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Zionists Divide Immigrants

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  • ummyakoub
    Israel Attacks Aztlan s Mexicans for supporting Palestine (below) Zionists Divide Immigrants: Filipina version of Linda La Malinchista Chavez attacks
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 5, 2003
      Israel Attacks Aztlan's Mexicans for supporting Palestine (below)

      Zionists Divide Immigrants:
      Filipina version of
      Linda "La Malinchista" Chavez
      attacks Bustamante

      Miroslava Flores
      La Voz de Aztlan

      Los Angeles, Alta California - August 28, 2003 - (ACN)
      Though, more often than not, it is a "faux pas" to
      attempt to place people into tight little categories,
      never-the-less one can not help observe that certain
      people do possess incredible similar personality
      traits. This is certainly the case with two
      columnists that write for the Jewish World Review;
      one a daughter of Filipino immigrants by the name of
      Michelle Malkin and the other a descendant of
      Mexicans by the name of Linda Chavez-Gersten.

      Both are married to Jews, both are Republicans and
      both are being utilized by "whitey" to attack
      Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Linda Chavez-Gersten
      is the better known of the two. Linda Chavez
      recently made the national news after she was
      "dumped" by President Bush as a nominee for Secretary
      of Labor as a result of a near revolution by the
      Mexican-American electorate because of Chavez '
      participation in the "English Only Movement" that
      caused great irreparable harm to bi-lingual children
      of Mexican descent. Michelle Malkin (Malchin is the
      Jewish spelling) is presently attempting to make a
      name for herself by going on a rampage against
      Mexican immigrants and more recently against Lt.
      Governor Cruz Bustamante of California.

      Michelle Malkin is presently being afforded quite a
      lot of time by the mainstream media , especially the
      Fox News Channel, to attack Mexican immigrants and
      Cruz Bustamante, the front runner for governor of
      California in the ongoing recall election. Malkin
      recently wrote a book titled "Invasion: How America
      Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals & Other Foreign
      Menaces to Our Shores" in which she attempts to
      convince Americans that Mexican immigrants may be
      dangerous terrorists. In addition, she was recently
      on the Fox News Channel talking about her recent
      article titled, "Bustamante, MEChA and the media" in
      which she vehemently attacks the Lieutenant Governor
      of being a "Chicano Power" militant who plans to
      return Alta California back to Mexico.

      We ask, why doesn't Malkin lay off our backs and
      perhaps focus on the growing problem of illegal
      immigration from the Philippines. On August 20 of
      this year, 60 more Filipinos arrived in Manila after
      being deported from the US because of supposed
      terrorist ties. Maita Santiago, the Filipino
      Migrante International Secretary-General, said,
      "Like the hundreds of other Filipinos deported since
      9/11, we expect this group will also be handcuffed
      and treated like terrorists or hardened criminals."
      There have been at least 465 Filipinos deported from
      the US since September 2001. Most of the Filipinos
      who are deported are victims of the Absconder
      Apprehension Initiative Program. This program targets
      about 12,000 Filipino immigrants for arrest,
      detention and deportation (most with expired visas),
      according to the Filipino Community Support Group
      (FOCUS) in San Jose, California. One of these
      deported Filipinos, Jerome Aricheta, 28 years old,
      became severely depressed and hung himself in his
      Makati City home.

      Doesn't Michelle Malkin care about her own people?
      Has she forgotten who she is after marrying Jesse D.
      Malkin, a Rand Corporation analyst? Perhaps, now that
      she lives among the "white" affluent people in
      Maryland, she like Linda Chavez-Gersten, has turned
      her back on her ethnic group in return for the
      little economic comforts she is now receiving.
      She is a classical "malinchista" in my book.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Related La Voz de Aztlan articles:

      Mothers...don't let your daughters grow up
      to be like Linda Chavez-Gersten!

