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    OF GRUNTS AND GOOKS : THE LATEST VICTIMS Tony Dillon Nov. 2003 From: Tony Dillon What most people are afraid of saying in public
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 6, 2003
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      Tony Dillon Nov. 2003

      From: "Tony Dillon" <tonydillon@...>

      What most people are afraid of saying in public because of the after
      burn of 9/11 hysteria and the naïve US belief in the righteousness of
      their dear leader's wrathful god and sour apple pie propaganda
      (whatever the perfidy of his actions), the crude reality is Iraq is
      already "lost" as surely as Vietnam was lost long before that
      ignominious helicopter retreat from the roof of the Saigon embassy.
      Dissenters from that shameless slaughter understood what winning and
      losing in the American military industrial vernacular meant at that
      time and it had nothing to do with the well being of the people of
      Vietnam anymore than it has for the people of Iraq today. History
      proves time and time again that when America intervenes in other
      nations' affairs it does so to protect "its" inalienable interests,
      coveting that nation's resources, or setting up some client dictator
      and seldom to protect the welfare of the little people whose country
      it is supposed to be.

      It looks like big bad Saddam Hussein with a war chest of billions and
      an endless supply of materiel and angry youth had planned this war of
      attrition long before geniuses Bush, Powell and Rumsfeld knifed the
      UN in the back in their ill fated, unilateral rush to war. The
      assumed victors have now become the hunted and are finding out what
      Saddam's going price for every American or collaborator's head is in
      the nauseating snuff movie that Iraq has become. What kind of bounty
      will a freedom fighter collect for "taking out" Bremer or Greenstock
      let's say, or what was the rocket man hoping to bag with Wolfowitz's
      scalp at al-Rasheed hotel? The cunning, despicable character
      Wolfowitz shaken but still threatening as he licked his wounds after
      his sojourn at resort Rasheed where the Machiavellian brain behind
      the smart bombs insanity finally got a taste of his own poisonous
      medicine. God knows contract murder and bounty hunting is a crude
      game but the Americans started it so of course that gives it the
      sacred imprimatur in this disgusting Judeochristianmuslim terror
      jihad. Did gunslinger Bush think that Saddam never played cowboys and
      Indians as a kid or had never heard of Jessie James?

      The wily Iraqi despot lured the arrogant and unsuspecting invaders
      into the warren of Baghdad back streets, deep into the tangle of
      Iraqi ethnic, religious, social and political allegiances and now
      supposedly sits counting corpses in his Ali Ba Ba's bunker as
      demoralised, minority, working class American youth get picked off
      one by one or by the helicopter load on Saddam's home turf. He can
      patiently wait it out, Bro until the US public wises up to the scam
      and calls a halt to Bush's turkey shoot. Bush hoping against all odds
      that the turkey count doesn't set alarm bells ringing too loudly
      before the next "election" is already raving about how every dead
      American is proof of how he's still "winnin" the war that's supposed
      to be long over. Proof positive if that were still required that the
      little guy with the big mouth from Texas is way out of his depth in
      the treacherous quick sands of Iraq. Already there are more jarheads
      dead since Cap'n George did his flight suit stunt and
      declared "mission accomplished" than troops killed in Rumsfeld's
      brilliant, strategic, masterful mass murder of innocent Iraqis at the
      onslaught of his shocking and awful virtual war on terror. Virtual at
      least for the Pentagon ghouls who managed their slaughter from behind
      computer and radar screens, safe then in the luxury and comfort of
      their Haliburton air conditioned textile city over the border.

      But as in Vietnam when killer Kissinger was squawking, the latest
      gaggle of White House chicken hawks that started this anarchical
      blood fest is now sandwiched in the middle trying to save face
      instead of lives and won't even countenance retreat before the gush
      of blood hits 500 or 5000 dead (whatever the present day McNamara
      body bag bean counters find tolerable and can explain away to the
      masses stateside) before the next "election". Of course I am
      referring to dead invaders not the sinned against people of Iraq who
      get neither obituary nor mention in the daily toll. As Tommy Franks
      cynically claimed "we don't do body counts"; it seems these well paid
      professional assassins learned something from killing nearly 2
      million "gooks" in Vietnam after all! In Vietnam young "grunts" were
      dying at the rate of 2,000 a month before it got the attention of Bob
      and Betsy Flagwaver to wake up to the reality of that particular

      When will the present Israeliamerican policy pirates accept that the
      jig is up, or more to the point what will it take to snap decent
      Americans out of their Bush terror induced stupor and demand a return
      to some semblance of democracy in their much maligned land and
      finally wrest control of their nation's foreign policy from the mafia
      interests that now openly dictate from the Oval Office? Will it take
      a spectacular jackpot strike against US occupation forces in the
      style of Lebanon to stop this as was the case when the US last fought
      an Israeli war and where over 300 US soldiers were blown to bits with
      one bang in October of 1983? What will bring the US masses onto their
      mean streets away from their unemployment, food handout and welfare
      lines to cry halt to this outrageous murder for corporate profit that
      is tearing the Middle East to pieces and sowing hate and vengeance
      worldwide for coming generations of innocent US citizens? Will it
      take a dirty bomb in Houston, Detroit and Chicago to wake citizens up
      to the pandemonium that their Bush putsch government is spawning
      globally under its smoke screen "war on terror"? Beirut sure got
      Reagan's attention and he couldn't get the hell out of there fast
      enough irrespective of how the Israel lobby protested at the time,
      however he wasn't entirely dependent on Haliburton, Bechtel or the
      oil cartel for his script and Lebanon had none of that precious black
      goo that has always got the greed addicted Bush gang so wired and

