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CIA, Mossad take major hits in Asian covert operations

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  • ummyakoub
    Roll-up of arms caches results in Chinese-Burma border trouble. CIA and Mossad take major hits in Asian covert operations
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 2, 2009
      Roll-up of arms caches results in Chinese-Burma border trouble.

      CIA and Mossad take major hits in Asian covert operations

      September 1, 2009 -- WMR has learned from its Asian intelligence sources that the CIA and Mossad recently suffered major hits in covert operations being conducted in Asia.

      Israeli criminal gangs operating methamphetamine labs in northern Burma (Myanmar), under the protection of a sizeable Israeli security and intelligence presence in the country, infiltrated the United Nations poppy eradication program, which seeks to convince ethnic Wa and Kokang's in the "Golden Triangle" region famous for opium production to change to other legal crops and turn in their weapons, mostly Chinese-made AK-47s, for cash.

      Recently, the Kokang Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army and United Wa State Army have been engaged in open warfare with Myanmar military forces after a peace agreement with the Myanmar junta broke down. Over a thousand ethnic Chinese Kokang militia members have crossed into China, along with tens of thousands of refugees, creating a major rift between two traditional allies: Myanmar and China. Beijing has cautioned the Burmese junta in Naypyidaw against its moves against the Kokang along the border.

      However, there may be another reason for the Burmese junta move against the northern ethnic groups. Many of the weapons being sold to the UN by the ethnic armies as part of the poppy eradication program are being bought up by Iranian agents and, according to WMR's sources, being shipped to southern Lebanon and Gaza for operations against the Israelis. The Israelis, who back the Naypyidaw regime with intelligence and military support, want to stop the flow of weapons from northern Myanmar to Hamas and Hezbollah. The northern Burmese ethnic groups are caught in a cross-fire directed from the Israeli regime in Jerusalem and their proxies in Naypyidaw. WMR has learned that a major target of the Myanmar junta's forces are UN arms caches and Wa and Kokang small arms factories.

      By starting a major war in the Chinese border region, the Myanmar junta and their Israeli advisers may face a severe backlash from China, which is known to take seriously threats to its border regions.
      In the last few months, the CIA withdrew the Deputy Chief of Mission, Randy Berry, and the charge d'affaires from the U.S. embassy in Kathmandu, Nepal. WMR has been told by our Nepali sources that the two officials botched a major CIA "Free Tibet" operation in Nepal's remote northern Mustang region, which borders on Tibet.

      The CIA, along with the Soros Open Society Foundation, has infiltrated a number of Tibetan exile groups in Nepal. The word from Kathmandu is that U.S. Ambassador Nancy Powell is the next on the chopping block over the failed CIA operation to support Tibetan independence operatives from Nepali territory.



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