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Maria Hussain: Bearing Witness

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  • ummyakoub
    Israel demanded from the UN to condemn suicide bombers as war criminals, and suicide bombings to be classified as crime against humanity . Friends of Israel
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 13, 2004
      Israel demanded from the UN to condemn suicide bombers as war
      criminals, and
      suicide bombings to be classified as 'crime against humanity'.
      Friends of
      Israel support destruction of homes where the suicide bombers lived.
      Now, we
      have an interesting case.

      Yesterday, an Israeli pilot Captain Admon fired a salvo of missiles
      into a
      crowded street in the Palestinian city of Gaza. He killed some ten
      among them a 12 year old boy, who innocently walked the street near
      home. He also wounded 20 men, women and children. Afterwards, Captain
      committed suicide. Should he be considered a suicide bomber?
      Should his home in Ramat Efal near Tel Aviv be destroyed and his
      thrown out to the street?

      Frequently we, friends of Palestine, are asked about suicide bombers,
      and we
      answer this question as good as we can - from apology to
      denunciation. There
      is one voice that is missing in the discourse: a voice of support. In
      view, it is a voice much needed for forming a correct opinion. This
      list is
      always ready to present views outside of the mainstream Western
      it does not mean we support or reject these views, but we are not the
      York Times and we are ready to give a platform to people shunned by
      Jewish liberal newspaper.


      Bearing Witness
      By Maria Hussain

      Purity of intention is the key to martyrdom.

      The core of Islam is Shahada: to bear witness unto the Oneness of
      Allah and the prophethood of Mohammed, may Allah's peace and
      blessings be upon him. To bear witness is what it means to be a
      Muslim. According to the Islamic religion, all individuals who have
      faith have been Chosen by God. To validate the Islamic world view is
      to reject the Jews' concept of Chosen status based on race. Allah,
      the Lord, promises Paradise to all those who died bearing witness to
      this concept of human equality, recognizing the universality of the
      Creator. To live and die in a state of faith, or Iman, is the goal of
      every Believer who strives to submit his will in peace to Allah. A
      person who is at peace with himself and at peace with God, who
      practices Islam, declares Shahada every day in prayer. A person in a
      state of faith does not view death as something horrifying.

      Martyrdom is the ultimate Shahada because it proves you would rather
      die than to bow before anything other than Allah. You are a free
      human being who refused to accept oppression. In Palestine, the State
      of Israel has imposed a false doctrine declaring Jews as the Master
      Race. This false religion is an idol that the Palestinians refuse to
      honor, in keeping with the true prophetic tradition. In Palestine,
      just going to work or going to school is a defiant declaration of
      independence. For a Palestinian, life itself is an act of refusing to
      submit to other than Allah. A child killed by a stray bullet while
      walking to school is called a "Shahid," as is a suicide bomber. If a
      woman's baby dies after she gives birth at a checkpoint, that baby is
      called a Shahid. All Palestinians killed by Israel, or who die
      fighting against Israel, are considered martyrs. The reason that
      fighting against Israel is so important for Muslims worldwide is not
      because Israelis are the meanest killers in human history, but
      because they have lied against God.

      To steer one's path in accordance with the Divine Purpose, one has to
      constantly pray for purity of intention so that all one's actions are
      for the sake of Allah alone. Even lawful actions become "haram" or
      sinful if they are done without the proper intention. If a person
      eats a meal forgetting to say "Bismillah" (in the name of Allah),
      prophetic tradition teaches us that the nourishment then takes on a
      satanic quality. It is the consciousness of Allah (Taqwah) in one's
      actions that makes an action righteous or commendable. A commendable
      action requires knowledge. The Islamic belief is that there is
      something called faith which is the knowledge of Allah. You have to
      live in this state of knowledge, or at least aspire to that
      knowledge. Otherwise, you will die in a state of ignorance and

