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New Afghan Laws Uphold Patriarchy

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    NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy April 3, 2009 by Henry Makow Ph.D. Apart from drugs and oil and the need for perpetual war, Afghanistan is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 5, 2009
      NATO Spooked by Afghan Laws Upholding Patriarchy
      April 3, 2009
      by Henry Makow Ph.D.

      Apart from drugs and oil and the need for perpetual war, Afghanistan is about bringing the blessings of Western feminism to women there. We are giving them the benefit of promiscuous sex, STD's, abortion, unemployment, lesbianism, divorce and single motherhood.

      However this bonanza is threatened by Hamid Karzai's new laws which enshrine the Patriarchy. Accordingly, a woman cannot refuse sex for more than four days. Headlines and newscasts in the West are screaming "legalized rape!"

      The laws also stipulate that women cannot seek work, education or even leave the house without husband's permission. The law grants custody of children to fathers and grandfathers.

      Since the Afghan war is little understood, "women's rights" has been a fig leaf for imperialism. So, Westerners are expressing consternation that Karzai is actually "worse than the Taliban."

      The gnashing of teeth is particularly acute in Canada which has invested $3 billion and more than 120 lives in the Afghan "mission." (Another $750,000 is being spent in Canada for "projects designed to engage young Muslims and non-Muslims in discussions about discrimination, violence and human rights.")

      Defence Minister Peter McKay said "this type of legislation won't fly." NATO members would be pushing Afghanistan for answers at this week's summit meeting.

      Isn't democracy one of our stated objectives? Apparently Karzai is responding to political pressure in Afghanistan in the run up to an election. This law is much improved from its original form. For example, the marriage age was raised from nine to 16.


      Like men, women are programmable. They are vulnerable to propaganda stigmatizing family and glorifying "careers" instead. Islam has a right to defend itself from an insidious program of indoctrination such as has befallen us in the West.

      I don't agree with the new laws. The fastest way to alienate a wife from sex is to make it mandatory. The home should not be a prison and women should be free to lead the lives they want.

      But we don't have the right to force our values on other cultures. How would we like if Taliban arrived in Europe and America with tanks and jet fighters? If their drones mistook us for insurgents and massacred us at our picnics? (The real rape is what we are doing to Afghanistan.) What if they stationed machine gun toting mujaheddin in our bedrooms to make sure our women fulfilled their conjugal duties?

      How would we like if they forced our women to give up their careers, keep house and raise their children? If they flogged girls who dressed provocatively or were caught texting nude pics or "hooking up"? If they banned gambling, pornography and prostitution? If they stoned homosexuals and lesbians? If they banned obscenity, violence and sex from TV and movies? If they prohibited alcohol and drugs? If they forced everyone to pray to Allah three times a day?

      What we are doing to them is every bit as bad. Feminism is Rockefeller social engineering. It is cultural imperialism via social disintegration. The central banking cartel has colonized us and we are colonizing Afghanistan in turn. By masculinizing women and feminizing men, feminism has undermined marriage. 40% of US children were born out of wedlock in 2007 compared to four per cent in 1957.

      Masquerading as "women's rights," feminism uses women to emasculate men. It destroys the Muslim family, and with it Muslim society and culture. It is designed to sap their resistance and make them docile mindless consumers.

      So I applaud Hamid Karzai and hope he sticks to his guns. Let's respect their culture and religion. They are human rights. Let's be tolerant of them.



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