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Pakistan: Native collaborators car bombed

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  • ummyakoub
    Two tribal volunteers hurt in Wana blast By Ismail Khan PESHAWAR, March 4: Two Khasadars (tribal volunteers) were injured on Thursday after their vehicle was
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2004
      Two tribal volunteers hurt in Wana blast

      By Ismail Khan

      PESHAWAR, March 4: Two Khasadars (tribal volunteers) were injured on
      Thursday after their vehicle was wrecked by an explosive device
      placed surreptitiously underneath their vehicle in the South
      Waziristan Agency, officials said.

      Official said the device, which appeared to be a 'magnetic bomb' or a
      remote-controlled explosive device, placed underneath the Datsun pick-
      up went off at around 9.30am in the Wana Bazaar. The condition of
      both the injured Khasadars was stated to be stable.

      The explosion occurred after suspected religious extremists fired two
      rockets at a fort used by the Frontier Corps in the Ladha sub-
      division on the borders with the North Waziristan Agency. The rockets
      were fired at around 11.00pm and failed to cause any damage,
      officials said.

      "It shows the extent of these people's (religious extremists)
      desperation", Mohammad Azam Khan, administrator of the South
      Waziristan told Dawn. Hundreds of Dir Scouts are reported to have
      reached the region to help the authorities in what they describe the
      search and cordon operation against foreign militants.

      Also on Thursday, authorities turned back a parliamentarian from the
      tribal area along with office-bearers of the Jamaat-I- Islami after
      denying them the permission to hold a public meeting in Wana, South
      Waziristan's deputy administrator Rehmatullah Wazir said.

      Haroon Rashid, a member of National Assembly from the Bajaur tribal
      region, who is also the region's JI's Ameer, and the party's deputy
      general secretary, Zar Noor Afridi, had spent the night in Wana in a
      bid to hold a public meeting.

      Mr Wazir said he had called Haroon Rashid at his hosts' residence and
      tried to dissuade him from holding a political rally. But Mr Wazir
      said the MNA was adamant about holding a rally to criticise the
      government's operation against Al Qaeda remnants.

      "He insisted that he should either be arrested or be allowed to hold
      a public rally", the deputy administrator said. He said that he later
      escorted the MNA along with his party colleagues out of South
      Waziristan tribal region.

      He denied that the tribal parliamentarian or his party colleagues had
      been arrested or detained. A Jamaat-I-Islami press release issued
      here, however, claimed that the MNA accompanied by party members was
      arrested in Wana.

      "Governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah has turned the tribal region
      into an American state. Gen Iftikhar and President Musharraf are
      conquering their own people to serve the interests of the United
      States", the statement alleged.



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