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Patterns of Boston Jewish Power

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    Patterns of Boston Jewish Power Joachim Martillo Friday, July 03, 2009 http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2009/07/patterns-of-boston-jewish-power.html [NOTE: Article at
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      Patterns of Boston Jewish Power
      Joachim Martillo
      Friday, July 03, 2009

      [NOTE: Article at above url contails many hyperlinks.]

      In a court hearing on July 2, Boston City Councilor Chuck Turner proposed a conspiracy theory to explain why he and and former Massachusetts State Senator Diane Wilkerson were targeted for entrapment by former US Attorney Michael Sullivan. Turner's key point from the email at the end of this blog entry is:

      [Prosecutor] McNeil is so determined to silence me, he has exposed the fact that this trial has nothing to do with justice. It's really about the deal that Sullivan made with Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft. What do I mean by that? I personally believe that former Attorney General Ashcroft said to Sullivan that if he could take down Senator Wilkerson and myself, he would put up the money to open the firm of Ashcroft and Sullivan in Boston where they could try to secure business for Halliburton to serve as a base while Sullivan prepares for his run for Governor. Ashcroft seems to have made similar deals with three other US Attorneys in other parts of the country. In other words the quid pro quo for taking us down was the money to open the office.

      Unlike Wilkerson, whose money and tax problems made her an easy target for entrapment, Turner is a straight-arrow with regard to soliciting and receiving contributions.

      Even though I have no particular interest in most aspects of Green Rainbow Party agenda, I became involved with the party and with Turner because of their clear pro-Palestinian position and sympathy for the Roxbury Mosque project. I once suggested that he send out an e-mailing to advertise for a Green Rainbow Party Fundraiser, and he rejected the idea because a city or state employee might open up the email at work and put Turner in technical violation of election rules forbidding solicitation of public employees by a political campaign during working hours.

      The behavior of the US Attorney's office has been curious in this case to say the least. Marie Szaniszlo writes in Judge eyes prosecutors in pols' arrests:

      A federal judge yesterday gave prosecutors two weeks to explain why the arrests of former state Sen. Dianne Wilkerson and City Councilor Chuck Turner on corruption charges last year were conducted in such a highly publicized manner.

      At a pretrial hearing in Boston, Judge Douglas Woodlock said he wants to determine whether prosecutors tried to "gin things up" in the public arena by disseminating photographs of the two allegedly accepting bribes.

      Woodlock said he wants affidavits by July 16 explaining why Turner and Wilkerson were shown being led into court, whether they were restrained and, if they were, how they posed a threat to the community or risk of flight.

      Yet the top-down Ashbrook conspiracy hypothesis requires a degree of interest and involvement on the parts of Ashbrook, Cheney, and Bush in local Boston politics that seems implausible outside of the small circle that considers Boston to be the hub of the universe.

      A more likely theory of the reasoning behind the investigation of Wilkerson and Turner can be developed in a more bottom-up approach that looks at the record of prosecution or persecution of those offending the organized Boston Jewish community and its members in some way.

      The nastiness of this group is legendary and probably developed in response to Fathers Coughlin and Feeney. As Boston Jewish wealth, power, and influence has increased so has its ability to punish those running afoul of it.

      The animosity between former Massachusetts Senate President Billy Bulger and attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Harvey Silverglate has been an ongoing drama since Dershowitz and Silverglate accused Bulger of Irish tribalism back in the 80s.

      After Governor Weld appointed Bulger to serve as UMass President where he might have proven an impediment to Zionist control of academic discourse (if only to spite Dershowitz), Governor Mit Romney forced him to resign, and Bulger became the target of a six-year long investigation by the US Attorney's office.

      Former Massachusetts House Speaker Paul DiMasi became an obstacle to Sheldon Adelson's casino building plans, and he was indicted in a "pay for play" scheme.

      Aafia Siddiqui, who was a graduate student in cognitive neuroscience at Brandeis, was demonized as a bioterrorist because she had the temerity to engage in Muslim and pro-Palestinian activism at the Boston area's Jewish university.

      The case constructed against Siddiqui has the flavor of psychotic paranoia that I have observed in Matthew Levitt's anti-Palestinian and Islamophobic fantasies. During the Bush administration Newton-bred Levitt was a close associate of both Ashcroft and Treasury official Stuart Levey, who continues in the Obama administration as an American Jewish Committee (AJCom) covert operative and
      who manipulates the US government into carrying out Zionist legal warfare again Palestinian and Islamic financial institutions and charities.

      Because of the similarity in names of Siddiqui's estranged husband Amjad Khan and American legal resident Majid Khan, the US government forced the Pakistani government to turn over Majid, who had been visiting his family in Pakistan and who has been held ever since in Guantanamo.

      Newton Jewish legal aggression ratcheted up several notches when Charles Jacobs, who then headed the David Project (DP), organized a conspiracy against the rights of Boston-area Muslims for daring to build a large mosque right in the midst of the Boston Jewish sphere of influence.

