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Iran: Ayatollah Khamenei on Palestine

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  • ummyakoub
    Excerpts from Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei s Second Khutbah of Eid al-Fitr Prayer: For pictures of the prayer please see:
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 11, 2003
      Excerpts from Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei's Second
      Khutbah of Eid al-Fitr Prayer:

      For pictures of the prayer please see:

      In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

      . . . What I have to say in the first instance in the
      second khutbah is that, on Quds Day, our nation once
      again displayed to the world the splendor of faith.
      Quds Day is not confined to Iran. It is the day of the
      Muslim world displayed their presence in defense of
      their Palestinian brothers.

      They put on display the general will of Muslims to
      confront America and Israel's ploys in wronged and
      bloodied Palestine. But our nation has been in the
      vanguard in this respect and, this year, it showed
      clearly this vanguard nature, this grandeur of the
      national will in Iran.

      This year, on Quds Day, our nation turned all its
      cries into a single cry in defense of the oppressed
      and combatant nation of Palestine; a single cry in
      condemning and expressing revulsion of America and
      Israel and the Zionists who, despite all their false
      claims about human rights and democracy, commit the
      most evil injustices against a wronged nation.

      On Palestinian resistance

      As a humble servant I wish to thank all of our dear
      nation. They have made Iran and the Islamic Republic
      proud in the world. The nation has shown its presence,
      awareness and will power wherever there is a need for
      the nation to be present.

      The problem of Palestine is still on top of the
      problems of the world of Islam. Lets look at the
      people of Palestine and the brutal occupiers who have
      occupied Palestine. The nation of Palestine is living
      in hardship. Their houses are being demolished. Their
      farmlands and orchards are being ruined. Their youths
      are being deprived of the opportunity to work. Their
      efficient men are being imprisoned. Their people are
      being massacred. Even their small children are being
      oppressed. What they are doing to the nation of
      Palestine is unprecedented in the history of nations.

      At the same time, this besieged, helpless and
      oppressed nation is powerfully defending itself
      against the occupiers. The nation of Palestine defends
      itself powerfully and resists against the oppressors
      thanks to the name and flag of Islam in Palestine.

      US, Israel condemned to defeat

      We salute the Palestinian nation. From this splendid
      prayer in Tehran, from the heart of Tehran and from
      the entire Iranian nation, we greet the Palestinian
      nation, their youngsters, their adolescents, their
      women, their mothers, their brave and pious hearts, we
      greet them and salute them.

      They are standing - with their lives, their bodies,
      their loved ones, their entire existence - in the
      front-line of the world of Islam in this region
      against enemies, against aggressors.

      As for the occupiers, the usurping Zionists and their
      backers - that is to say, the aggressor American
      administration - if a person reviews the problems of
      Palestine it becomes clearer to them that the
      Americans and the Zionists have been placed in a total
      impasse in Palestine. They can neither move forward
      nor move backward. They are condemned to defeat.

      The adolescent Palestinian generation has awakened. It
      has realized that the way to salvation from the
      clutches of the occupier enemy is nothing but
      struggle. It has realized that attending international
      conferences, in accordance with the wishes of the
      occupiers and their backers, talking, is not the way
      to rescue Palestine. It has realized that it must
      stand firm, it must work hard and it must make
      sacrifices in order to attain the goal. The
      Palestinian nation has realized and understood this to
      the very depths of its being. And, therefore, it is

      When this sentiment arises from a religious origin and
      from belief in monotheism - and, Alhamdulillah - this
      is the case in Palestine today, this spring will never
      dry up. And we hope that Exalted God will bring ever
      nearer the day of the victory of the Palestinians.

      The other issue in the world of Islam is the issue of
      Iraq. The Americans entered Iraq in the name of
      democracy and human rights. They entered Iraq in the
      name of combating nuclear weapons and weapons of mass
      destruction, chemical and biological weapons. They
      said: We want to give freedom to the Iraqi nation.
      But, today, they have put the Iraqi nation under such
      a tight grip that the Iraqi nation has no choice but
      to punch their faces and it is doing so.

      Their presence has been so degrading for the Iraqi
      nation that the Iraqi nation has not tolerated them.
      Let the American nation know that their government has
      dragged them into a swamp in Iraq and the longer they
      stay, they more they will sink.

      See what the Americans have come to in Iraq, they have
      to bomb occupied Baghdad; to subject occupied Baghdad
      to missile attacks from the sea, from its warships.
      They have fired missiles from the sea to a Baghdad
      that is under their own occupation. This is an
      indication of America's incapacity to run Iraq.

      The longer they stay, the worse it will become. This
      region does not tolerate occupation. They say we want
      to turn the Middle East into a region of democracy.
      This is a shameless lie. They are opposed to
      democracy. They know that if they turn to the people's
      votes in Iraq at this very moment, the decisive
      majority of the people will take a decision, will take
      the step, will elect those people who would not allow
      the Americans to stay in Iraq for a single day. (Crowd
      chants Allahu Akbar).

      On US hegemony

      Wherever there may be popular elections in the Islamic
      world the outcome will be what the Americans fear. The
      outcome will be the coming to power of those who with
      all their being consider the Americans to be their
      enemy. Such will be the outcome today wherever any
      elections take place in the Islamic world. There is no

      They want to do something to ensure there are no
      popular elections in Iraq. They must understand that
      any imposed conditions, any imposed laws and any
      imposed establishments in Iraq will result in the
      resistance of the Iraqi people. Even if the American
      president earmarks 4,000bn dollars instead of 400bn
      dollars in his budget he will not be able to subjugate
      the Middle East nations, the Muslim nations. (Crowd
      chant Allahu Akbar).

