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Allah’s Word Against The Jews

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  • ummyakoub
    Allah s Word Against The Jews By Maria Hussain Modern Judaism does not have a moral code. The Jews think that the Covenant of God is a real estate deal. An
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2004
      Allah's Word Against The Jews
      By Maria Hussain

      Modern Judaism does not have a moral code. The Jews think that the
      Covenant of God is a real estate deal. An "eternal" real estate deed
      given to them unconditionally by God. Their claim to the "Land of
      Israel" is based on one or two verses in the Bible cited out of
      context. Although throughout the many centuries of pre-Zionist
      history, Jewish scholars never understood those verses to call for a
      nation state "For Jews Only" in Palestine, the Zionists are sure of
      their interpretation. Fortunately, the Zionists are mistaken. They
      are as wrong as the American white slaveowners who justified slavery
      using the Bible. The Covenant of God is not a real estate deed. It is
      a contract made between people and God, wherein God says, "I created
      you, therefore follow My Laws," and the people reply in fear, "We
      hear and we obey." God does not care where you live. He cares how you

      When making the moral argument for Palestine, one quickly reaches a
      dead end: Modern Judaism has already justified total genocide in the
      minds of the Jews. Fellow Americans, these people live amongst us
      like Nazis in our midst. If you don't believe me, just go to your
      local rabbi and ask him what Judaism says concerning the human rights
      of Palestinians. He will most likely not even answer you. The Jews'
      usual response is "I have no opinion about the Palestinian people.
      All I know is, the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews." If they are
      compassionate, they will say that perhaps a scholar far greater than
      themselves could answer the question of the proper way of dealing
      with the natives. But there is no conceptual framework in Judaism
      that provides any moral guidance on how to run a nation state.

      The Jews by and large understand that Israel was created by ethnic
      cleansing. They understand that Israel's existence is dependent on
      past and future displacement and disenfranchisement of Palestinians.
      They call this "Redeeming the Land of Israel." According to the
      Covenant in Modern Judaism, the property of Palestinians belongs to
      the Jews, and God commanded them to kill the Palestinians. The Jews
      tacitly and explicitly endorse the massacre of Palestinians as
      morally justified by somehow failing to remember that the
      Palestinians did not start this war, and by imagining themselves as
      Joshua's army. Joshua, in the Bible, was an Israelite prophet that
      commanded a mass execution of all the Canaanites at the behest of
      God. According to the Bible, the reason was because the Canaanites
      were idolaters who practiced child sacrifice. Hence, the frequent
      references by Jewish pseudo-intellectuals to the Palestinian religion
      as a death cult of child sacrifice...overlooking the obvious fact
      that it is Israel who has shot thousands of Palestinian youngsters.
      Palestinians are not murdering their own children. Furthermore, it is
      simply intellectually dishonest racism to suggest that Muslim and
      Christian Palestinians are pagans.

      The Muslims have always been very clear as to what child sacrifice
      was and they do not approve of it. When the Muslims under Caliph Umar
      came to Egypt, they learned that the Egyptians used to throw a virgin
      girl into the Nile every year to appease the goddess of the Nile.
      They thought this would prevent it from flooding. The Muslim
      government applied some pressure and convinced the king of Egypt that
      next year they should try writing a prayer to Allah on a piece of
      paper and put that in the Nile instead of a virgin girl. They
      actually did it, and it worked. Notice how the Caliph did not use a
      moral argument, which would have been as ineffective against the
      pagans as with Zionists, who are themselves idolaters worshipping a
      death cult called Blood and Soil Nationalism. And that is the story
      of how the Egyptians, after so many centuries of paganism, finally
      gave up idol worship and accepted the religion of Moses! It is most
      commendable that the traditional Islamic approach to a real, existing
      culture of idolatrous child murderers was not "Kill them all!" but a
      process of gradual deprogramming through the use of intellectual