      SHATTERED IDENTITIES: "Malinchismo" as a
      Dissociative Identity Disorder Caused by Ritual
      Racial Abuse

      * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      This article along with a picture of
      Michelle Malkin are published at


      August 30, 2003

      The Smearing of Bustamante
      The Far Right and Anti-Mexican Racism

      Professor Jorge Mariscal
      University of California at San Diego

      It would be tempting to dismiss the recent media flap
      around the candidacy of Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante and
      his membership in the student organization Movimiento
      Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán (MEChA) as much to do
      about nothing. But for those of us who have been
      following over the last decade the political
      propaganda of anti-Mexican hate groups, the
      controversy indicates just how far the rhetoric and
      tactics of the extreme right have entered the media

      As Bustamante's poll numbers began to rise, his
      affiliation with MEChA over twenty-five years ago
      surfaced as a hot topic on FOX news. Bill O'Reilly
      used his "No Spin Zone" to do a spin on MEChA that
      was straight out of the far right's playbook.
      According to O'Reilly, MEChA was a racist and violent
      organization that hated the United States and
      advocated the ceding of the Southwest back to Mexico.
      O'Reilly's ideological great uncle, Rush Limbaugh,
      had introduced the topic in mid-August. Lesser
      neo-con talking heads, columnists, and websites ran
      with it and soon the same charges appeared in
      otherwise reputable newspapers and across cyberspace.

      In fact, Limbaugh, O'Reilly, and the rest were merely
      sampling the rantings of their slightly loonier
      right-wing cousins. Fueled by rapidly shifting
      demographics, especially in California but also in
      the Deep South and Northeast where there are now
      sizable Mexican communities, an upgraded form of
      white fear has been taking shape for several years.
      Drawing upon the repetoire of racist images created
      by the John Birch Society and other extremist groups
      during the Cold War, these new nativist ideologues
      sense the impending end of their white privilege.

      Writing for the internet newspaper World Net Daily in
      2001 (home to the media conservatives O'Reilly and
      Joe McCarthy apologist Ann Coulter) two months after
      September 11th, Joseph Farah described a radical
      Chicano group called "La Raza." According to Farah:
      "Activists who see themselves as 'America's
      Palestinians' are gearing up a movement to carve out
      of the southwestern United States--a region called
      Aztlán including all of Bush's home state of Texas--a
      sovereign Hispanic state called the República del
      Norte. The leaders of this movement are meeting
      continuously with extremists from the Islamic world."
      The fear of a brown planet so muddles the neo-con
      mind that Mexican Americans move easily from being
      radical separatists to covert al-Queda operatives.

      The MEChA student organization has been a particular
      obsession of Glenn Spencer, founder and lead storm
      trooper for his "American Patrol" and "Voices of
      Citizens Together." Spencer has been at the forefront
      of leading vigilante groups whose stated objective is
      to "protect" the U.S. southern border, and he
      popularized the idea of MEChA as a "Ku Klux Klan-type"
      organization determined to take back the Southwest.

      A Washington Times article reported on Spencer's
      words of wisdom delivered to a group of
      conventioneers in Virginia in 2002: "With hundreds of
      Mexicans illegally crossing the United States'
      southwest border daily, Mr. Spencer said, conflict
      between the U.S. Border Patrol and Mexican
      authorities could touch off strikes, protests, and
      riots by Hispanic militants in the United States-a
      combination border war and civil war that "could
      happen any day," he said." (Washington Times, 2/25/02).

      The fantasy of MEChA as a key element of a Mexican
      American fifth column within the United States found
      its way into Republican presidential candidate
      Patrick J. Buchanan 2001 bestseller The Death of the
      West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions
      Imperil Our Country and Civilization. MEChA, warned
      Buchanan, is "a Chicano version of the
      white-supremacist Aryan Nation...and is unabashedly
      racist and anti-American."

      When student activists created the MEChA organization
      in April of 1969 at a conference at the University of
      California, Santa Barbara, it was in the context of
      educational reform. Numerous Chicano student
      organizations had already appeared as part of an
      emerging political consciousness among Mexican youth
      in the United States. Issues of access to higher
      education, racism, sexism, economic injustice, Cesar
      Chavez and the farm workers's struggle, and the war
      in Southeast Asia contributed to the increase in

      Educational reformers decided that MEChA could serve
      to consolidate the diverse student groups under one
      banner. Today, former mechistas include elected
      officials, teachers, attorneys, doctors, publishers
      of business magazines, and heads of corporations. Far
      from being exclusionary and racist, MEChA chapters
      have been at the forefront of establishing coalitions
      with other ethnic groups (including white folks) on
      college and high school campuses across the country.