      One thing should now be obvious to all and that is the attempted
      removal of Saddam Hussein is having an even greater impact on
      regional and world stability than the rupture of the Soviet Union in
      general and the ensuing slaughter as Yugoslavia fractured and spun
      out of Serbian control. As in the case of Israel and its Iron Curtain
      road map to "peace", the Iraq disaster is yet another example that
      the US has bitten off much more than it can chew and antique
      Rumsfeld, attendant scrabble meisters and Pentagon canon fodder
      merchants are left looking bewildered every time they materialize
      before the press with their latest deathly spin to the downward
      spiral of expectations. When will we finally hear of leaked plans for
      the partition of Iraq into ethnic enclaves more divided along
      pipelines than bloodlines? I suspect the Republicans, inveterate high
      rollers that they are, will soon try and cut their losses in their
      electoral bid to keep the Bush machine in power and attempt to settle
      for Kurdistan and its natural resources. With Saudi Arabia out of
      grace and apparently incapable of stopping its own demise Bush and Co
      are desperate. From Kurdistan the US can hope to harass and try to
      contain the inevitable Sunni and Shiite Islamic states that will
      sprout after its army of occupation is routed. Whether this
      butchering of Iraq a la Afghanistan and Palestine will begrudgingly
      be tolerated in the region or simply prove to be a greater source of
      future trouble is academic. Still if it gets Bush of the hook in the
      short term and can offer hope of a minimum of oil for his handlers
      then I suspect it will be plan B for the corporate raiders now riding
      the back of the US military like the vultures that they are. The
      Kurds could be the big winners in this scenario to Turkey's chagrin.
      However, their vicarious oil wealth is already bringing to the fore
      their age old aspirations of establishing their beloved, greater
      Kurdistan. That coupled with the likes of Ansar al-Islam a decisive
      factor among fundamentalist Kurds guarantees no cake walk either for
      beleaguered US forces hunkered down in "friendly" Kurdistan. The
      sullen Turks will not willingly go along with a semi independent
      Kurdistan living off the crumbs the American oil companies would have
      to concede and the Israeli style buffer zones the US war machine
      would be obliged to set up as it bunkered itself in fortress
      Kurdistan to witness the inevitable triumph of Islamic fundamentalism
      it has spawned throughout the rest of Iraq.

      Either way Pandora's Box is open and all of George's horses and all
      of George's men can never put Iraq together again. It speaks volumes
      for our so called Western democracies that a pillaging, plundering
      behemoth like the Bush US for the sole benefit of a brutal and
      scrupleless clique of warmongers such as Bush has surrounded himself,
      can prey on a nation and people in the name of God, patriotism and
      family values and in the end achieve only anarchy and inspire
      millions more with the determination to see the US burn.

      As Rumsfeld and Rice mud sling and wrestle in the Oval Office for the
      dim one's attention it looks like the Pentagon is giving itself
      another 180 days to contain the bloodbath or surrender all hope of
      keeping up the sham. For the sake of the rest of us that uphold the
      rule of international law and respect the sovereignty of nations,
      Iraq must win out against this charade and repel the aggressor so
      that this war crime against innocent people stays unrewarded. Iraq,
      if it has to degrade into civil war to decide its own post Saddam
      destiny surely it should be allowed to do so on its terms and not
      those dictated by weapons' purveyors and contemptuous criminals like
      Rumsfeld who are in no small part responsible for Saddam Hussein in
      the first place?

      Even the most rabidly gung ho yanks now have to admit that the reason
      for this immoral and unjustifiable war and the ensuing unemployment
      and impoverishment at home is due to the unbridled greed of the
      regime now billeted in the White House. Blatant cronyism and
      treachery is currently the doctrine supreme of an un-elected band of
      thieves, propagandists and "advisors" who owe their allegiance to
      conglomerate corporations "great games" (8 billion dollars in juicy
      contracts that the funders of Bush have already been promised
      to "reconstruct" Iraq in Uncle Sam's image) in tandem with war
      criminal Sharon's demented vision of greater Israel as regional pit
      bull. The rest of the world, apart from opportunists England and
      Spain with their own history of colonial rapacity, refuses to
      tolerate US colonial ambitions so thinly disguised under the act of
      sequestrating a nation in order to "forcibly" install democracy. Only
      a moron like Bush could mouth such an obvious oxymoron and keep a
      straight smirk on his mug. A land that the US never gave a damn about
      in the past as long as Rumsfeld and his ilk could take advantage of
      the thug who ruled there is suddenly to be blasted to democracy with
      the tools of violence and mass murder by a US president who stole the
      elections in his own big buck two party system "democracy".

      Pre emptive state sponsored terror must not be allowed to flourish
      into full global anarchy just because the White House has been seized
      by dangerous, fanatical bigots. Either you are against this treason
      or part of it!



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