      No-one accepts the claims of democracy and human
      rights from the American government, which, under the
      banner of championing democracy, has perpetrated such
      atrocities in the world against democracies and
      popular rules - the American government which
      masterminded the 28 Mordad (19 August 1953) coup
      d'etat in Iran; the American government which
      masterminded the coup d'etat in Chile against that
      country's legal government, the American government
      which masterminded dozens of coups d'etat in Latin
      America, Africa and other regions against national
      governments; the American government which for many
      consecutive years supported dictators such as Mohammad
      Reza Pahlavi in Iran and the American government,
      which even today, accepts any dictator - which may
      even be more evil - as long as he surrenders to it. .

      Excerpts from Ayatollah al-Udhma Khamenei's Speech on
      Eid al-Fiter:

      In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

      . . . The Islamic revolution brought the hearts of the
      people close to the Almighty, and it put people's life
      and spirit in the service of the struggle for a better
      life. As the result of the revolution the Iranian
      nation began to walk on the path of liberation. With
      God's grace, it has achieved many great things on this
      path. The Iranian nation should continue with this
      path. This is the path of closeness to God, and
      material and spiritual presence in the struggle for
      building a future.

      Unity of word is the secret of success for the Iranian
      nation. This secret of success has to be kept. The
      secret of success in the larger circle of Islamic
      nation is also the unity of word. If the Islamic
      nation wants to move forward on the path of the
      sciences, progress, material growth, control over
      fate, liberation from the rule of foreigners, as well
      as spiritual and material happiness, it has to resort
      to the unity of word and the word of unity.

      The very people who have used every available means to
      consolidate their power around the world, i.e. the
      centers of the arrogant power, have also tried to use
      every available means to create division and
      disagreement in the Islamic world. Unfortunately they
      have been successful to some extent.

      Division among Muslims

      If the Palestinians are plagued with such a grim fate,
      drenched in blood and their pains have pierced deep
      into the soul of conscientious people, it is because
      of the divisions among the Muslims. Their fate would
      have been different if there was unity among the

      If the Islamic Iraq has been trampled under the boots
      of the occupiers, it is because of the division among
      the Muslims. If the Middle Eastern countries have been
      blatantly threatened by the arrogant rhetoric of
      America, it is because of the division among the

      Only through unity the Muslims would be able to rescue
      themselves from the yoke of such humiliation; liberate
      Palestine; defeat the enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq
      and stop the enemy from exerting pressure on the
      Muslims. What I mean is unity among countries and
      nations. The Eid al-Fitr symbolizes unity and

      Unfortunately there are people in the world of Islam
      who are prepared to commit any wrong act in order to
      please the arrogant powers and America. They try to
      create division among Shi'i and Suunis. I can see
      those hands who calculatingly and deliberately are
      trying to create a rift among Shi'i and Sunnis in some
      of our neighboring countries.

      They try to create a rift between various tribes,
      religious groups and political movements - trying to
      fish in muddy waters. Their efforts aimed at securing
      their illegitimate interests in the Islamic countries.
      We must remain vigilant.

      Iraqis must write their own constitution

      Nations, governments, political tendencies,
      intellectuals and the elite should be vigilant. You
      should not allow the enemy to create divisions for any
      reason. In Iraq too, they want to promote ethnic and
      religious discord. It is the same with certain other
      countries. Muslims have a duty to act vigilantly in
      the face of the enemy plots.

      The situation in Iraq today is a very bitter for the
      Islamic world. Iraq is a single and united country.
      The arrogant powers are planning to dismember the
      country. They know that this is not possible in a
      single stroke. They want to do it gradually. The
      people of Iraq, Muslim governments and Muslim nations
      should be vigilant.

      The dismemberment of Iraq is a danger for both that
      country and for the region. Iraq belongs to the people
      of Iraq. The fate of the country must be determined by
      its own people. The constitution of Iraq must be
      written by the Iraqis themselves. A constitution which
      has its plan and structure written in Washington is
      not good for Iraq. They, the occupiers, should realize
      that if it is otherwise, if they don't leave the work
      to the Iraqi people, then the people of Iraq won't let
      them off. The people of Iraq will not surrender to

      Palestinians are resisting

      They want to behave in the Middle East region as they
      do in Palestine. In Palestine today the Zionists and
      the Americans have reached a dead-end. There is no way
      out but to accept the legitimate demands of the
      Palestinian people and the Palestinian nation.

      The Palestinian nation is an innocent nation but it is
      a very brave nation at the same time. It is only right
      that we call them the brave Palestinian people. This
      nation is resisting the occupation innocently, with
      empty hands and on its own. It has crippled the
      materialist powers of the world who have so many
      instruments of suppression and death under their

      They should know that if they behave arrogantly and
      with a Zionist frame of mind in any region of the
      Islamic world and the Middle East, such as Palestine,
      they will only bring out the people on to the scene.
      The Islamic nation has woken up and the Islamic world
      is now aware.

      In the past 25 years, our dear nation has proven that
      it is attached to its revolution, its Islam, its
      system, its officials. The nation is loyal to its
      hard-won independence. We have not achieved our
      independence easily. We have not achieved this
      religious democracy easily. Our nation has struggled
      on this path. Many pure lives have been sacrificed on
      this path. Our nation has experienced many
      difficulties. Is our nation going to lose these things
      easily? Faith in the Almighty and trust in the divine
      promise makes us steadfast against enemy plots. The
      divine promise is this:

      Those who help God's religion, those who use their
      strength for the sake of liberation and well being, as
      decreed by God, they will not be abandoned by the
      Almighty; they will be victorious. Our experience has
      proved this.

      I pray that on this auspicious festivity and because
      of this blessed Ramadhan, the Almighty will bless our
      dear nation and the great Islamic ummah. Peace and
      blessings be upon you.



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