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Taliban besieged in Afghanistan

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  • ummyakoub
    Key Taliban leaders besieged in Afghanistan By Our Correspondent WASHINGTON, Sept 3: US Special Forces and aircraft are engaged in a major offensive in
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2003
      'Key Taliban leaders besieged in Afghanistan'

      By Our Correspondent

      WASHINGTON, Sept 3: US Special Forces and aircraft are engaged in a
      major offensive in Afghanistan in a bid to kill or capture senior
      Taliban leaders, reports say here on Wednesday.

      Quoting US defence officials, reports said American military officers
      in Afghanistan are "certain Taliban leaders Mullah Omar and Mullah
      Qahar are both surrounded in the southeastern village of Sarsang with
      about 1,000 Taliban fighters."

      The Special Forces have joined a major operation against suspected
      Taliban and Al Qaeda bases in mountains of Daychopan district of
      Zabul province, 180 miles southwest of Kabul.

      At least one US soldier died Monday when his parachute failed to
      open. One Afghan field commander, Sayf Allah, said Taliban fighters
      had unexpectedly mounted an attack behind US and Afghan army lines,
      killing at least eight Afghan soldiers and slightly wounding General
      Sayf Allah himself.

      Sayf Allah confirmed that no Taliban had been captured alive so far,
      adding that they had suffered casualties.

      Taliban fighters driven from Afghan stronghold
      Wednesday, 3rd September, 2003


      By Sayed Salahuddin

      KABUL (Reuters) - After more than a week of intense bombardment and
      ground fighting, Afghan and U.S.-led forces have driven out Taliban
      fighters from Dai Chopan district in the southern province of Zabul,
      according to a senior official.

      Zabul's intelligence chief, Khalil Hotak, also said that authorities
      from neighbouring provinces had rushed fighters to the borders of the
      district to arrest Taliban forces trying to flee.

      He told on Wednesday Reuters he had received reports of skirmishes
      between fugitive guerrillas from the hardline Islamic militia and
      Afghan troops in some parts of Uruzgan province to the north of Dai

      "We have overrun all Taliban strongholds in Dai Chopan," Hotak
      said. "The operation for Dai Chopan finished last night. American
      planes are flying, mostly on reconnaissance missions, and people
      there have announced support for the government."

      Hotak said up to 124 corpses of Taliban fighters, including two
      Arabs, have been found in caves and mountainous areas of Dai Chopan
      during the operation which started on August 25.

      The Taliban claims its losses are much lower, while the U.S. military
      told Reuters on Wednesday that between 43 and 67 "anti-coalition
      personnel" had been killed.

      Hotak put the death toll among Afghan troops at seven for the battle
      involving hundreds of soldiers and a small group of U.S. troops
      backed by air support. There were up to 1,000 Taliban fighters

      One soldier from U.S.-led forces in Afghanistan died of wounds
      sustained in an accident during the operation and two received
      gunshot wounds.


      News of the Taliban setback came a day after Maulvi Faizullah, a
      senior Taliban commander involved in fighting in Zabul, said around
      300 fresh fighters had been deployed in Dai Chopan to join their
      fellow fighters in battle.

      He said the reinforcements were being led by former Taliban Education
      Minister Amir Khan Muttaqi. They had been sent from Khost province in
      the southeast bordering Pakistan.

      The Taliban force in Zabul was the largest concentration of militants
      from the ousted regime since it was toppled from power late in 2001.

      The movement has declared a "jihad", or holy war against foreign
      forces, aid organisations and their allies in Afghanistan.

      August was the bloodiest month since the Taliban's demise, and an
      estimated 220 people have been killed and scores wounded in violence
      since August 7.

      The toll includes civilians, local aid workers, several dozen police
      including seven killed late on Sunday in separate attacks near Zabul
      along the highway linking the capital with the south, which is being
      rebuilt with foreign funds.

      11 Afghans killed in Taliban attack
      KABUL, Sept 1: At least 11 Afghans, two of them guards for a US
      company, were killed overnight by suspected Taliban guerillas as
      US forces launched a fresh assault on hundreds of militants in

      Afghan officials said on Monday seven policemen and two soldiers
      were killed by fighters from the ousted regime in three raids in
      Zabul and neighbouring Uruzgan province.....(Reuters)


      Two US soldiers shot dead

      KABUL, Aug 31: Taliban fighters put up stiff resistance on Sunday as
      Afghan and US forces backed by artillery, jet fighters and attack
      helicopters continued to hunt hundreds of militants, an official

      Mr Khalil Hotak, intelligence chief in the southern province of Zabul
      where the battle entered its seventh day, said 14 Taliban guerillas
      were killed on Saturday, taking the ousted Islamic militia's reported
      losses since Monday to more than 90.

      The US military has confirmed 33 Taliban deaths during the first
      three days of fighting, which has involved the largest concentration
      of fighters from the hardline regime since the movement was driven
      from power late in 2001.

      In a separate clash, two US soldiers were killed near their base at
      Shkin, in the eastern province of Paktika, a few kilometres from the
      Pakistan border. A third soldier who was wounded was in a stable
      condition and awaiting evacuation.

      A US combat patrol came under fire early on Sunday, and four
      attackers were killed in the ensuing battle, a US military statement

      It did not say who the suspected assailants were, but recent attacks
      on Afghan government forces in Paktika have been blamed on Taliban
      guerillas crossing from Pakistan.

      In Zabul, Hotak said an unknown number of Taliban were stationed in
      the Kohi Sero area, the Taliban's main stronghold and the target of
      bombing by US and allied fighters and heavy artillery fire from
      infantry forces.

      "Fighting has escalated today," Mr Hotak told Reuters from
      Zabul. "The bombardment has intensified, so has the shelling, but the
      Taliban are out there and bitterly resisting."

      Hundreds of Afghan troops backed by several dozen US-led special
      operations soldiers had overrun Taliban hideouts in various parts of
      Dai Chopan district since the start of the operation, Mr Hotak added.

      The clashes involve up to 1,000 Afghan troops and a similar number of
      Taliban guerillas. Zabul's governor Hafizullah told Reuters late on
      Saturday six Afghan soldiers died during the whole operation and four


      18 Taliban held in Chaman

      By Our Correspondent

      QUETTA, Aug 30: The law enforcement agencies on Friday night arrested
      18 Taliban from the border town of Chaman.

      A spokesman for the provincial home and tribal affairs department
      said on Saturday that acting on a tip off the law enforcement
      agencies raided a hideout of the Taliban near the border town of
      Chaman on Friday night and arrested 18 Taliban.

      A huge quantity of arms and ammunition, besides wireless sets, were
      also seized from the spot.

      The arrested Taliban belonged to the group which conducted attacks on
      the Pakistan-Afghan border and were preparing a strategy for new
      attacks, the spokesman added.

      The Taliban were being interrogated and investigation was in
      progress, the spokesman concluded.

      It may be mentioned here that it is the first time that a government
      spokesman had issued a statement related to the activities of the
      Taliban in Balochistan.


      Zabul ambush leaves eight dead
      KABUL, Aug 24: At least three suspected Taliban fighters and five
      government soldiers were killed in an ambush in southeastern
      Afghanistan where around 1,000 troops were carrying out operations
      against militants a local official said on Sunday......(AFP)




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