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Israeli Tank Runs into Civilian Bus

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    Tulkarem: Israeli Tank Runs into Civilian Bus Hear Palestine - January 5, 2003 An Israeli tank at noon today ran into a Palestinian civilian bus at the
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      Tulkarem: Israeli Tank Runs into Civilian Bus

      Hear Palestine - January 5, 2003

      An Israeli tank at noon today ran into a Palestinian civilian bus at
      entrance of Deir Ghasyoun Village, near Tulkarem.

      The tank intentionally ran into the 'Alar' Company bus with 12
      passengers on board, which resulted in the bus turning over at al-
      Jaroushiya junction, at the entrance of Deir Ghasyoun Village.

      One of the passengers was reportedly seriously wounded.

      A Palestinian youth killed 3 days ago while reportedly attempting to
      carry out an operation in a Kibutz was identified today as Seifallah
      Badran (17 years old) from Deir Ghasyoun, the brother of Fawaz
      Badran who was executed by occupation military forces north of
      Tulkarem. The occupation army continues to hold onto his body, and
      his yet to hand his remians over to his family. His family confirmed
      the news and said that he had disappeared for 4 days.

      Tulkarem continues to be placed under tight military curfew, while
      occupation soldiers carry out arrests in and between surrounding

      Amira Hass, Haaretz, 1/4/03

      Over there, in the Kingdom of the Settlements, the thresholds of
      shame were crossed long before the suicide bombings. There was the
      trickery and legalistic manipulation that enabled the citizens of a
      state occupying lands it doesn't own - and in violation of
      international law - to move onto those lands; the limited water
      quotas for Palestinians and the generous quotas for Jew; the complex
      regulations that stripped tens thousands of Palestinian natives of
      the West Bank and Gaza, and their children, of their residency;
      the "state lands" that were made available only to Jews, at
      extremely low prices; the roads paved to serve Jews only, with the
      strategic goal of isolating the enclaves of a Palestinian state.

      But now the proposals to ban Arab MKs and Arab lists from the
      Knesset and prove that the lack of selection at cafes are only a
      vague echo of the amputated civic democratic thinking, because the
      criteria for a "Jewish-democratic state" now is obedience to the
      rules that were set and constituted in the Kingdom of the
      Settlements and its protectors - the IDF and Shin BetÂ…
      In Nazareth, thousands demonstrate against Israeli apartheid

      By Khalid Amayreh

      Nazareth: 5 January, 2003 (IAP News)

      As many as ten thousand people, Jews and Arabs alike, took to the
      streets in this northern Israeli town Saturday night to protest
      against Israel's increasingly brazen apartheid policies toward its
      growing Arab minority.

      Police and organizers estimated the number of protesters at 10,000
      people, many of them democratic-minded Israeli Jews horrified by
      what they called "looming apartheid."

      The protesters carried placards in Arabic, Hebrew and English
      reading "stop apartheid now," and "No to Political Transfer" an
      allusion to rising calls among many Israelis for the expulsion of
      most or all Palestinians from their ancestral homeland.

      Arab and Jewish speakers castigated the decision to bar two Israeli
      political parties from taking part in the coming Israeli elections,
      slated for 28 January.

      One speaker said "I'm not really sure where we are now, in Israel in
      2003 or in Berlin in 1938."

      Muhammed Baraka, a leftist Arab lawmaker, vowed that Israeli
      exclusionary efforts would not succeed.

      "All these efforts to exclude the Arabs from Democracy will fail.
      You will see the greatest influx of Arab voters in fifty years."

      Baraka added "In 1948, they (the Zionist establishment) tried to
      extirpate us from this land of ours, now they are trying to take us
      out of the democratic process. Are we witnessing the inauguration of
      Israel as a fascist state?"

      Ahmed Teibi, one of two Arab political leaders barred from the
      election, accused the Israeli political and military establishment
      of harboring "Nazi-like designs against our people."

      "They want to exclude us from the elections so that they could
      achieve a
      resounding victory and then effect the expulsion of our people from
      ancestral homeland."

      Teibi made a passionate appeal to the 1.3 million- Arab community
      (21% of the population) to go to the ballot boxes on 28 January to
      thwart the evil designs of Sharon and his cohorts against our people.

      "Any Arab voter who stays home on 28 January is effectively offering
      fascists a present."

      Last week, an Israeli election committee barred Teibi and Azmi
      Bishara, another leader of the Arab community, from nominating
      themselves for the 28 January election.

      The draconian decision was apparently precipitated by remarks made
      by Teivi and Bishara advocating civil society in Israel whereby all
      Israelis are treated as equal citizens irrespective of their sex,
      race and religion.

      The remarks were interpreted by the committee as amounting
      to "rejection of Israel's Jewish identity and a tacit call for the
      destruction of Israel."
      21 killed, 110 injured in Tel Aviv blasts

      By Joshua Brilliant
      From the International Desk
      Published 1/5/2003


      TEL AVIV, Israel, Jan. 5 (UPI) -- A t least 21 people, including a
      pair of bombers, were killed, and more than 110 others were injured
      Sunday in a pair of powerful explosions that rocked the old bus
      station area in Tel Aviv, police said.