      When Jacobs was planning his offensive against Boston-area Muslims, the DP according to the discovery documents contacted African American church leaders in an effort to find a non-Jew to shill for the DP and its allies within the organized Jewish community. Because Gloria White-Hammond has served Jacobs and the organized Jewish community as a loyal house nigger in anti-Sudan, anti-Arab, and anti-Muslim campaigns for so long, the email was probably referring to her, but she like apparently all other Jewish-domesticated African American leaders demurred, and the David Project had to settle for Mission Hill resident James Policastro.

      Later White-Hammond managed not only to redeem herself to the organized Jewish community by serving in the Jewish Zionist anti-Sudan, anti-Arab Save Darfur campaign, but by 2007 the organized Jewish community even seemed to be grooming her as a possible pro-Jewish African American political leader in the second Suffolk state senate district where she lives.

      At this point, despite any evidence that African American second Suffolk State Senator Diane Wilkerson was dirty and ignoring all the ongoing bribery of US public officials by organized Jewish community with trips to Israel, the US Attorney seems to have begun a sting operation that culminated in her arrest on Oct. 28, 2008.

      Approximately, a month later Turner was arrested in another sting operation. The two stings were connected by the same informant, but the Turner operation has the appearance of an afterthought to remove a politician that offended powerful local Jewish Zionists.

      Soon after the inauguration of President Barak Obama, White-Hammond took part in a Darfur discussion with him and raised her political visibility tremendously. When White-Hammond was asked on WBUR about the legal difficulties of the two African American politicians, she suggested that Boston African Americans might need some new leaders, but she may have spoken prematurely because recently the government's informant announced that he would no longer cooperate with the prosecution.

      Just as the informant became suspicious of the US Attorney's office when it began to appear that there were no ongoing Massachusetts investigations of white politicians (or apparently anyone beyond Wilkerson and maybe Turner), all Americans should wonder whether the studious obliviousness of Sullivan and his staff to prima facie federal criminal violations by Jacobs, the DP and co-conspirators indicated the Zionist power has trumped loyalty to the Constitution and especially the Fourteenth Ammendment.

      In other words while those disliked by powerful Jews and Zionist political economic oligarchs suffer legal difficulties, the Jewish power elite has legal immunity especially in the Boston area.
      Not only do many Jewish organizations that long ago should have lost 501(c)(3) tax deductible status (like the DP) continue to discriminate and to incite racism effectively with US government subsidization, but Jewish financial predation has to be truly awesome before any discussion of the pattern of Jewish financial wrongdoing becomes even slightly possible, and to this day a Boston-area Jewish fraudster like longtime Madoff-associate Robert Jaffe has yet to face criminal charges.

      To add constitutional insult to constitutional injury, racist Jews like US Commission on Civil Rights Vice-Chair and former Massachusetts Board of Education member Abigail Thernstrom continue to insist on Jewish victim status while ADL National Director Abraham Foxman demonizes all Muslims and while Jewish Zionist Neocons scheme to manipulate the USA into incinerating one Muslim or Arab country after another.

      Although the pattern of anti-American Jewish and sometimes Jewish Zionist abuse of power extends well beyond the Boston area, much if not most of American Jewish social, political, economic, and academic misbehavior links back to the Boston-area Jewish community or to Boston-area educational institutions where young Jews often first hook up with vast corrupt Jewish social networks.

      Not only do the roots of the Jewish Zionist conspiracy against Islamic finance and charities lead back to the Boston area in the persons of Daniel Pipes, Matthew Levitt, and Stuart Levey, but the Israel Lobby and associated Jewish Zionist transnational foreign policy conspiracy are strongly rooted in the region's educational institutions like Tufts where Jeffrey David Feltman seems to have been recruited as an Eliot Abrams wannabe by means of the one Jewish grandparent argument and like Harvard where the Harvard Wexner Israel fellowship tries to build subversive networks of trust between very often Jewish US public servants and almost invariably Jewish Israel government officials.

      In addition to generating pilpul about Islamic finance and charities in order to put a lot of good and decent people in jail for the sake of Zionism, Pipes led a criminal conspiracy against rights by attacking Debby Almontaser in order to destroy the Khalil Gibran International Academy of New York City while the DP and other Jews connected with the Boston-area academic community were heavily involved in a concerted effort that was meant to prevent Nadia Abu el-Haj and Joseph Massad from receiving tenure from Columbia University and that also amounted to conspiracy against rights.

      No one should be surprised that the US Senator from Israel Joseph Lieberman has a strong Boston Jewish connection because he and the exceptionally maniacal incompetent Zionist Harvard Professor Ruth Wisse are mehutanim (co-in-laws).

      Understanding the centrality of Boston Jewish power in the USA requires a critical look at The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy. Professor Mearsheimer and Walt incorrectly claim that the Israel Lobby is just another lobby even though in reality the Israel Lobby is the public face of the Zionist Virtual Colonial Motherland or Judonia, which has rendered the USA a dependent and intimidated client state within the Zionist imperial system.

