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Jews Attack Mexican-American Candidate

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  • ummyakoub
    Jews are behind attacks on Cruz Bustamante and MEChA by Ernesto Cienfuegos La Voz de Aztlan Los Angeles, Alta California - October 3, 2003 - (ACN) One positive
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      Jews are behind attacks on
      Cruz Bustamante and MEChA

      Ernesto Cienfuegos
      La Voz de Aztlan

      Los Angeles, Alta California - October 3, 2003 - (ACN)
      One positive aspect of the whole crazy California
      recall is that it is unmasking the various, behind
      the scenes, political powers that actually rule the
      state. To the astute observer, and especially to the
      analytical Mexican-American voter, who on Tuesday
      will have one of the best opportunities of electing
      the first governor of Mexican descent since the USA
      war against Mexico, what is being said in the media
      points precisely to those that want to perpetuate
      their complete political domination of Alta

      The media in the USA and in California is the
      "absolute" determiner of who wins elections. The
      powerful media can create or destroy a candidate and
      that is the primary reason why politicians spend
      approximately 90% of their campaign funds on
      television, radio and the print media. The reality is,
      however, that no amount of money will save a
      candidate that has been targeted for defeat by those
      that control the very media that is being paid
      millions for positive campaign advertisements. This
      media will always utilize their so called "news" to
      sway the public to vote one way or another.

      In the USA and other western countries, the use of
      the influential media to perpetuate political and
      economic power has become a very sophisticated
      operation. The targeting of a threatening political
      leader is always superseded by well laid out plans.
      With Cruz Bustamante, a "seed story" was first
      planted that would then be picked up by other media
      outlets. The "seed story" is then embellished and
      added to each time it is subsequently published by
      other news networks. Those that control the media
      know very well that the "seed story" would eventually
      take a life of its own regardless of the merits of
      the original story.

      The "seed story" against Cruz Bustamante was first
      planted through a diatribe by a Michelle Malkin
      (Jewish spelling is Malchin) who writes for the
      Jewish World Review and often comments on Rupert
      Murdoch's Fox News. Rupert Murdoch is an Australian
      Jewish Media Mogul and an International Zionist with
      interests in perpetuating Jewish political power in
      Alta California through who they call "their Jewish
      governor" Gray Davis. Malkin in her article
      "Bustamante, MEChA, And The Media" viciously attacks
      Bustamante's Mexican heritage and the student
      organization MEChA which he belonged to as a student
      at Fresno State University in the early 1970's. The
      contents of Malkin's diatribe against Bustamante were
      then picked up by a host of Jewish pundits, writers
      and columnists that work for the Zionist Michael
      Eisner, The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles,
      The Jewish Observer and many more Jewish control news
      sources. Malkin's statements against Cruz Bustamante
      continue to be quoted today in the last days of the
      California recall. The purpose of this attack by the
      Jews on Bustamante is to keep in check the emerging
      Mexican-American community of Alta California and to
      continue perpetuating their power in Sacramento.

      A perfect example that supports the above analysis is
      what was published today in the Jewish Journal of
      Greater Los Angeles. In an article titled, "The Cost
      of Latinization", Jewish author Joel Kotkin makes
      alarming arguments that Jews should beware of Cruz
      Bustamante. Joel Kotkin was the writer that
      originally outed Gray Davis as their "Jewish Governor"
      in an article that was published earlier this year.

      Kotkin's article rehashes the original allegations of
      Malkin but adds that Bustamante's agenda is
      particularly dangerous to Jews. In a statement
      concerning the recent granting of driver's licenses
      to immigrant workers Kotkin writes, "The key thing
      here is to understand the nationalist motivations of
      the legislation's backers. Until recently their
      agenda — which essentially seeks to wipe out the
      border — thrived only at the political margins. It
      was supported largely by a handful of Chicano history
      professors, left-wing labor organizers and activists."
      Joel Kotkin continues, "Like much of the Latino
      caucus in the legislature, Bustamante supports
      virtually every element of separatism, including
      bilingual education, a flawed and highly damaging
      idea whose strongest justification has always lay in
      an essentially nationalist rationale of preserving a
      specific ethnic culture. " Joel Kotkin writes,
      "Equally disturbing has been Bustamante's refusal to
      break with his past association with MEChA — a campus
      group with an openly separatist agenda, whose
      chairman describes the Southwestern United States as
      "occupied land." Kotkin finally emphasizes, "Overall,
      there is little positive in the Latino nationalist
      scenario for Jews."

      Even more telling is what the Jewish political
      strategist Arnold Steinberg is proposing, that Cruz
      Bustamante resign. He has continuously criticized the
      Lt. Governor's "Vote no on the recall and yes on
      Bustamante" proposition and has called Bustamante a
      mere opportunist. Apparently, this so called
      political strategist does not believe that there
      should be a Mexican-American governor. Arnold
      Steinberg is a conservative Republican and these
      types of Jews are the worst anti-Mexicans.

      Other Jewish pundits like Brian Skoloff of the
      Associated Press are now saying that Cruz Bustamante
      may have wrecked his entire political career for
      daring to run for governor. Another, so called
      political analyst, Sherry Bebitch of the University
      of Southern California agrees with Skoloff. Bebitch
      said "Bustamante did grievous harm to himself by
      entering the race. This could hurt Bustamante's
      chances if he decides to run for governor again in

      Already, the Jews are laying the groundwork to
      destroy Bustamante because they see him as a viable
      leader of the politically emerging Mexican-American
      community in Alta California. They will attempt to
      continuously knock off any leader of Mexican descent
      that challenges their control of state government.
      Their main weapon is control of the media and their
      power to strongly influence public opinion. Whether
      the original "hit piece" first written by Michelle
      Malchin against Bustamante and MEChA will succeed
      depends ultimately on the number of Latinos that come
      out to vote for Cruz Bustamante on October 7.

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      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      La Voz de Aztlan



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