      One month before the Santa Barbara meeting, at the
      First Denver Youth Conference in Denver, Chicanos and
      Chicanas heard for the first time the "Plan
      espiritual de Aztlán." A plan of action that included
      demands for bilingual education and appeals to "love
      and brotherhood," the "Plan" was preceded by a
      lyrical prologue written by the poet Alurista. As he
      recounts in the PBS documentary series Chicano!,
      Alurista had written the prologue as a poem designed
      to instill ethnic pride and hope for the future.
      Whatever political claims might have existed in the
      prologue, they were imprecise at best.

      It is not surprising, however, that the prologue to
      the "Plan" is what sends right-wingers into a frenzy.
      What the prologue asserts is the basic historical
      fact that indigenous and Mexican peoples inhabited
      the Southwest before the arrival of the United States.
      There is no denying this important detail, and there
      is nothing that those who would "seal the border" or
      foolishly equate MEChA with the Klan can do to change

      And so the prologue to the "Plan," a poem written
      almost thirty five years ago in a period of increased
      social activism and high-flying rhetoric, is
      presented as exhibit number one in the nativists's
      paranoid attack. One need look no further than the
      2001 campaign for mayor of Los Angeles to find an
      early example of the use by Republican operatives of
      fringe group slander against MEChA. In that race,
      candidate Antonio Villaraigosa, who had been a member
      of MEChA as a student, was similarly tarred and

      Now the far right has trotted out the same ridiculous
      charges in an attempt to undermine Bustamante and
      influence a democratic election with distortion and
      innuendo. Whether or not one is a Bustamante
      supporter, what should concern every citizen is that
      the hate literature of the extreme nativist right is
      now required reading in the FOX newsroom.

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      Jorge Mariscal is a professor at the University of
      California, San Diego, a Vietnam veteran, and a
      former Mechista.

      Israel Attacks Aztlan

      Ernesto Cienfuegos
      La Voz de Aztlan

      Los Angeles, Alta California- September 4, 2003 -
      (ACN) A high level operative of the Israeli Moledet
      Party has just written a vicious attack against Cruz
      Bustamante, MEChA and La Voz de Aztlan. Arno
      Weinstein, who specializes in rasing funds for the
      party, wrote a very long diatribe titled, "Aztlan and
      Palestine" that was published today in the
      Arutz-Sheva, a publication of the Israel National
      News Network.

      The Moledet Party's principal platform is to "deport"
      or expel all Palestinians to neighboring Arab
      countries, and more specifically to Jordan. The
      party holds two cabinet posts and seven Knesset seats
      and was founded by the super racist Rechavam Zeevi,
      an Ariel Sharon government minister who was recently
      assassinated. Rechavam Zeevi was a hated ultra right
      wing politician and former general of the Israeli
      Armed Forces that was fond of calling the
      Palestinians "lice" and a cancer on the body of
      Israel. The former major-general advocated the
      expulsion of the 3 million Palestinians from the West
      Bank and Gaza Strip. He would often go on
      anti-Palestinian tirades on Israeli radio saying,
      "They [referring to Palestinians] arrived here and
      are trying to become citizens because they want
      social security and welfare payments." Does this
      sound familiar? http://www.aztlan.net/zeevi.htm

      The Moledet Party is supported financially by a large
      number of American Jews who believe the same things
      about Mexican-Americans as they do about the
      Palestinians. This was clearly articulated by
      Stephen Steinlightt, a former Director of National
      Affairs of the American Jewish Committee. Dr.
      Steinlight wrote a long rambling anti-Mexican
      immigration elitist paper titled, "The Jewish Stake
      in America's Changing Demography : Reconsidering a
      Misguided Immigration Policy" that was published by
      the Center for Immigration Studies.

      Here in the USA, Cruz Bustamante's candidacy for
      governor of California, has also unleashed a barrage
      of attacks against La Voz de Aztlan by the Zionist
      controlled media that includes Rupert Murdoch's "Fox
      News," Michael Eisner's multitude of radio stations
      and the Jewish Observer of Encino, California.

