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Eisner's new film "The Alamo"

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  • ummyakoub
    Eisner s new film The Alamo will increase Anti-Mexicanism by Hector Carreon La Voz de Aztlan Los Angeles, Alta California - September 8, 2003 - (ACN) Ever
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 16, 2003
      Eisner's new film "The Alamo"
      will increase Anti-Mexicanism

      Hector Carreon
      La Voz de Aztlan

      Los Angeles, Alta California - September 8, 2003 -
      (ACN) Ever since the Mexican army quelled a rebellion
      by a group of ungrateful Anglo immigrants in its
      northern state of Tejas at the Alamo in 1836, Anglos
      have utilized the slogan "Remember the Alamo" as coded
      words to discriminate and often "lynch" Americans of
      Mexican descent. This type of ethnic hatred,
      experienced most acutely by Los Tejanos, will surely
      worsen now that the Zionist Michael Eisner will
      release its historically inaccurate and one sided new
      film "The Alamo" around December of this year.

      Mexico's military actions at the Alamo were undertaken
      for the sole purpose of defending its territory from,
      what General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna called, "a
      rabble of wretched adventurers to whom our authorities
      have unwisely given benefits that even Mexicans did
      not enjoy". The Mexican government had been extremely
      gracious in allowing Anglo colonists led by Steven F.
      Austin to settle in Tejas or Texas as it is known
      today. Mexico had granted vast tracts of land to about
      20,000 settlers but a group of ragged renegades, under
      the impetus that was later called "Manifest Destiny",
      conspired to steal the whole state.

      In 1845, John O'Sullivan, editor of the influential
      Democratic Review, coined the phrase "Manifest Destiny"
      to describe this vision of a United States stretching
      from Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean. "Manifest Destiny"
      was used by Washington leaders and politicians, most
      notably President James K. Polk, to justify their
      territorial expansion westward from the east coast.
      The Anglo concept of "Manifest Destiny" was eventually
      utilized by the United States to massacre the American
      Indians and to rob Mexico of what is now the states of
      California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, and
      parts of Colorado and Wyoming.

      The United States took advantage of the fact that
      Mexico was just a newly independent country suffering
      greatly from its struggle against Spain. Mexico won
      its independence from Spain in 1821 and was just in
      the process of establishing a great nation when the
      Anglos arrived like a motley crew of pirates.

      The United States had suffered an economic depression
      in 1818 and there was a need to expand into new
      territories to accommodate their rapid population
      growth. It's estimated that nearly 5,000,000 American
      Anglos immigrated to western, mostly Mexican,
      territories between 1820 and 1848. These American
      Anglos were essentially what would be considered
      "illegal aliens" today.

      The U.S. expansionist war against Mexico ended in 1948
      with the signing of the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo, a
      treaty that has not been honored in large measure by
      this country. The United States needs to make immense
      reparations to Mexicans on both sides of the current

      What could be the purpose for the Zionist Michael
      Eisner to finance, film and distribute yet another
      "Remember the Alamo" film in a time when Mexican/Anglo
      relations are in a crisis, in a time when an
      anti-Mexican book titled "Mexifornia" is having brisk
      sales among Anglos and in a time when Lt. Governor
      Cruz Bustamante of California is being called a
      Mexican separatist? Is Eisner's purpose ultimately to
      stir trouble between Mexican-Americans and Anglos?

      How would the Jews like it if, for example, a
      Mexican-American produced a film depicting Hamas as
      heroes in the Palestinian struggle for liberation? I
      am sure that the Jews would scream "ANTI-SEMITISM"!
      Michael Eisner is already responsible for the recent
      distribution of the grossly anti-Catholic film "El
      Crimen del Padre Amaro" that was produced by a Mexican
      Jew, yet today, Jews are screaming and yelling
      "ANTI-SEMITISM" about the upcoming Jesus film "The
      Passion" by Mel Gibson. Is it possible that the
      principal fault of the Jews is that they want to "have
      their cake and eat it too"? I am convinced that the
      Jews practice not only ANTI-CHRISTIANISM but
      ANTI-MEXICANISM as well!

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