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White Nationalists - a possible ally?

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    White Nationalists - a possible ally? By Joh Domingo Today we talk about things unthinkable a few years ago. Tomorrow we will do things unthinkable today.
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 8, 2003
      White Nationalists - a possible ally?

      By Joh Domingo

      Today we talk about things unthinkable a few years ago. Tomorrow we
      will do things unthinkable today. Struggle is theatre, and the
      Palestinian struggle has become the Broadway of the liberation
      movement. This struggle has moved from the seedy halls to become a
      smash hit because they have the benefit of the greatest publicity
      machine of all time, the Jewish dominated Mass Media of the United
      States. All that remains is the final act, with its incredible

      Common wisdom has it that Israel was conceived as a response to
      Racism, and has morphed into the Racist monster we see today. For
      many liberals, to oppose Zionism is to oppose Racism; is to oppose
      anti-Semitism. But they fail to see the intricate relationship
      between Nationalism and Racism. While Nationalism can be both a
      positive and negative natural force, Racism is a totally negative
      construct feeding on negative ethnocentric sentiments and involves
      acts of dispossession and the subjugation of others. Racism is a
      denial of the valid opposing claims of others and requires the
      absence of a nationalist consciousness in opposition to it. It can
      survive for centuries, providing those oppressed by Racism accept the
      frame of reference provided by the Racist. Absent this condition,
      Racism falters against the resistance provided by a countervailing
      nationalist consciousness. For this reason; true Racist always has to
      ensure that the distinction between Racism and Nationalism is
      obscured. An individual asserting that he as good as any is piddling
      compared to a homogeneous group asserting their PRIDE in their
      cultural heritage. Asserting your pride in your cultural heritage
      does not carry with it a need that others be ashamed of theirs.

      Antisemitism can mean many things: from acute hatred of Jews, to
      objection to Jewish cultural domination, to mild mockery of Jewish
      values. But what is nationalism, if not the mocking of those that
      mock you, thereby building up the antibodies to protect you from the
      scourge of Racism? Examined in this light, the cry of "antisemitism"
      can be seen to be the ultimate racist tool, designed to ensure the
      domination of a racist discourse.

      Why Zionism is Racism but antisemitism is not.

      Because of the deliberate skewing of the discourse as cover for
      Racist domination, we are led to believe that someone championing the
      virtues of his ethnic background is the same as someone promoting the
      idea of the racial domination of others. Hence, anyone providing
      context that presents his race in a positive light, as opposed to a
      competing culture, is equated with the worst Racist Supremacist
      doctrines of the Apartheid and Nazi regimes. At the same time, a
      Racist Oppressor can be presented as an enlightened humanist if he
      hides his nationalism while denouncing the thoughts of competing
      nationalists. Yitzhak Rabin, a racist supremacist if there ever was
      one, who presided over the deaths and torture of tens of thousands,
      is presented as a saint next to David Duke, the ex-Grand Wizard of
      the Ku Klux Klan, who struggles to maintain his livelihood and
      culture in his own land. While it is true that the KKK are rogues,
      and have proven that they are capable of sliding into Racist
      atrocities of a Rabin given the opportunity; a comparison fails the
      equivalency test. Rabin is lauded and presented as champion of
      enlightenment, while the ex-Grand Wizard struggles to even find voice
      amongst his own kind and is completely marginalized in his own

      Even the worse Racist in South Africa never tried to squeeze the life
      out of African Society. Apartheid was monstrous, but it was never
      Ethnocide. It is a triumph of Zionist propaganda that they have
      managed to convince us that they are merely as bad as Jim Crows
      America. It is a triumph that they have managed to limit us to
      comparing Zionism with Apartheid. Such a comparison is an insult - to
      Apartheid. I don't make this statement lightly, Desmond Tutu and
      Mandela; Alistair Sparks and Ronnie Kasrils have said similar things.

