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Sudanese daily resumes publication

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    Sudanese daily resumes publication Hannan Taha Sunday, 03 May 2009
    Message 1 of 1 , May 5 10:44 AM
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      Sudanese daily resumes publication
      Hannan Taha
      Sunday, 03 May 2009

      A Sudanese newspaper resumed publication on Sunday after authorities
      ordered it to shut down a week ago when its editor called for a senior
      politician from the main party in the south to be killed. The
      Arabic-language al-Wifaq daily is an Islamist-leaning publication close to President Omar Hassan al-Bashir 's National Congress Party, Sudan's dominant party which has its powerbase in the north.

      Its closure was ordered by General Salah Mohammed, head of the Sudanese National Security and Intelligence apparatus. A state-run press body later decided to suspend publication for five days, according to the Sudanese Media Centre website.

      A peace deal ending a war between the north and south was signed in 2005, but tensions still simmer and have sometimes led to clashes between north and south Sudanese forces including over disputed boundary areas with oil reserves.

      Al-Wifaq's editor, Isaac Ahmed Fadlallah, had called in an editorial for the killing of a senior official from the Sudan People's Liberation Movement, Yasir Arman, because of comments he made during a
      parliamentary discussion on a criminal law.

      He had objected to non-Muslims being subject to Islamic sharia law.

      Imposition of Islamic law across the whole of Sudan in 1983 fuelled the north-south conflict. The north is predominantly Muslim while the south is mostly Christian or animist.

      Last month, Sudanese authorities executed nine men found guilty of the 2006 murder of al-Wifaq's then owner, Mohamed Taha Mohamed Ahmed. The nine were from Darfur in west Sudan where a separate conflict erupted in 2003. (Reuters)



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