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The "teta negra" incident

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  • ummyakoub
    The teta negra incident by Mocotl Cagahtzin February 3, 2004 White America is presently in an uproar because Jacko s sister flashed her black tit , or
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 4, 2004
      The "teta negra" incident

      Mocotl Cagahtzin
      February 3, 2004

      White America is presently in an uproar because
      Jacko's sister flashed her "black tit", or "teta
      negra", during last Sunday's Super Bowl. Every
      major newspaper, television news program and radio
      talk show are now obsessed by it. What does
      America's reaction to the incident and to Jacko's
      current trial tell us of the state of mind of
      contemporary America?

      One thing it tells me is that Americans are total
      hypocrites. It is disgusting to hear all the "holy
      ones" call in to radio talk shows to express their
      moral indignation when they know they are condoning
      even worse moral transgressions committed by their
      government and even their priests, reverends and
      rabbis in their places of worship. Their reaction to
      Janet Jackson's exposing of her tit is far more
      vigorous than the moral indignation they expressed
      during the "Shock and Awe" murder of hundreds of
      Iraqi children or when it was revealed that their
      President Bill Clinton had shoved a "cigar" up Monica
      Lewinsky's "you know what" in the Oval Office of the
      White House.

      So what is the big deal that Ms. Jackson briefly
      flashed her right tit when there is presently an
      epidemic of rapes by a multitude of priests, rabbis
      and reverends in almost every state of the USA? What
      is the big deal that Ms. Jackson revealed her black
      tit when they know there are thousands of web sites
      on the Internet operating with impunity that deal
      with pedophilia, bestiality, incest and even
      necrophilia? What is the big deal that Ms. Jackson
      exposed one of her mammary glands when they just
      elected a sodomite bishop to head the Episcopalian
      Church. For all the "holy ones", sodomy is the
      practice of the bishop getting off by inserting his
      reproductive organ into the orifice of his "husband"
      meant to excrete bodily wastes. Was there any outcry,
      equal to the present one, by the American people
      when the sodomite bishop was consecrated last year?

      America has become a nation of hypocrites when it
      comes to morality. If you don't know by now, women's
      breasts are not dirty. Necrophilia is dirty!
      Bestiality is dirty! Sodomy is dirty! Stop being
      "holy than though" and go after real degeneracy. For
      starts you can clean up the Internet of all the
      sexual filth that is there. Stop insinuating that
      "chiches" or "tetas" are dirty. Many of us were
      nourished by our mothers breasts when we were babies.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Mocotl Cagahtzin is a commentator for
      Aztlan Public Radio and author of
      the Aztlan Chronicles.

      Super Bowl 38 & Janet Jackson

      Gil Contreras

      (c) 2/2004

      So...it's Super Bowl Sunday, it's a good game, and
      then half-time. The music starts, P Diddy raps, Nelly
      sings, Justin dances and Janet...well, Janet gets one
      of her breasts partially exposed during a dance number.
      Now, I'm no big Janet fan, and frankly, with new blood
      on the block like Beyonce and Alicia Keyes, who really
      cares what Janet has done for us lately? So half-time
      ends, the game continues...New England wins! Whoohoo!

      I wake up the next day and find that somehow Janet's
      tit has become a major news story. Even the venerable
      Nightline covers Super Bowl 38's (pardon the pun), "36
      C moment." All the conservative talk hacks are
      whacking away at the NFL, MTV, CBS, Janet, Justin, and
      all red blooded Americans (that's right . . . no race
      necessary) who appreciate Janet coming out of
      obscurity for three minutes to remind us just how fine
      she was back in the day!

      Michael Powell (you know who's son) head of the FCC
      says there will be an "investigation!" Conservative
      talk show hosts are appalled at the decadence of
      American society. I even heard one nerd say, if it
      were up to him, Disney (producers of some of the
      sickest, weirdest, demonic stories masked as kids
      cartoons ever) would produce every Super Bowl
      half-time show in the future! Whatever happened to the
      good ole days when America thought Bob Hope was
      entertainment, they lamented?!

      I was shocked! What was all the flap over Janet's
      nipple anyway? Federal investigation? I even heard
      "conservative callers" on the radio talking about
      boycotts and petitions! What the hell is going on? I
      rely on my liberal left leaning friends to make
      mountains out of societal mole hills, like the, "hey,
      lets make driver's licenses for illegal immigrants an
      issue," to give me things to write about! I listen to
      KPFK 90.7 FM (my old station) in the morning because
      they have moved so far to the left, that I now pick
      them up at 88..1 where I used to get KLON!

      I thought for sure Dr. Rudy Acuna, Nativo Lopez or
      State Senator Gil Cedillo would call for a
      demonstration and march on city hall to raise
      awareness about how the affluent in America still have
      more opportunities to bare their breasts (or at least
      one) on television than Chicano/Latinos, people of
      color (excludes Jackson family), and the undocumented.
      They should all have access; these are the people's
      airwaves! I was sure the AFL/CIO, SEIU, and maybe even
      the UFCW would call for a boycott on 60 Minutes,
      Punk'd and Jackass! Maybe those striking grocery
      workers (whose jobs have been replaced while they
      "take a stand" outside) could just change their signs!

      Perhaps the ACLU would file a lawsuit, I thought, to
      help poor people and people of color gain greater
      access to the television airwaves, I mean, what will
      the children think if only affluent people can get so
      much face time on TV? Shouldn't they see people just
      like them on TV baring breasts too...where's the
      equality for God's sakes? Is this America or Amerika?

      Lighten up conservative guys; you're starting to sound
      like the left! Whinny, worried about "the children,"
      and seeing "signs" of the end of the world everywhere!
      Geez, where's our sense of humor? The sky isn't
      falling! And besides, most football games are watched
      by guys who watch MTV (not CBS), think Punk'd is funny,
      love any bare breast, and have been known to lay a
      politically incorrect fart during the half-time show
      anyway. It's just football, not rocket science. The
      world won't come to a halt because some 8 year old kid
      caught a 2 second glimpse of Janet's semi-covered
      nipple on a 19" screen.

      Neilson says 140 million Americans watched the game on
      Sunday, which means another 140 million didn't. Who
      cares? Besides, we have bigger battles to wage than
      this. Governor Scwarzenegger's upcoming bond
      initiative to "balance the budget," for example,
      Howard Dean's war cries, and the November election are
      all good ones. We have troops in Iraq, troops in
      Afghanistan, and homeland security issues to concern
      ourselves with. Talk about retired U.S. Army General
      Wesley Clark, if you want to, who made a career out of
      war, ran the School of the America's at Fort Bragg,
      and is now running for president on an anti-war
      message. Geez, there's plenty to talk about!

      Let's not, however, take a cue from the left and
      become so paranoid and engrossed in ideology that we
      sound like we've lost our sense of humor as well as
      our common sense.

      # # #
      Gil Contreras is a Republican Mexican-American and
      a retired X-cop from Southern California. Any
      comments should be sent to him at Xcop1035@...



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