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Turner issues appeal for witnesses at trial

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    Councilor Chuck Turner is charged with allegedly taking a bribe. Turner issues appeal for witnesses at trial August 22, 2010
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      Councilor Chuck Turner is charged with allegedly taking a bribe.

      Turner issues appeal for witnesses at trial
      August 22, 2010

      Turner sent a note to supporters last week and placed ads in community newspapers looking for witnesses who would be willing to testify at his trial, which is scheduled to begin Oct. 12 in US District Court in Boston. He is accused of accepting a $1,000 bribe and lying to the FBI.

      "My lawyers plan to put on the stand those who can testify regarding help received from me and whether money ever stood between their needs and my service,'' Turner wrote in the note.

      Lawyer Barry P. Wilson said Turner's defense team is seeking something more than character witnesses.

      "We're looking to represent what Mr. Turner has done for his constituency over the course of time,'' Wilson said. "He's never solicited or asked for anything in exchange.''

      Care to add your name to the witness list? All it takes is a call to 617-427-1667.

      "We've had a number of calls so far,'' Turner said in a telephone interview on Friday.

      — Andrew Ryan


      Chuck Turner
      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      Chuck Turner (b. 1941) is an politician and activist who serves on Boston's City Council representing District 7. Turner is a member of the Green-Rainbow Party Massachusetts affiliate to the national Green Party. Turner also hold the distinction of being the highest elected Green official in the state, and was the only person indicted on federal charges to win election in Boston in 2009.

      He has a BA from Harvard University, was a Community Fellow at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and was awarded an honorary Associates of Arts degree from Roxbury Community College [1]. He lives in Roxbury neighborhood of Boston with his wife Terri[2].

      Turner has worked as an activist for over forty years. During that time, he has served as the director of a community development corporation, an organizer training center, and a placement agency for construction workers of color.

      He has also worked as a manager/counselor at the nation's oldest batterers' treatment organization and as education director at a nonprofit consulting firm, focused on establishing worker cooperatives [1].

      [edit] Boston City Council

      Turner represents District 7, which includes Roxbury, Lower Roxbury, and parts of the Fenway, South End, Dorchester on the Boston City Council[1].

      He was first elected in 1999.[3]

      Bribery Investigation

      Chuck Turner is charged as a co-conspirator with former State Senator Dianne Wilkerson in a bribery investigation. Turner was videotaped accepting cash in his district office on Aug. 3, 2007, allegedly in exchange for pushing for a liquor license for the Roxbury nightclub Dejavu [4], and has claimed that they are both victims of a government conspiracy against African-American officials [5]. Turner has maintained his innocence on his blog [6].

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