      The dominant Racist Supremacists always speak of "self-determination"
      and "preserving the culture" of their opponents. They speak
      of "peace" and "living side by side in harmony", but their
      multiculturalism is nothing but cover for the suppression of a
      competing force. Subconsciously accepting that their own nationalism
      was a powerful force in subjugating their opponents, they seek to
      deprive them of the same weapon by appealing to the outrage of the
      oppressed. They champion the rights of the oppressed in words, while
      remaining ever vigilant against the expression of a competing
      nationalism. Such expressions of opposition, is "bad" nationalism,
      while their openly Racist supremacy is
      considered "accidental", "inevitable" and "self-preservation".
      Always, the dominant supremacist maintains that his nationalism is a
      product of historical circumstance while the nationalism of the
      dominated is the product of wrong thinking and evidence of their
      backwardness, bigotry and hatred.

      Such is the dialectic enforced by the strong. Having achieved their
      position by virtue of their nationalism, they relegate it to its
      basest level and deny access to it to their opponents. Having misused
      it to their own ends, they now denounce their strongest converts, and
      proclaim it an evil, to be opposed by all right thinking people, and
      especially to be denied its utilization by their opponents.

      But resistance is at its core the application of pressure. We know
      that when the bleating gets loudest, the pressure is being applied
      correctly. Nationalism has time and time again proven itself to be a
      particularly effective form of pressure on a dominant Racist Regime.

      Zionism is dispossession; dispossession is an integral part of
      Racism. Nationalism without dispossession is a legitimate
      countervailing force against other competing nationalism.
      Antisemitism of White Nationalists (called White Supremacy by their
      adversaries) is a reaction to Jewish racist assertion in White
      societies. As such, it is a mild form of nationalism. From a White-
      Nationalist point of view, it can be seen to be a moral imperative
      and necessary to combat the Jewish war against their values and
      heritage. They do, after all, compete to occupy the same space.

      Let me tell you how frustrating it was dealing with White liberals in
      South Africa who championed racial equality but denied their own
      racism. In the end, it was better to ignore white liberals altogether
      and adopt racist attitudes toward them. Only then was the struggle
      able to escalate, proving clearly that they had been a ballast all
      along. White Afrikaner supremacists were indispensable allies once
      they decided to cross over. They had no qualms about smuggling
      weapons, stealing weapons from Military armory's and generally
      engaging in sabotage. Today, these Afrikaners still live in South
      Africa and support a vibrant opposition party. In the end, the
      liberals left South Africa once privilege ended, the Afrikaners
      remained. As a Black Man who has resisted White Supremacy for most of
      my life, I am now sympathetic to White Nationalists. It was a White
      Nationalist who in the end handed Mandela the keys to the
      Presidential suite, without conditions.

      It is valid for Palestine, too. It is not necessary that the
      Palestinian struggle be conducted on a lily-white sheet. David Duke
      was the grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan. They hanged black people
      from tree trunks. What they did was however small change compared to
      what the Ku Klux Knesset does on a daily basis. Today the White
      Nationalists are downtrodden and discriminated-against people in
      America. Yet, their ideas have a resonance with many Americans,
      especially on the Palestine issue. Don't underestimate the
      ideological pull of these hillbillies with library cards. The can
      make a big difference where it counts the most – with the average
      WASP. From what I remember, WASP's are still a majority in the States.

      What does not have a place in the Palestinian struggle, is an
      ideological agenda. Zionists are not particular about who supports
      them, so why should Palestinians be reliant on a bogus ideological
      cleanliness? It makes little difference whether the Palestinians
      enjoy the support of ADL-affected communities. These communities
      provide nothing of value to the Palestinian struggle. In fact they
      provide material assistance to the enemy. Yet the friends of
      Palestine pretend to cringe at the mere thought of occupying
      political space with deluded nationalists. They may be even
      supremacists, but they provide another avenue by which the enemy can
      be engaged. Engaging the enemy on every conceivable front is what
      struggle is all about. Ideology is secondary.

