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Brit Journalist Sacked From Al Jazeera

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  • ummyakoub
    In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful Shaista Aziz has been sacked by Al Jazeera s english website Leading British journalist Sister Shaista
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 5, 2004
      In the Name of Allah, Most Beneficent, Most Merciful

      Shaista Aziz has been sacked by Al Jazeera's english website

      Leading British journalist Sister Shaista Aziz who is a strident
      supporter of Palestinian rights and a vocal opponenent of American
      imperialism has been sacked by Al Jazeera's english website.
      The shock dismissal sees another departure of high profile British
      journalists originally head-hunted by the English section to inject
      some bite and professionalism into the editorial content of the newly-
      launched site.

      Days before her exit, Sr Aziz had made an official complaint of
      sexual discrimination and sexual innuendo against one of the non-
      Muslim journalists on the site. This has given rise to speculation
      that Al Jazeera management is trying to cover up complaints of sexual
      harrassment in the newsroom. 'I'd like to see how Abdulaziz would
      react if someone pinched his second wife's bottom in the office or
      made fun of her dress,' said one of the Arab journalists on the Arab
      section of the website.

      On a more sinister note, her termination also gives credence to
      neighbouring Bahrain's accusations that the website is under the
      influence of Zionists and the Bush administration. During her time at
      the site she broke many exclusive stories which were followed up by
      the international media. The stories incurred the wrath of the US
      military, Ariel Sharon's government and the British Foreign Office.
      It is no secret that Sr. Shaista and Sr. Yvonne Ridley, who was also
      recently sacked by Al Jazeera, are both leading members of the anti-
      war movement, supporters for Palestinian rights and critical of the
      treatent of the Guantanamo Bay detainees. Both known in the newsroom
      as the Lipstick Jihadis, their departure has sent shock waves through
      the newsroom with the remaining Muslim journalists.

      Their boss, pseudo-Palestinian Ahmed Sheikh and editor in chief
      Abdulazeez al-Mahmoud, are the gutless duo who were too cowardly to
      deliver the news in person. Sr. Yvonne was terminated on the doorstep
      of her home in Doha, Qatar at 11pm by a secretary and Sr. Shaista was
      delivered a letter by a third person. Apart from being shopping
      cohorts to Zionist-supporting Marks and Spencer, Ahmed Sheikh and al-
      Mahmoud are also responsible for recruiting Hindus to the website and
      diluting the Muslim journalist presence. The only Muslim senior
      editor remaining is well known British journalist Faisal Bodi who
      just happens to be the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

      Sister Shaista was one of two journalists who were told in the
      newsroom by Ahmed Sheikh that their probationary period was being
      fast-tracked. A man of his word (not) Sr. Shaista learned on New
      Year's Day that her services were no longer required at the end of
      her three months probation. Perhaps he needs to be reminded by those
      who heard him say that Sr. Shaista was on staff ... seven weeks ago.
      Three other British journalists have quit in disgust in recent weeks
      and a recruitment drive is now going on in the Middle East and Asia
      to bring in 'more compliant' staff.

      On hearing of this latest sacking, Sr. Yvonne said: 'I am saddened
      and dismayed. Sister Shaista is an excellent journalist who was
      poached from the BBC.'. 'Journalistic integrity and talent seems to
      count for nothing on the English website. They brought us in on
      Western-style contracts then set about trying to treat us like
      Filipinos.'. 'Al Jazeera wants to launch an English channel soon but
      I doubt if anyone will want to move from the UK to work in such an
      oppressive atmosphere.'. 'The appointment of Waddaah Khanfar on the
      television side was seen as a dynamic, ground-breaking move by Al
      Jazeera's editorial board.'. 'But now Sheikh Hamad's attention needs
      to be seriously diverted to the shenanighans at the English website
      before it becomes a mediocre cut-and-paste news operation.'. 'There
      is strong evidence of Islamaphobia and racism creeping into the
      website newsroom.'

      Sr. Yvonne was speaking from London after battling to get an exit
      visa to leave Qatar. Despite five written requests by her lawyer
      Gebran Majdalany to the Al Jazeera administration department, it took
      five weeks before she was allowed to leave. She has now handed over
      power of attorney to Majdalany who is proceeding with her case for
      unfair dismissal.

      Sister Ridley's letter of termination stated she was a threat to
      national security, regarded as an arrestable offence in many
      countries for treason in both the East and the West. 'I want to thank
      everyone around the world for the support they showed me during my
      enforced stay in Qatar, and now I ask everyone to inundate Al-Jazeera
      with letters of protest over Sister Shaista's sacking. 'She
      continually fights the corner of the oppressed and is an excellent
      example of a Muslim. Please let the management know how you feel,'
      asked Sister Yvonne.

      Since we suspect that your last email letters were hidden by Ahmed
      Sheikh and Abdulaziz send your email to the company spokesman Jihad
      Ballout and ask him to pass them on to the head of Al-Jazeera Sheikh
      Hamad bin Thamir al-Thanee and/or other personalities in higher
      responsible position

      Al-Jazeera spokesman Jihad Ballout Email: jballout@...



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