      The commander of the Tel Aviv police, Maj. Gen. Yossi Sedbon, said
      the attack was a double suicide bombing. It was timed to occur
      during the height of the evening rush hour. Islamic Jihad claimed
      responsibility for the attack.

      Sedbon, said the explosions were "almost simultaneous." One
      explosion occurred at a restaurant on a pedestrian mall and the
      second at a bus station on a parallel street some 600 feet away. The
      bombs were packed with bolts to increase injuries, police said.

      One of the wounded men, identified only as Avner, said he fled from
      the site of the first explosion only to run into the second. He was
      eventually taken to the Tel Hashomer hospital.

      At least eight people died at the site of the first blast, and seven
      were declared dead at the location of the second. Others deaths
      occurred after victims were taken to hospitals.

      The old bus station area has narrow streets, which hampered the
      evacuation of the injured since ambulances had difficulty clearing
      the narrow passes. People evacuated wounded on doors and wagons
      while medics worked on the victims on sidewalks.

      TV footage showed one person on a stretcher being taken to an
      ambulance, when the victim was apparently proclaimed dead. Rescue
      workers lowered him to the sidewalk, covered the body with a white
      sheet and wheeled someone else into the ambulance.

      The injury total could go higher. Past attacks showed that many
      foreign workers are afraid to go to the hospital. Israeli media
      broadcast promises in Hebrew and English that all victims would be
      treated free of charge, no questions asked.

      Interior Minister Eli Yishai broadcast a statement, promising, "The
      government will not enforce the law, and temporary permits will be
      issued" to the victims and their families for treatment and
      subsequent observation.

      "The important thing is that they should not run away and disappear
      when they are wounded."

      Mahmoud Azzahar, a senior Hamas leader in Gaza, said the attacks
      prove that Israel cannot promise security in the country.

      Azzahar denied that there is any relation between the attacks and
      the Israeli election campaign, adding that the "right and left wings
      in Israel are two faces of the same coin, and both are repressing
      the Palestinian people."

      "Despite the strict Israeli security measures of closures, curfews
      and sieges imposed on the West Bank and Gaza, the men managed to
      reach the heart of Israel and carried out the attack," said Azzahar.

      (Saud Abu Ramadan contributed to this article.)

      21 dead, 100 hurt in double suicide bombing in Tel Aviv

      By Haim Shadmi and Jonathan Lis, Ha'aretz Correspondents, Ha'aretz
      Service and Agencies


      At least 21 people were killed and 90 others were wounded in a
      double suicide bombing at around 6:30 P.M. Sunday evening at the Old
      Central Bus Station in south Tel Aviv.

      The two suicide bombers blew themselves up within less than a minute
      of one another, at the corner of G'dud Ha'ivri and Neve She'anan
      streets in south Tel Aviv.

      Seven of the wounded were in very serious condition, a Magen David
      Adom official said.

      "It seems according to evidence in the area that we are talking of
      two suicide bombers. Two explosions happened in parallel streets...
      It's a place where there are many foreign workers," Tel Aviv police
      chief Yossi Sedbon told Army Radio.

      Police spokesman Gil Kleiman said that the explsoive devices used by
      the bombers were loaded with metal shards in order to maximize the

      "From the extent of the damage on the scene... they were very strong
      explosive devices. In each case metal fragments were added to the
      explosives to increase the amount of death," he said.

      Fatah's military wing, the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, took
      responsibility for the attack.

      Initially, a reporter for Lebanon's Al-Manar television station said
      that Islamic Jihad had phoned him to take responsibility for the
      attack, but an official in the Palestinian militant group said there
      had been no official statement.

      Channel Two television reported that foreign workers in Israel
      illegally had been wounded in the attack but were hiding for fear of

      Television stations read police announcements in English, assuring
      illegal foreign workers that they would not be deported if they
      sought treatment or searched for friends and relatives in hospital.

      Interior Minister Eli Yishai ordered immunity from prosecution for
      all foreign workers caught up in the attack, through injury to
      themselves or their families.

      Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is to convene a security meeting at
      11:30 P.M. with Foreign Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Defense
      Minister Shaul Mofaz and the heads of the security establishment at
      11 P.M.

      Police were searching Sunday night for a black Honda Civic that was
      earlier seen speeding away from the scene of the attack in the
      direction of the West Bank. It was believed to be carrying two

      The attack was the first suicide bombing in an Israeli city since
      November, when a suicide bomber blew up a bus in Jerusalem, killing
      himself and 11 passengers.

      On July 17 2002, two suicide bombers blew themselves up at the
      entrance to the Neve Sha'anan Quarter, killing three people and
      wounding 40 others. On January 25, 2002, 32 people were wounded in a
      suicide blast on Neve Sha'anat Street.



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