      The White groups on the right are not all the same, and they not all
      subscribe to the same philosophies. I am convinced that the brush is
      applied far too widely and liberally. I have corresponded with a few,
      and I find them to be courteous and intelligent. Quite the opposite
      of the rabid racist bigot. They always concede a point well made and
      are content to rest on genuine differences of opinion. Joe Sobran is
      a great guy and always takes the time and effort to respond
      comprehensively and interestingly. I also find some of their prose
      about the Middle East and Palestine, to be the most passionate
      around. Most genuinely admire the Palestinians for doing what they
      failed to do - resist, adapt and survive against a vile and vicious
      hate campaign. There is a genuine solidarity with the Palestinians
      amongst disaffected white people. As genuine as yours or mine is. It
      does not serve any purpose to question their motives, they are quite
      clear about them: they support the Palestinians because the
      Palestinians are engaged in direct action against a common enemy. The
      fact that you or I are opposed to White Supremacy is quite
      irrelevant. It is not White Racist Supremacist oppressing
      Palestinians. If I were a Palestinian, the White Nationalists would
      be my legitimate ally. After all, those White Nationalists write
      great prose and have the ability to influence far more people where
      it counts.

      On the other hand, I have found anti-Zionist Jewish people (with some
      notable exclusions) on my correspondence list to be extremely
      annoying because of their penchant to obscure obvious circumstances
      while compiling dirges in a vain attempt to throw people off the
      scent. Instead of acknowledging patent realities regarding Jewish
      individuals at the heart of influence in the US administration, and
      then putting your views regarding it, a ridiculous attempt is made to
      smear the content of an article like that of Mr. Shamir's as latent
      Nazism. Whether we are incorrect and flirt with an anti-Semite canard
      is a tenth order issue for both Israeli Jews and Palestinians. I have
      taken the trouble to read Shamir's body of work and can vouch that
      they are inspirational. He is an extremely talented writer and uses
      words to great effect. His vision of a future Palestine/Israel is a
      refreshing departure from the rutted, stilted and ideologically
      driven drivel that passes for discourse on this issue. I would even
      go so far as to defend his use of anti-Semitic imagery, it is a valid
      posture buster and certainly more effective than an AK47. Like all of
      us, his ideas can be considerably cleansed of incorrect thoughts. But
      that is his greatest gift - his ability to communicate at every level
      and bust through - despite incorrect thoughts. Cleansing is not
      always desirable and would place his writing beyond the reach of all
      but the most pure amongst us. Purists always fail when they
      ultimately discover what Shamir instinctively knows, that none of us
      are pure. But we can at least be honest with ourselves. You cannot
      help the Palestinians until you can free Israeli Jews from the
      stultifying Boot of Diaspora Jewry. You cannot lead from behind.
      Shamir might just be the vanguard of an Israeli liberation movement,
      its liberation from racist Jewry.

      Explaining its political Application.

      All people have strange and wonderful traditions. It is the therapy
      of the times to subsume oneself and experience a diversity of
      cultural traditions. Nationalism, properly defined, is the
      celebration of one's own kind and the mocking of another. It is a
      common human characteristic and is hardwired to our DNA. One does not
      acquire nationalism, it comes with the package and it was vital to
      the early survival of human communities. We would not have been here
      if it were not for nationalism. In some situations, it still has a
      valid and vital function.

      However it is chemically triggered, it is clear that its occurrence
      is proportional to the level of threat to our own culture and
      identity. Remove that threat and over time the ethnocentric trigger
      is deactivated and replaced by other "in-group" triggers. Any
      historical analysis of Jewish nationalism, whatever slant one wished
      to put on it, reveals a steady flow of the activation of triggers and
      counter-triggers as Jewish communities wrestled with the twin demons
      of Supremacy and antisemitism. That one feeds off the other has been
      the observation of many historians. If Jews think that they were
      superior, chosen by God, many people also think that they are
      superior. For many, the only defence to such an attitude is to mock
      those that think this way, and to celebrate their own superiority. It
      is primordial; it is instinctive; and it works.

