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The Mark of Doom: Bio Weapons

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  • ummyakoub
    The Mark of Doom 02 March 2004 http://www.gateway2russia.com/st/art_217290.php - photo: http://www.gateway2russia.com/file.php?fileid=2997 - In the
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      The Mark of Doom
      02 March 2004


      In the not-so-distant future, a new kind of weapon
      could appear that would change the balance of
      political power in the world. This main principle
      behind this weapon: seek and destroy according to

      Vasili Sychev

      American scientists have declared that in ten years
      they will succeed in creating a radically new type of
      biological weapon. This weapon would be capable of
      infecting people according to a genetically
      predetermined marker such as skin color or eye shape.
      Infection could have a delayed effect or only begin
      once a certain type of medicine was taken. A recent
      closed seminar held by the CIA was devoted to the
      topic. The event took place as part of the Project for
      the New American Century.

      A slow sickness

      Scientists have been exploring the possibilities of
      selective biological weapons for some time now. This
      is roughly how these weapons would work. Genetic
      information is implanted into bacteria's
      "programming," reflecting the gene structure or gene
      combination of a certain targeted group of people.
      Once the programmed bacteria enter someone's system,
      they "recognize" their target and kill the person. If
      the genetic structure of the infected person does not
      correspond, the microbe dies without harming him.

      Even specialists will have a hard time differentiating
      bacterial ethnic cleansing from a regular epidemic, if
      only because the countries leading the development of
      these weapons could purposefully misinform the public.
      There will be few direct clues.

      Another difficulty is that this weapon could have a
      delayed effect. It could be turned on by a trigger
      mechanism, meaning it could target not only specific
      people but also people under very specific conditions.
      This means that illness could be delayed not just by
      days but for an indefinite period of time. Yet the
      moment the infected person, say, comes down with strep
      throat and takes antibiotics, the bacteria begin to
      multiply, leading to a severe illness that eludes

      "It is already possible today to create antibiotic
      resistant cultures," Alexander Prozorov, a professor
      in the microorganism genetics lab at the Russian
      Academy of Science Institute for General Genetics,
      told Expert. The most striking examples of this type
      of culture are streptomycin-dependent bacteria that
      only grow in the presence of the antibiotic
      streptomycin. This will make it hard for doctors to do
      much, as traditional pharmaceuticals won't help. On
      the contrary, treatment will only make the patient

      Political germs

      Yet the most terrifying new possibility is the
      hypothetical biological weapon that could infect
      people according to genetic markers. Not only would it
      allow for genocide; it would be created specifically
      for that purpose. A recent report by the British
      Medical Association stated that "the rapid progress in
      genetics could become the basis for ethnic cleansing
      on an unheard of scale in the near future."

      Three years ago, ideologues like US Deputy Defense
      Secretary Paul Wolfowitz and PNAC Director William
      Crystal were already discussing genetic weapons. They
      recommended that the Pentagon consider the possibility
      for using this type of weapon not only to successfully
      wage war, but also to reconfigure world politics.
      According to a PNAC report, genetic weapons could
      completely change the politics of the entire planet:
      "cutting-edge biological warfare targeting a certain
      genotype could turn the reign of terrorism into a
      politically useful tool."

      According to information from PNAC, Israel has also
      recently begun to work actively on mutagenic weapons.
      Israel geneticists confirm that Arabs carry a unique
      gene that no one else in the world has. This gene
      forms the basis for the Israeli research, believe
      American experts.

      Things look far more frightening, in fact. Genetic
      weapons could do more than destroy an ethnic group.
      They could kill according to a person's "usefulness"
      or "talents." American journalist and bestselling
      author Thom Hartmann has argued that it would even be
      possible to kill those with the gene for attention
      deficit disorder. This means that if you are easily
      distracted and have a hard time concentrating (there
      could be other selection criteria as well), you could
      end up marked for destruction.

      We will survive

      Fortunately, it is not as easy to create a selective
      biological weapon as some scientists are claiming.
      Though it may be possible to create bacteria that
      multiple only when a person takes a specific
      medication, the creation of an effective genetic
      weapon that would not harm the developers themselves
      seems unrealistic in the foreseeable future.

      "It is hard to imagine how a microbe would determine
      the presence or absence of a certain gene or its
      structure. Even a researcher armed with the last word
      in scientific technology has a hard time doing this.
      It would impossible for bacteria to accomplish such a
      task," believes Prozorov.

      And so on. Even if bacteria could learn how to
      identify specific genes, how would this information be
      transformed into infection? That bacteria multiply in
      the presence of certain antibiotics is clear, but how
      would information about eye and hair color turn into
      certain doom for the world's blue-eyed blonds? For
      this kind of weapon to become a reality, its creators
      would have to stuff the bacteria with a powerful
      "computer" to identify genes and at the same time arm
      them with the means to begin an infection.

      There is one more reason why this kind of biological
      weapon is unlikely to be as effective as the
      ideologues would wish. As Nazi doctor Josef Mengele
      put it, "Scratch a Frenchman and find an African."
      Humanity has existed for many millennia. In the
      context of all our past tribal and intertribal
      connections, it is not far from the truth to say that
      we are all brothers. "Over the many years of human
      existence, ethnics groups have intermingled to such an
      extent that the genetic structures determining ethnic
      identity have blurred and become difficult to
      recognize," notes Prozorov.




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