      Jahiliya, or ignorance, the Islamic understanding of Paganism, is
      identified by a mythological or pseudo-scientific belief that the
      worlds are created by continuous struggle between various gods or
      natural forces, whereas Islam upholds a faith in a Unity or Oneness
      beyond the balance and interplay of opposing forces. One who lives in
      a state of Oneness is spiritually satisfied and at peace. This sense
      of transcendence is not a "spiritual philosophy" but a personal
      experience of reality. Not only is Allah real, but Allah is the only
      Reality. A person who is martyred in a state of higher consciousness
      gets the best rewards of Allah's Paradise. Paradise is a state of
      unending bliss that is always new, always different, and always
      beautiful, like making love to 72 willing virgins. The willingness to
      die for the sake of defeating an army that has declared itself an
      enemy to Allah and His Prophets is akin to the story of David and
      Goliath. Palestinians identify with this story deeply, as it is
      contained in both the Bible and the Quran.

      The Palestinian boy, Faras Ouda, left home with nothing but a
      slingshot, determined to be a hero. He decorated his own wreath in
      preparation. This brave kid was shot down by a coward in an armored
      truck. Children who die before reaching puberty are reserved a
      special garden in Paradise. The Prophet Mohammed, when he ascended
      into the seven heavens from the rock in Jerusalem, saw the Prophet
      Abraham surrounded by children. The Angel Gabriel told Mohammed that
      all the innocent children who have died now live under the
      guardianship of the Prophet Abraham. The death of a child is an honor
      and a mercy to the mother. It elevates the entire family spiritually.
      The child waits for his mother at the gate of Paradise, begging Allah
      to forgive her sins so that they could someday be reunited. It is
      said that Allah cannot break the heart of an innocent child, so He
      will allow even undeserving parents, and the baby's wetnurse as well,
      to come to Paradise for the sake of the child's happiness. This is as
      true when the child died of leukemia as when the child was killed by
      Israel. The Quran reminds us that the life of this world is but a
      trial and that our true home is in the hereafter.

      While Zionists think of the Jewish Holocaust as a burnt sacrifice
      offered to Yahweh to justify the State of Israel, Islam does not
      teach that death in itself grants expiation for sins and automatic
      rewards. The most dramatic act of sacrifice - death in battle against
      an oppressive regime - does not necessarily guarantee Paradise. That
      is why Palestinian suicide bombers pray for the acceptance of their
      sacrifice. The Prophet Mohammed once told a story of a man who died
      in battle, after having killed several enemy soldiers. The prophet
      explained that although this man appeared to others as a war hero,
      the man was going to hell because he was not fighting for the sake of
      Allah alone. His intentions were mixed with the desire for glory.
      Other traditions tell of the great warrior saint, Ali, who, while
      dueling with an opponent, reached a point where the enemy soldier was
      on the ground. Ali was about to kill him when he spat in Ali's face.
      At that point, Ali immediately released the enemy soldier unharmed.
      He asked the great Muslim why his life had been spared. Ali answered
      that if he had killed the man out of anger, it would be a grave sin.
      Passions can nullify the reward for Jihad, or the struggle against
      oppression. The person who by the command of Allah commits an act of
      war, not out of hate, but for the ultimate goal of establishing
      justice, and who dies in the process, whether he or she is killed by
      an Israeli bullet or on a suicide mission, is a Shahid. However,
      someone who kills or is killed in an act of desperation or ethnic
      nationalism, has served Satan.

      The whole idea behind Islamic warfare is that it is not allowed to be
      motivated by revenge. However, there is such a thing as retaliation
      in war. Allah's law says a life for a life is just, though it is
      better to forgive. So far, the Palestinians have not even come close
      to evening the score, so there is not much sense in being outraged at
      suicide bombers, as it just feeds into the false doctrine of
      unconditional Jewish innocence.