      Because the real or hard power of the USA is so vast while Judonia's is for the most part only apparent or soft, Judonia requires a pervasive web that reaches into American society well beyond finance and foreign policy and that keeps the vast majority of Americans either confused, intimidated, or ignorant.

      There may be other ways to construct the web, but using the resources that the Boston-area affords as a major American and world education center is probably the most efficient and provides an excellent means for the Boston Jewish power elite to spread its tentacles throughout the USA and the world.

      Because now and historically Jewish elites have long been totally unethical whether in dealings with Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims, Ukrainian collective farmers, German butchers, or Polish peasants and generally in dealings with proste yidn (ordinary Jews), they and the Boston Jewish power elite in particular would certainly have no reluctance whatsoever about using the web constructed to control US foreign policy with regard to Israel for purposes outside of the "original specification," and the US Attorney investigations of Diane Wilkerson and Chuck Turner may be examples of such "out of spec" flexing of Jewish muscle.

      Note: Thomas Finneran as Exception That Proves the Rule
      Even though the closeness of former Massachusetts Speaker of the House Thomas Finneran to the Boston Jewish Zionist elite appeared to confer no special immunity when he was indicted in 2005 for obstruction of justice and perjury during a civil case related to Massachusetts redistricting, in reality, judges and prosecutors have very little tolerance for lying under oath, and it is extremely unusual for them to give a perjurer a pass on jail time even for a first offense. Not only did someone or some group come through for Finneran, but he also received a job as a talk radio host even though the much more articulate, erudite and well-known Billy Bulger would seem like a much better candidate for such a position.

      Chuck Turner's Email

      Dear Supporters,

      This Thursday, July 2nd, at noon in Courtroom 1 in the Moakley Courthouse Judge Woodlock has agreed to hear my lawyers' challenge to court approved gag order and attempt by the US Attorney's office to strip me of my first amendment rights. Let me briefly review the background of this hearing:

      a) In December 2008, Asst U.S. Attorney McNeil told my lawyers that if I would sign a gag order stating that I would not talk publicly about the discovery information (evidence of my guilt), they would give memore information than I would get if I wouldn't sign. They also said that I would get the information more quickly than I would if I refused to sign the gag order.

      As you can imagine, I said No. Why should I have to sign a gag order in order to get the "alleged evidence". I felt I had a right to the evidence and it would be ridiculous for me to give up my first amendment rights in order to get it. It was hard for me to imagine that after they had spread the "alleged pictures of my guilt" around the world before I was even arraigned, they would have the nerve to ask me to cooperate with them by silencing myself. However, as I am learning Asst US Attorney McNeil has no shame.

      When I wouldn't sign, McNeil went to court on January 5, 2009 and asked the court to require that I sign the gag order in order to receive the discovery. While the Judge approved the request on March 16th, I continued to refuse to sign. While my lawyers continually stress that I am making it more difficult for them if I don't enable them to see the evidence before the trial starts, my position is:

      1) That to cooperate with them by giving up my right of free speech would betray my people's 400 year struggle to have rights that are respected in this country.

      2) They don't have any evidence to convict me since I am not guilty and if they have made up some, I believe we can expose them.

      3) Since US Attorney Sullivan's objective was to silence me by any means, it would be crazy for me to cooperate with his objective.

      4) Since I am running for office, people will want me to talk about the legal situation I am in. I can't afford to say wait for the trial. They expect me to be candid and have a right to expect me to speak to the issue of the case, not hide behind my lawyers.

      5) While I certainly don't want to go to jail, some one has to stand up and challenge the flagrant abuse of power that takes place in many of the courts of this country every day. If I wind up being the poster child for racial injustice in this "post racial era", so be it.

      When McNeil found out that I would not sign the gag order, he went back to court and asked the judge to order me to take the information and the judge complied. However, I told my lawyer that if McNeil sent the "discovery" he should send it back unopened. While I thought that would end McNeil's feverish attempt to force my silence, he went back to court yet again in May. This time McNeil asked the Judge to take away all my legal rights regarding discovery information by ordering that if I didn't take the discovery now, I would lose any right to request motions or continuances on the basis of the discovery when finally received. Again, McNeil can huff and puff all that he wants but I am not going to put myself in his trap.

      As you can see from the above, McNeil is so determined to silence me, he has exposed the fact that this trial has nothing to do with justice. It's really about the deal that Sullivan made with Bush, Cheney, and Ashcroft. What do I mean by that? I personally believe that former Attorney General Ashcroft said to Sullivan that if he could take down Senator Wilkerson and myself, he would put up the money to open the firm of Ashcroft and Sullivan in Boston where they could try to secure business for Halliburton to serve as a base while Sullivan prepares for his run for Governor. Ashcroft seems to have made similar deals with three other US Attorneys in other parts of the country. In other words the quid pro quo for taking us down was the money to open the office.

      Hope you can join me on Thursday, July 2nd at noon in Court Room 1 of the Moakley Courthouse. I think it is not only going to be fascinating, I think it will also be fun. See you there.




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