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Israel: Sexual Immorality On the Rise

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  • ummyakoub
    Israelis Sexually Abuse Their Children: Report By Mustafa el-Sawwaf, IOL Gaza Correspondent Islam Online
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 3, 2004
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      Israelis Sexually Abuse Their Children: Report
      By Mustafa el-Sawwaf, IOL Gaza Correspondent
      Islam Online

      Israeli children, victims of abuse

      GAZA, February 19 (IslamOnline.net) - A report by "the
      National Council for Children in Israel" have revealed
      that nearly 1763 Israeli children have been sexually
      abused, mostly by their family members or
      acquaintances during 2003.

      The sexual abuse included 1191 girls and 572 boys -
      the number of children, whose folks reported such
      incidents to the police, the Council's report said,
      adding that the sexual abuse committed by teachers
      against their students have increased by 50% during
      the past five years.

      The report, issued Sunday February 15, said that 11.3%
      of sexually abused children are under five, 26.2% are
      between six to eight years old, 32.6% are between nine
      and 11 years old and 29.9% between 12 to 14 years old.

      Occupied Jerusalem, mostly inhabited by "religious
      Jews", comes first on the list of the number of
      Israeli sexually abused children. 317 cases of abuse -
      almost twice as much as the cases of Tel Aviv - have
      been reported there.

      The report - considered a further indication of the
      spreading immorality in the Israeli society - added
      that 117 children have been sexually abused after
      responding to a call for help by aggressors. 447 have
      faced the same destiny after being seduced to attend
      or watch a video tape or even eat a meal of bean

      Aggressors have promised to pay compensation for 76
      children, while the rest the youngsters have been
      coarsely abused.

      The report has shown that the sexual abuse of boys is
      on the increase, as the percentage of the boys who
      faced such a terrible experience, out of the total
      number of children, is 32.5% in 2003, while it was 22%
      in 1990.

      Relatives Accused

      "Some 60% of girls and 73% of boys have been abused by
      the folks and acquaintances," the report said.

      According to IslamOnline.net correspondent, this
      report and some other previous reports show how much
      the Israeli community has turned into immorality.

      A referendum, held by Market Fetch Company in
      collaboration with the Israeli Sexual Health
      Organization and the Israeli Federation for Sexual
      Treatment and published by the Israeli Ma'arev
      newspaper on February 6, 2004, has revealed that two
      thirds of Israeli married people deceive their

      A study prepared by the Israeli National Authority for
      Fighting Toxics has revealed that almost 30% of
      Israeli university students were narcotic junkies
      during 2003.




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