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Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia

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    Report from Sweden about Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia [Exclusive] Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia 2009-07-20 Mon NewTrendMag.org My name is Sead
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2009
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      Report from Sweden about Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia

      Festerng Hatred for Islam in Bosnia
      2009-07-20 Mon

      My name is Sead Busuladzic, 27, from Bosnia and Herzegovina but I currently live in Sweden where I study political science.

      I want to send you news that I have translated and summarized from some Bosnian Islamic news pages, because of the situation in Bosnia where the media is very islamophobic and even the highest authority in BiH have complained about it. I feel a need to write to you what is happening in Bosnia. Today unfortunately we have had our first victim of the hatred of islam in the city of Mostar, where one young Muslim's life has been taken by people that hate Islam. The media was very fast to report and demonize Muslims but when the situation became clear that it was the muslims that were victims in this incident the media became silent. The killing of Muslim woman in Germany is just one of the first killings that we will see in Europe because of the hatred against islam spread by the media!

      One man killed and three wounded in an islamophobic attack in Bosnia:

      Serious Media Bias

      Last night in city of Mostar in southern Bosnia and Hercegovina a fight ocurred when a group of young Muslim men were attacked by another group of young men from a bar near by. The fighting started after insults were directed at a young Muslim man who was coming from prayer around 10 o'clock.

      Young men came out from the bar and started attacking the Muslim man, says a woman who was an eyewitness to the incident.

      Three young Muslim men were seriously hurt while a young Muslim man who was trying to calm down the situation was killed. The young man Magdi Dizdareviæ, a 34 year old Muslim was attacked in the head and taken to hospital, where he later died because his skull was crushed.
      The media reported about the incident as a fight between Islamic radical wahhabis and ordinary young men who were sitting in a bar and celebrating. Although they reported that all the in volved men that were questioned by the police denied that they belonged to any radical islamic movement the media insisted on referring to them as wahhabis.

      The highest islamic organ in Mostar condemned the attacks on Muslims as well as the media raporting about the incident as islamophobic. The media in Bosnia and Hercegovina have been accused earlier by the highest representative of Muslims in that country reis-al-ulema Mustafa ef. Ceric for Study of spreading hatred towards islam.
      The furneral will be held tommorrow saturday 18 o'clock.



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