      In organized political terms, it is called Group Consciousness.
      Stokely Carmichael was one of the first proponents of this approach.
      He developed it as a result of observing the sorry state Black people
      had been reduced to by centuries of slavery, dispossession and
      ridicule. It came to be known as "Black Consciousness" and was a
      culmination and synthesis of the ideas of many earlier Black thinkers
      in Africa, the United States and The West Indies. It was given an
      expression by Malcolm X who, in an earlier his trip to Africa began
      to urge that the Black struggle be conducted using any means
      necessary. The most practical demonstration of its effectiveness was
      in the early 1970's when a young Black Medical Student called Steven
      Biko, then a black representative on the executive of the mostly
      White National Union of South African Students, unreservedly adopted
      its principles. In a sudden turnaround, he led the Black Student
      caucus in a walkout of NUSAS to found the South African Students
      Organization (SASO) and the corresponding Black Peoples Convention
      (BPC). He unilaterally cut off ALL political contact with White South
      Africans from the Liberation Struggle, arguing that White activists
      carried too much political baggage and were hindering, rather than
      advancing, the liberation of the Black People in South Africa. By
      holding up positive white cultural attributes as a desirable
      yardstick for Black People to emulate, they were in fact emasculating
      legitimate Black anti-Racist expression. He began to mock White
      people generally and agitate for a defiant Black anti-Racist
      discourse. The results were astonishing. Within 14 months, (after 90
      years of failing to achieve any significant uprising by the Black
      indigenous population), South Africa was in flames and ungovernable.
      By 1976, Biko was dead, murdered by the South African Regime, but
      South Africa was never to be the same again. There were no "ISMS" in
      his campaign. It was pure affirmation. The goal was to make it
      possible to decide the future, not to create a utopian society. Dark
      was no longer "evil", and white "good". In fact, the opposite was the
      case. White people were devils.

      Naturally, Steve did not really believe this, but it is what he
      taught. There were no complicated speeches given and philosophical
      treatise written. The medium of communication was song, and dance,
      and poetry. It electrified the people. They sang the songs on the
      trains, at work, everywhere. The white man did not understand the
      words that said "watch out, I am going to kill you." The "Toyi Toyi"
      (the enduring image of Black South African protest marches) terrified
      the young White conscripts and they wet their pants. It was a
      national joke. They laughed even amidst the tragedy of slain friends
      and comrades. Young White friends were asked to leave public
      meetings. It was pure nationalism. Black Activists were roundly
      condemned for their Racism, even by other Blacks: "is this the way to
      fight Racism" it was asked; "by being racist yourself?"

      But it was not Racism; it was nationalism. The most effective weapon
      there is against Racism; which is the dispossession of your property,
      your liberty and your identity. When Apartheid crumbled, the trigger
      lapsed as suddenly as it had appeared. The need to destroy another's
      identity to regain yours vanished. You already had it.

      There is definitely a problem when you can celebrate your cultural
      particularity only in the absence of other cultural identities. When
      affirmation can only come at the expense of forcing another to
      disavow theirs or the parts you take offence to. Mocking another
      culture is the essence of Nationalism. Cultural hegemony is the
      essence of colonialism. Calling an Individual a "Nazi" for his
      instinctive reaction to a nationalist trigger is ignorance about the
      true nature of Racism, and the cure for it, which is cultural
      affirmation, "consciousness" or "nationalism".

      Joh Domingo is a South African born Muslim with roots in the full
      spectrum of the varied racial mix that makes up the South African
      milieu. His background traverses the divide between his traditional
      African tribal kin and the rich cultural influences of colonial East
      Asia. His maternal grandfather was the sibling of a Methodist
      Scottish priest, and was a Methodist priest himself. His paternal
      grandfather was an indentured Indian sugar cane worker from Madras,
      India who provides him his religious background. He married a South
      African born Chinese/African Christian and has two adult Daughters
      and a teenaged son.

      Joh cut his political teeth during the upheaval of 1970's South
      African revolution. He was the inaugural President of the Black
      Students Society at the University of the Witwatersrand, in 1974 and
      held that post until 1977. During this period he also served as
      editor in chief of the society's magazine "By Ministerial Consent" (a
      reference to the Government permission required for a Black Person to
      attend a White University in Apartheid South Africa.). He was a
      member of both the South African Students Organisation and the Black
      Peoples Convention. His studies were cut short in 1977 after his
      consent to attend university and his Scholarship were withdrawn. In
      1980 he married his childhood sweetheart and in 1985 they left South
      Africa after being granted permission to migrate to Australia. Joh is
      a Building Contractor in Brisbane, Australia. He still believes that
      the "Black Consciousness" Soweto Uprising of 1976 was the defining
      moment in the demise of the Apartheid System, paving the way for the
      broader based African National Congress, which had been rendered
      moribund by ideological battles, to re-energize itself and exert its
      more experienced political leadership. There is little doubt in his
      mind that political change begins at the grassroots level. His email



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