      The reasoning of Modern Judaism is that since the ancient Israelites
      were ordered by God to kill every last one of the Canaanites, it must
      therefore be morally righteous for some other Jews at some later date
      in history to mass murder Palestinians. The justification for killing
      them is simply that they deserve to die. Zionism is just one of many
      European genocidal racist movements that arose in the last century.
      But Jewish ethnic nationalism was never part of traditional Judaism.
      In all of the history of Judaism before it was rewritten by the
      Zionists, Jews were always taught that God had put them out of
      Palestine on account of their sins, and therefore they ought to
      repent and wait for the Messiah in a state of humility. All
      mainstream Jews nowadays, whether the new orthodox, conservative, or
      liberal, quickly dismiss the rabbis of old as archaic, fossilized
      remains of the past. The long-standing historical tradition of Jewish
      theology is simply thrown out of the window as if it were irrelevant
      to Jewish understanding. Zionism is championed as the true spirit of
      Judaism. And perhaps the Zionists are right in this regard.
      Throughout the centuries, Jewish thought evolved from an immature
      tribal conception of "my God is better than your god" to a spiritual
      maturity based on universal moral ethics. Much of the moral content
      in rabbinical Judaism, which arose after the Muslims conquered
      Jerusalem, is borrowed or learned from Islam. Now, the Zionists,
      the "true Jews" are rejecting this injection of foreign
      intellectualism and going back to the true Judaic spirit of tribalism
      and war. Indeed, Zionists say that that their God is a deity other
      than Allah.

      Zionists find it frustrating that Muslims reject the Bible as a final
      authority and use it more as a cross-reference to the Quran. Even if
      we were to accept the Bible verses they quote as true, Muslims don't
      accept the Jewish interpretation of the Covenant. We rely on moral
      reasoning to analyze the Bible, and come up with a universal ethical
      principle using the Children of Israel as an example for all nations.
      For example, when Zionists read the story of Moses they get something
      out of it like this: Israelites = Good. Egyptians = Bad. In the
      Islamist reading of the same story we get a warning from Allah to all
      human beings to remember that Humble Servants of Allah = Good.
      Haughty Rejecters of Truth = Bad.

      The Zionists say, "Show us your scripture where it says Israel does
      not belong to the Jews." The only way to answer that is to explain
      the entire moral code of Islam. The religion of Abraham is not
      something to be bought and sold for a price. The Quran is the Book of
      Allah bearing witness against the Jews. He calls the Jews to give up
      their ethnic superiority complex and commands them to bow down with
      those who bow down. God is telling the Jews to pray side by side with
      their Arab brothers and sisters in worship of the One God. Allah
      invites the self-proclaimed Chosen Ones to join the Community of
      Islam. No one who has opened the Quran can argue that Mohammed was
      not a prophet for the Jews. In the Quran, God addresses the Children
      of Israel directly, confronts them about their Jewish racist
      tribalism, and employs references from the Torah and Bible to support
      His arguments. God admonishes the Jews, accusing them of lying about
      the Covenant by claiming it applies only to themselves. "Then woe to
      those who write The Book with their own hands, and then say, "This is
      from Allah," to traffic with it for a miserable price! Woe to them
      for what their hands do write, and for the gain they make thereby...
      Say: "Have ye taken a promise from Allah for He never breaks His
      promise? Or is it that ye say of Allah what ye do not know?" (2:79-

      All people who call themselves Jews have a theological basis for
      their social identity even if they are not Zionists. Modern Judaism
      teaches that the successful perpetration of mass murder and grand
      theft is evidence of God's favor upon the Jews. The only thing that
      can convince theologically-based Zionists that they are wrong is if
      they are forcibly removed from Palestine, as that would be an
      indication that God is not on their side. Only when militarily
      defeated will they submit to our philosophical position of moral

      There are no moral guidelines in Jewish Law, other than genocide and
      enslavement, for the treatment of conquered peoples as one would find
      in Islamic Law. While Islam views humans as stewards of the earth,
      and Muslims consider themselves God's appointed defenders of
      religious freedom for people of all religions, Judaism neither
      proclaims respect for other people's prophets nor guarantees any
      respect of other people, nor even of the environment, except in so
      far as they are useful to the Jewish community. This fact alone makes
      it clear that if the principles of individual liberty, majority rule,
      and world peace are to prevail, then it would make far more sense for
      the Jews to agree to live as minorities in an Islamic state where
      they would have legal protection backed up by threats and warnings
      from God, rather than forcing the Arab majority to live as if they
      were minorities within a Jewish state which has no legal protection
      nor any moral qualms regarding the lives and property of non-Jews.



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