      Below for your perusal is the full text of the
      vicious attack against Cruz Bustamante, MEChA, and
      La Voz de Aztlan by Israeli government

      * * * *

      Aztlan and Palestine

      Arno Weinstein
      September 4, 2003

      What is considered a wholly ridiculous position of
      the lunatic-left in the political environment of the
      United States is a completely viable position when
      it comes to the Middle East. The claim that
      Mexican-Americans are entitled to their own country
      in the southwestern United States is dismissed by
      the overwhelming majority of Americans with the
      disdain that can only be mustered by the confident.
      Yet the very same sort of claim made by a group of
      Arabs toward the State of Israel is taken so
      seriously that it is on the primary agenda of the
      President of the United States.

      What - you say - the Palestinians have a justifiable
      position and besides, who ever heard of any group
      claiming land in the United States? Well, wrong on
      both counts. The Arab attempt at a land grab from the
      Jewish State is just that, and while most are unaware,
      an unseen growing number of disillusioned immigrants
      (first, second and third generation) support the
      creation of Aztlan. That's right, Aztlan, a nation of
      the Chicanos to be forged from the American states of
      California, Nevada, Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New
      Mexico and Texas.

      Who are these fanatics who struggle for the creation
      of the Aztlan nation? They are some of the most
      virulent racist and mind-boggling Jew-haters in the
      United States today. They, along with the seekers of
      a Palestinian state, are among the greatest
      promulgators of lies, myths, fantasies and outright
      hate throughout the world. From blatant racist
      beliefs to the denigration of all things Jewish,
      these groups thrive on imaginary demons manufactured
      in the degenerate minds of haters throughout history.

      As a byproduct of the contested gubernatorial race in
      California, the Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de
      Aztlan or MEChA has come to the attention of many.
      Democrat challenger for governor, and current
      lieutenant governor, Cruz Bustamante was an active
      member of MEChA in the 1970s and has, according to
      press reports (and web sites associated with MEChA),
      refused to denounce the goals and purposes of the
      organization. In fact, Mr. Bustamante considers MEChA
      a fine association for the development of young

      MEChA claims to be a "national student organization
      that promotes education and defends the rights of
      Chicanos/Mexicans and Central and South Americans."
      That may be true enough, but the rest of the story is
      far more significant. MEChA's stated goal is the
      "liberation" of Aztlan, a territorial region
      encompassing all of the southwestern U.S. The group
      seeks to create, through what appears to be any means
      necessary, a new nation either confederated with
      Mexico or completely under Mexican authority. The
      occupying force now destroying the Chicano "culture"
      is everything and everyone not associated with the
      liberation of Aztlan. The racism expressed in their
      platform is staggering. The sort of 1960s rhetoric of
      the "underclass" is merged with a Nazi-like ideology
      that leaves the uninitiated reader reeling.

      Like most third-world liberation movements, MEChA
      aligns itself with other "struggling" peoples, most
      notably, "the Palestinians." And this identification
      is given a provocative and malevolent voice through a
      prominent link on MEChA chapter web sites, i.e., the
      racist, hate-filled site of newspaper La Voz de
      Aztlan or The Voice of Aztlan. As the putrid
      depravity pours forth from this web site, Cruz
      Bustamante and the Democrats that support him refuse
      to reject the hate-mongering of MEChA and its fellow

      La Voz de Aztlan begins with the Jew-hatred parroted
      from Arab sources and concludes with the basest lies
      scraped together from Nazi and White Supremacist
      voices of hate. While supporting the candidacy of
      Cruz Bustamante, "La Raza," that is, "The (Chicano)
      Race," accuses the Jews of creating the "manjewrian
      candidate" of Gray Davis. The assertion is:
      California Governor Gray Davis is a brainwashed
      automaton fashioned by the Jews to do their bidding.
      Further examination of their propaganda reveals a
      fully developed ideology of rejectionism and
      Jew-baiting matched only by the PLO.

      In an article entitled, "The `Kosher Nostra Scam' on
      the American Consumer," Ernesto Cienfuegos asserts
      that there is the illegal Jewish "Kosher Tax" that
      the rest of America is forced to pay to fill the
      coffers of "the rabbis." These rabbis then pour their
      money into the "Ariel Sharon Zionist government of
      Israel" to produce anti-Palestinian propaganda. As a
      service to the America public, La Voz de Aztlan
      claims to expose the treachery of the Jews as they
      soak the average consumer with a "Jewish Tax
      amounting to hundreds of million of dollars per
      year." According to Cienfuegos,"[t]he scam is to
      coerce the companies to pay up or suffer the
      consequences of a Jewish boycott." The voluntary
      kosher certification program serviced by many Jewish
      organizations is, at various points in the "expos?"
      called a "payola operation," a "protection racket"
      and a"swindle." La Voz de Aztlan does not neglect to
      include the old canard that "the food companies
      succumb to the blackmail because of fear of the
      Jewish dominated media and a boycott that may
      eventually culminate in bankruptcy."

