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Israel attacks 'base' in Syria

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  • ummyakoub
    Israel attacks base in Syria http://english.aljazeera.net/NR/exeres/AE871B47-A5D9-428E-B8E5- 26E52D387622.htm Aljazeera + Agencies - Oct 5, 2003 Israeli
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      Israel attacks 'base' in Syria


      Aljazeera + Agencies - Oct 5, 2003

      Israeli forces have attacked what they said is a Palestinian Islamic
      Jihad training base inside Syria.

      In its statement, the Israeli army did not say whether air or ground
      forces carried out the attack overnight on Sunday.

      Palestinian sources in Beirut said Israeli warplanes attacked a
      facility belonging to the Islamist resistance group near the capital
      Damascus, injuring one man.

      However, the Islamic Jihad and Syrian sources denied the area housed
      a training base.

      "Jihad has no combatants outside the Palestinian territories," said
      the group's Beirut-based spokesman Abu Imad Rifai in an interview
      with Aljazeera.

      Syrian analyst Dr Imad Shuaibi said the attack was aimed at sparking
      chaos in the region and send a message to Damascus that Israel was
      willing to take military action.

      It is believed to be the first Israeli attack deep into Syrian
      territory in two decades.

      Israel could launch more attacks in Syria if it continues to support
      what they said were "terrorist organisations" preparing anti-Israeli
      attacks, according to Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon's spokesman.

      Gaza attack

      The Israeli army said the attack was in response to Saturday's blast
      in the northern Israeli city of Haifa that killed about 19 people.
      The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the blast.

      In the occupied Gaza Strip, Israel launched two helicopter attacks on
      the homes of resistance fighters.

      Helicopter gunships fired several missiles at al-Buraij refugee camp
      shortly after 1am local time (23:00 GMT) on Sunday.

      The electricity supply in the refugee camp was cut, following at
      least two explosions.

      Witnesses said the target was the house of an Islamic Jihad activist,
      which was empty at the time. Israeli public radio said the target was
      an arms and explosives dump.

      The attack came shortly after a similar strike on the Gaza City home
      of another resistance fighter, which left several people injured by
      flying glass.

      Palestinian security sources identified him as Munthir Qanita, a
      member of the armed wing of the Islamist resistance group Hamas. His
      home was also reportedly empty at the time of the attack.

      Haifa blast

      The two Israeli missile attacks were an apparent reprisal for a
      bombing in Haifa in which a Palestinian woman from the occupied West
      Bank town of Jenin blew herself up and killed 19 others in a
      restaurant in the northern Israeli city.

      Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack which followed
      continuing Israeli raids and killings in the Palestinian territories.

      Israeli forces demolished the home of the bomber, Hanadi Jaradat, in
      the occupied West Bank city of Jenin during a dawn invasion.

      Activists from the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) tried to
      prevent occupation troops from destroying the house and were beaten
      by Israeli forces, reported our correspondent in Jenin.

      Dozens of tanks stormed the city, as Israeli slapped a curfew on the
      population. Soldiers are carrying out patrols and searching civilian
      homes and businesses.

      Fears for Arafat

      Following the Haifa blast, Israel said the clock is ticking for
      Palestinian President Yasir Arafat.

      An Israeli warplane was seen hovering over Arafat's Ram Allah
      compound in the occupied West Bank.

      About 30 foreign and Israeli peace activists joined others at his
      headquarters in the West Bank town of Ram Allah to act as human

      The Israeli human shields reportedly include at least one former
      member of the Israeli parliament.

      Clashes broke out in Ram Allah on Saturday night as deployed Israeli
      troops were confronted by stone-throwing Palestinian residents.

      The Haifa bombing has renewed calls for Israel to carry out its
      decision to kill or remove Arafat.

      "This is not just another incident. It is an event that rings harshly
      in the ears of every Israeli and every Jew," said Deputy Prime
      Minister Ehud Olmert.

      "We might very well have to take difficult decisions ... If Israel
      reaches the conclusion that it must take serious action, it will have
      to do it and the world will have to accept it," Olmert said.

      Israeli helicopters attack Palestinian town

      Occupied Jerusalem: 5 October, 2003 (IAP News)

      Israeli helicopters attacked the homes of two suspected Palestinian
      resistance fighters in Gaza early Sunday, inflicting heavy damage.

      Eyewitnesses said apache gunships fired several missiles at a home in
      the al-Bureij refugee camp, wreaking extensive damage in the entire

      The home, which belonged to a suspected Islamic Jihad activist, was
      completely destroyed and electric supply to the camp was cut
      following two explosions.

      Earlier, Israeli gunships attacked another home in the Sheikh Ijlin
      area in Gaza, causing extensive damage.

      Medical sources said several civilians were injured by flying glass
      and falling debris.

      In the West Bank, the Israeli occupation army imposed curfew on
      Nablus and Jenin and began provocative house-to-house searches
      for "wanted" activists and

      And in Jenin, the occupation army demolished the family home of
      Hanadi Taysir Jaradat, the Palestinian trainee lawyer who carried out
      the self-bombing attack in Haifa yesterday which killed 19 people and
      injured as many as fifty others.

      The Islamic Jihad resistance group said it was responsible for the
      attack which apparently came after Israeli troops assassinated ten of
      the group's fighters and activists during the past two weeks.

      Meanwhile, the Israeli government reportedly decided to carry out a
      series of reprisals against the Palestinians, which might include
      deporting or killing Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat.

      Arafat condemned the bombing attack in Haifa, calling it an
      unjustified attack on civilians.

      Israel blamed the Palestinian leadership, particularly Arafat, for
      the bombing, saying he failed to crack down on Palestinian resistance

      However, most observers in Palestine view the Israeli accusations as
      politically motivated, given the fact that Israel, not the PA, is in
      control of the entire West Bank and most of the Gaza Strip.

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