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Pakistan kills Al Qaeda chief spy

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    Al Qaeda chief spy among dead: 166 captured in operation - ISPR ... By Hasan Akhtar ISLAMABAD, March 29: Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan, Director-General of the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2004
      Al Qaeda chief spy among dead: 166 captured in operation - ISPR
      By Hasan Akhtar
      ISLAMABAD, March 29: Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan, Director-General of the
      Inter-Services Public Relations, confirmed here on Monday that the
      chief of the Al Qaeda intelligence network, Abdullah, had been killed
      in the recent operation launched by the Pakistan army against wanted
      foreign militants and other terrorists in South Waziristan.

      Speaking at the weekly Foreign Office news briefing, he said that
      Abdullah's death had been confirmed by 'independent sources' but his
      nationality and further personal information and particulars were not
      yet available.

      This, Gen Shaukat said, was a significant development, besides the
      report regarding Tahir Yuldashev of Uzbekistan who had been seriously
      wounded in the operation. He was described as the number 10th in Al
      Qaeda hierarchy.

      Paying glowing tribute to the armed forces, including the Frontier
      militia, for their role in the operation as part of international
      coalition's war on terrorism, Gen Shaukat pledged "same efforts will
      continue throughout the country, including tribal areas, till we are
      satisfied that these areas are cleaned up of all such (terrorist)
      elements". He emphasized "our focus is on foreign elements".

      The chief military spokesman observed: "The success of the operation
      has been achieved at a cost (46 troops killed, 26 injured) which is
      certainly high", but he said that the "relatively high casualties was
      a small price for the lofty cause of elimination of terrorism from
      Pakistan's territory.

      AFP adds: Sixty-three militants were killed and 166 fighters,
      including 93 Pakistani tribesmen and 73 foreigners, were captured,
      Gen Sultan said. He said Al Qaeda fighters had threatened, terrorized
      or paid large sums of money to local tribesmen to hide them.

      "Some of them are living (with tribes) forcibly and some of them are
      offering rent as high as 500 dollars a month for a compound they are
      hiring or renting for their sanctuary," Gen Sultan said. Talking to
      AFP earlier about withdrawal of troops from certain areas, the
      spokesman said: "This withdrawal should not be misunderstood."

      "It doesn't mean the troops are out of the area. They are still in
      the area, at different locations in different garrisons." Commanders
      conceded that many militants had escaped, either through underground
      tunnels or by slipping through the 60 square kilometre cordon.

      "You cannot rule out a few slipping away either on foot, using the
      cover of darkness as well as using the cover of terrain," Gen Sultan
      said. Despite the losses and failure to capture Yuldashev, the
      military claimed to have achieved its objectives.

      "Destruction of a major terrorist stronghold, defence works like
      tunnels, trenches, towers and communications systems. Most of the
      miscreants have either been killed, captured or dispersed in small
      groups," he said.


      Al Qaeda's mutiny call termed absurd
      ISLAMABAD, March 26: Pakistan's military on Friday scoffed at a
      message purportedly from Al Qaeda calling for the overthrow of
      President Pervez Musharraf, describing it as absurd.

      Arabic television channel Al Jazeera broadcast an audiotaped message
      late on Thursday purportedly from the network's number two, Ayman Al
      Zawahiri, urging Pakistan's army to rise up against Gen Musharraf.

      "Pakistan's military does not get orders from him (Al Zawahiri) so it
      is absolutely absurd," military spokesman Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan
      said. The tape, which was not immediately independently verified,
      calls on the Pakistani military "to not obey orders" and overthrow
      President Musharraf.

      "I call on the Pakistani army, the poor army that was put in a
      miserable state by Musharraf, the Indians are in front of you and
      behind you in Afghanistan," the voice on the tape says.

      "Musharraf has disposed of your nuclear arms. Are you going to remain
      silent until the partition of Pakistan once again?" it says. Foreign
      office spokesman Masood Khan rejected the threat to President
      Musharraf and said that the people of the country fully supported the
      government's efforts to root out terrorism and extremism.

      He said in an interview that Pakistan would not waver in its fight
      against terrorism because the people and the government of Pakistan
      stood committed to eradicating the menace. The spokesman said that
      the authenticity of the tape was still to be verified. "However, we
      dismiss the cowardly threat."

      He said such threats had been issued in the past as well, but had no
      effect or appeal. He emphatically rejected the allegations levelled
      against the president and the armed forces.

      The spokesman said that the Islamic world would have no support for
      individuals who advocated such extremist policies and tarnished the
      image of Islam.

      In Washington a US official said that the CIA had concluded that the
      Al Zawahiri audio tape was probably authentic. "After we did the
      technical analysis, we assessed that the voice on the tape is likely
      Zawahiri," the official said. CIA analysts drew no conclusions from
      the tape about when it was made, the official said. -Agencies


      Bodies of 8 armymen found
      By Ismail Khan
      PESHAWAR, March 26: Suspected militants in the South Waziristan
      tribal region have shot dead eight soldiers held hostage since an
      ambush last week on an army supply convoy in Serwakai, 35km to the
      east of Wana, the regional headquarters.

      The Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) confirmed the death of
      eight soldiers but declined to say what action the government
      intended to take. "We cannot reveal our plans," ISPR Director-
      General Maj-Gen Shaukat Sultan said.....


      Militants agree to set free hostages:
      Uzbek warlord hurt while fleeing
      By Ismail Khan
      PESHAWAR, March 27: Tribal militants in the rugged South
      Waziristan tribal region have agreed to free over a dozen
      paramilitary hostages, a senior official told Dawn.

      The agreement to free the hostages came about at a meeting at Dana
      near Khumrang, about 22 km to the northwest of regional
      headquarters, Wana, between leaders of the militant group and a
      jirga of the Zalikhel tribal elders on Saturday.....


      Top Al Qaeda leader hurt, hiding in Wana: ISPR
      Staff Reporter
      RAWALPINDI, March 27: A spokesman for the Inter-Services Public
      Relations (ISPR) has said that intelligence sources have confirmed
      that one of the top Al Qaeda leader, Tahir Yoldeshev, has been
      injured in the military operation in the tribal area, and is
      hiding somewhere in Wana.

      In a statement issued here on Saturday, the spokesman said: "Some
      facilitators of Tahir Yoldeshev have also been injured during the
      ongoing operation during which over 160 miscreants had been


      Musharraf met Mullah Omar to seek Osama's expulsion: report
      By Anwar Iqbal
      WASHINGTON, March 27: President Pervez Musharraf met Taliban ruler
      Mullah Omar in April 2000 to convince him to expel Osama bin Laden
      but failed, says an official US report. The report, released by a
      commission investigating the Sept 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in
      the United States, says the meeting took place on the request of
      the former US President Bill Clinton.....


      Two Pakistanis held in Poland
      WARSAW, March 22: Polish police said on Monday they had arrested
      two Pakistanis and a Ukrainian, amid fears of a terrorist attack.

      "We have arrested two Pakistanis and one Ukrainian," police
      spokesman Pawel Chojecki told AFP.....




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