      Were this written filth not part of a brewing
      political storm, and if it did not match in tone,
      content and sentiment with those striving for
      Palestine, it would be too ridiculous to cite. That
      anyone other than the brainwashed or delusional would
      contend that these gross invectives are true is
      absurd, yet few are willing to recognize the
      identical voice coming from the supporters of a
      Palestinian state.

      The most perverse, yet honest, theme throughout the
      pages of La Voz de Aztlan is the link between "La
      Raza" and the "Palestinians." In fact, the goals of
      the Aztlan separatist movement and the aspirations of
      the Palestinian Authority are remarkably similar.
      While the likeness of kind is easily recognized by
      the Aztlan liberation advocates, Americans favoring a
      Palestinian political entity would be shocked at the
      identical use of imagery and language that strips
      bare the Aztlan/Palestinian hatred of the Jews. The
      Aztlan voice eerily mimics the positions and topics
      put forward by the Palestinian Authority. An
      editorial written in La Voz de Aztlan relates the
      plight of the Palestinians and the Chicanos as one
      and the same. With language borrowed from Arab
      supporters of a Palestinian state, the editorial
      asserts that the Jews have replaced the Nazis and
      have committed even greater crimes than the Nazis
      against their enemy.

      Asking the question of why the Jewish people have
      been expelled from so many countries throughout
      history, La Voz de Aztlan blames the victim for their
      wretched plight. In fact, the newspaper goes to the
      trouble of listing all the countries forcibly
      removing the Jews and the dates of the expulsions.
      This recitation is an attempt to demonstrate the
      universal opinion that the Jews are the source of all
      things bad in the world. The claim, much like that
      made by the Arab Jew-haters, that La Voz de Aztl?n is
      opposed to Zionism and not to Jews is completely and
      utterly made false by the "kosher tax" attack and the
      blaming of Jews for their own historical expulsions,
      and the posting and reprinting of the Protocols of
      the Learned Elders of Zion. In an "Editor's Note"
      introducing the full repetition of the Protocols, La
      Voz de Aztlan asks the reader to judge for himself
      whether or not the anti-Semitic screed rings true.

      Time and time again the baseless claims of the Arabs
      to the land of Israel are matched with the baseless
      claims of the Chicanos to Aztlan. Continuing on this
      theme is the attack upon the relationship between the
      United States and Israel. Because the United States
      supports the existence of the State of Israel, the
      horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001,
      were to be expected. Most Americans will be disturbed
      by the pervasive attitude that either the United
      States deserved what it got on 9-11 or that somehow
      the Jews orchestrated the events and this, too, was
      America's fault.

      In an article entitled, "Osama bin Laden: The `Pancho
      Villa' of Islam", Ernesto Cienfuegos best exemplifies
      the troubling arguments from the Aztlan/Palestinian
      perspective. Cienfuegos properly captures the heroic
      nature of bin Laden for Arab circles in comparing him
      to Pancho Villa and the admiration of the latter
      desperado among the Chicano population. By suggesting
      a folklorish aura surrounding both bin Laden and
      Villa, the author makes clear the worship of the
      criminal rogue that so typifies the rejection of
      civilization held by the Aztlan/Palestinian worldview.

      Should logical, rational thought prevail, the
      Aztlan/Palestinian concept of historical revisionism
      would be completely defeated. Cruz Bustamante fears
      the consequences of repudiating the anti-Zionism of
      his past associations, while others who have hitched
      their wagon to a"Palestinian peoplehood" tremble at
      jettisoning their greatest weapon against the Jews.
      Both must overcome the phantoms in their closets and
      allow the light of day to cleanse their otherwise
      dark existence.

      "Google" Aztlan and Palestine and see for yourself
      the threat both hold to the civilized world. The
      reasonable among us will gratefully embrace the fact
      that there is no Aztlan and, indeed, there is no

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      The Israelization of the USA and its Dangers to



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