      While terrorism does claim lives, it is more symbolic and theatrical
      than efficient, and in the end, may reduce civilian causalities. For
      every ten Israelis killed in a pizzeria, there might be 10,000
      Israelis that decided to move to Sweden, and 10,000 Romanians who
      decided to stay in Romania. The more "civilized" approach would be to
      carpet bomb Tel Aviv from an airplane. However, mass loss of life
      would be guaranteed as collateral damage. Islam says to establish
      justice for all people including non-Muslims. Allah commanded the
      Palestinians to win this war. They are not fighting for greed, they
      are fighting because they have no other option since they are under
      attack. As such, they have to use successful strategies to win the
      war for the sake of Allah.

      Perhaps the main difference between Zionist killers and Islamic
      killers is attitude. Israelis do their bulldozing and indiscriminate
      shooting of civilians in a state of hate, often while drunk. Their
      ultimate goal is erasing Palestine. Islamic soldiers go to battle
      with a sense of the sacred, with solemn purpose and clear mind. At
      worst, they seek a life-for-life retaliation. Their ultimate goal is
      to bear witness to the Oneness of Allah. Until the recent past, I had
      no opinion one way or another about Palestinian suicide bombers,
      considering them irrelevant to the question of whether Israel should
      continue to exist. I left it to Allah to send them to heaven or hell.
      To be ready to die for a cause is the proof of one's sincerity. But
      as with all acts of worship, we can never be totally sure of Allah's
      approval. All we can do is ask for Signs. The story of the mother who
      prayed for ten Israelis to be killed by her daughter's martyrdom, and
      the exact answer to her prayer seemed to me to be a sign that Allah
      blessed the sacrifice, at least in this particular instance. I don't
      see any contradiction between viewing suicide bombing as a successful
      strategy of war, and as a service to Allah that goes beyond the
      desire for attaining a specific worldly goal.

      It is hard for some of us to accept that God may have commanded good
      people to fight against the Jews, even knowing that the Jews are
      committing genocide in Palestine. As for me, there was a time when I
      felt sorry for the Jews, but those days are over. Israel supporters
      are not stupid. They are satanic. What kind of person moves onto
      property when he knows the previous owners were forced off by
      gunpoint and made homeless? As long as Zionists continue to buy and
      sell stolen property in Israel like some kind of criminal mafia, I
      don't think it is reasonable to expect that Jews should feel free to
      live in Israel and think they should not be killed. My biggest issue
      with suicide bombings is that so many Palestinians have to die in the

      No American or Israeli has the moral authority to judge the
      Palestinians, most of whom have no passports and are not allowed to
      live legally anyplace on earth. It actually appears that the Jewish
      community demonizes Arabs out of a neurotic need to perceive
      themselves as victims, even when this defies logic. Apparently, they
      want Palestinians to kill them. Jews only feel comfortable when they
      are surrounded by people who want them dead. It may be that they need
      us to force them to give up the concept of the Jewish State to help
      them save face. They will leave Israel, but they can't do it by
      agreeing to it in a rational way. They can't just admit they were
      wrong and give back the stolen property. They can't just admit that
      non-Jews are their human equals and give them equal rights and live
      in peace. They need to preserve the sense that the world wants to
      mass murder them, without which they lose their sense of identity.
      They need us to help them leave with their victimhood intact.

      I would personally recommend for some civilized country to send their
      Air Force to bomb the Jewish settlements, dismantle the racist State
      of Israel, and return the Palestinian refugees to their homes in
      Palestine with financial compensation and full citizenship rights.
      While Zionist criminals should face Guantanamo, the most Islamic way
      to deal with the Israeli public would be a general amnesty. Either
      Jews should apply for Palestinian citizenship, or they should leave.
      Palestinians and their well-wishers should stop begging for
      a "state." All of historical Palestine belongs to the Palestinians.
      The Israeli Wall is proof that compromising with racists is not an
      option. For all those who strive with their lives and with their
      possessions in the cause of Allah, bearing witness to the Truth that
      Allah is One, who are not fighting for a nationalist cause but for a
      future free of artificial national borders and false racial
      identities, I pray Allah help them.



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