations racism publicly!

      Mazin Qumsiyeh was truly patient and effective with his just and well
      articulated views on the Palestinian struggle both in Palestine and
      the United States. The US bias media was extensively exposed. He was
      magnificent and really got many if not most people attending on the
      side of Palestine!

      One American Jewish listener said told people at the event "I came
      here to support Israel and Morton Klein but was disappointed when I
      learned the facts in Qumsiyeh's debate on Palestine." This person
      literally changed in an instant when he became aware of the real
      facts at hand. ZOA's Morton Klein's very racist and ignorant
      perspective backfired on Israel and it's supporters tonight. His
      racism, and hatred based debate was useless.

      One of the amazing moments for me was when the Police Lieutenant of a
      local town took his hat off at the end of the debate and thanked
      Mazin and the Palestinians who were there to share their plight and
      said he himself benefited greatly tonight for being at the debate.
      The Police Luitenenant even purchasedone of Mazin's published books
      on Palestine. This was an active duty Police Luitenenat in full
      uniform who came to supervise the security at the event. I truly
      believe that we can win the fight against Zionism propaganda if given
      the opportunity!

      Channel 12 News in Westchester, New York came out and covered the
      event. There was a small clip of the debate that was aired
      immediately after the Manhattanville College event. Their coverage
      theme was called: "The Middle East Conflict took center stage at a
      local Westchetser College tonight." http://www.news12.com/WC

      Much thanks to the Manhattanville College students and staff for
      putting this debate together and giving justice a chance to be heard
      on its campus. Much thanks especially to the supporters of Palestine
      who came out to show their unequivocal support!

      Long Live Palestine!

      Thawra Hatal Awda!

      Yours in struggle,
      -Abbas Hamideh



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