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Western Relief Agencies in Darfur: Shocking Facts

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    Western Relief Agencies in Darfur: Shocking Facts Why the 13 Foreign Aid Agencies Were Sacked By Muhammad Gamal Arafa Political Analyst – Egypt
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      Western Relief Agencies in Darfur: Shocking Facts

      Why the 13 Foreign Aid Agencies Were Sacked
      By Muhammad Gamal Arafa
      Political Analyst – Egypt

      People supporting Sudan's President Omar Hassan al-Bashir attend a rally
      in Al Fasher, northern Darfur March 8, 2009. (Reuters photo)

      The Sudan Government's decision to expel 13 foreign aid agencies from
      Darfur has provoked much controversy over this step's futility as far as
      the making of appropriate peaceful atmosphere in Darfur is concerned. It
      might backfire and provide the west with reasons to severely punish the
      Sudan on basis of allegations that such decision would be detrimental to
      the displaced people in Darfur's relief camps.

      The decision was followed by the Sudanese government's proclamation of
      dispensing with all the other western organizations and instructing them
      to leave within one year.

      This, again, has led to questioning both decisions' impact on the relief
      work in Darfur. Does Khartoum have an actual plan to replace such
      organizations without creating gaps that could lead to rekindling the
      human crisis in Darfur?

      Initial Facts
      Sudan's Big Gains
      Intelligence, Business, and Other Activities

      Why the Foreign Relief Agencies Were Expelled?

      (1)International Rescue Committee (IRC)
      (2)US "CARE International"
      (3)French "Action Against Hunger" (ACF)
      (4)French "Solidarity"
      (5) American "Mercy Corp."
      (6) Dutch "Doctors Without Borders"
      (7) American "CHF International"
      (8) British "Save The Children"
      (9) " Norwegian Refugee Council" - NRC
      (10) British "Oxfam"

      Initial Facts

      The number of the expelled foreign aid agencies is just 13. They are
      American, British, French, Canadian, and Dutch agencies, but this does
      not necessarily mean there are no other relief agencies from these
      countries or other countries working in Darfur.
      The other foreign aid agencies working in the Sudan are 118, apart from
      two main international charities, 13 Islamic and Arab relief and charity
      agencies, as well as 55 local Sudanese ones.

      There are documents and ample evidence that the expelled aid agencies
      were carrying out intelligence work for their countries. They also
      worked to maintain the problem of the displaced for purposes of profits
      as their staff members receive huge payments which may amount to 70% of
      the relief funds they obtain for the poor in Darfur. They also serve
      other political purposes of pressuring the Sudanese government.

      In other words, the 13 western agencies expelled constitute only 8% of
      the working relief agencies on the ground. There are 19 American
      agencies, of which five only were expelled, 16 British agencies, of
      which four only were expelled, 10 French agencies, of which two only
      were expelled, in addition to one Canadian and one Dutch agencies.

      Twenty two out of these 118 agencies have Zionist backgrounds and are
      run and funded by Zionist organizations based in New York, Washington
      and some European countries.

      It is not true that these organizations inject huge money or aids into
      Darfur. They basically distribute the foods offered by the UN
      International Food Program without providing any supplies to Darfur's
      three provinces, Southern, Northern and Western.
      Contrarily, these organizations have been accused of usurping most of
      that they received of relief aids and supplies allocated for the
      Darfuris for their own and for their administrators' benefit.

      The International Food program donates about 60 thousand tons of food
      per month to Darfur. The Sudanese Red Crescent Organization distributes
      about 40% of this amount, whereas the foreign and local organizations
      distribute around 60%. This simply means that if these foreign
      organizations are replaced by other Arab and Islamic relief
      organizations, the crises and the catastrophes the west and the foreign
      organizations are warning of, due to the expulsion decision, will never

      The key gain for Khartoum is when it "Sudanizes" voluntary and relief
      work, This is apt to eliminate the West's interference in Darfur's

      Sudan's Big Gains

      Given that, the great challenge the government and the national and
      Islamic organizations are facing is filling the vacancies created by the
      expulsion of these foreign organizations and getting fully prepared to
      shoulder the responsibility of distributing the relief supplies,
      providing medical teams, trained personnel to operate water wells, and
      providing health devices and services. This way, Khartoum could prove
      its ability to solve its own problems irrespective of the West's agenda.

      The key gain for Khartoum is when it "Sudanizes" voluntary and relief
      work, This is apt to eliminate the West's interference in Darfur's
      crisis or aggravating it through these foreign agencies that have turned
      into "states within the state" in Darfur.

      These expelled agencies managed to some extent to encourage Darfur's
      dissidents, particularly the Zaghwans, to rise strongly against the

      It is no secret the agencies in questions used to distribute donations
      to the Darfuris to win their satisfaction and to employ some of them to
      work against their country. This was through implicating them in false
      witnesses of mass murder and rape crimes, to which there is no tangible
      evidence, neither by existence of mass graves or collective women's

      The missionary Christianization role of some of these organizations had
      been indicated by Kotbi Al-Mahdi, former political advisor to Al-Bashir.

      Intelligence, Business, and Other Activities

      The intelligence activities undertaken by these agencies have already
      been experienced in south of Khartoum, South of Sudan, where they have
      played the most serious role in inciting the separation of the south and
      providing relevant information to America.

      Among the most famous of the organizations and characters that have been
      deeply involved in dealing with the Congress and the US Intelligence are
      the British Baroness Cox and her Christian Solidarity. The Baroness Cox
      played a part through the Christian Solidarity in supporting the Popular
      Movement for Sudan's Liberation (PMSL), which is currently represented
      in the government.

      Some Sudanese evidence has emerged that these organizations cooperate
      with the American intelligence in support of the South against the
      Khartoum government as part of the scheme of separating the south and
      the north of Sudan. The real secret why the Europeans heavily support
      the American schemes of intervention into the affairs of the Sudan and
      Darfur lies mainly in the missionary Christianization role these relief
      Western agencies are said to play there.

      This role is linked also to the agenda of the European and American
      intelligence regarding securing interests in Sudan's oil reserves. This
      is the fact that urged the Priest John Danforth, former US envoy to the
      Sudan, to say: "The cessation of the civil war in Sudan could open the
      door for it to become a major oil country in Africa!".

      The missionary Christianization role of some of these organizations has
      also been indicated by Kotbi Al-Mahdi, former political advisor to the
      Sudanese president, who accused them of flaring up sedition in southern
      Sudan and the Nuba Mountains and eastern Sudan, saying that "They have
      sought further insurrection in Darfur."

      There are documents against such agencies concerning forced displacement
      of the people of Darfur through temptations, pressures and deception
      pushing them to leave for Europe and Israel.

      Why the Foreign Relief Agencies Were Expelled?

      According to Sudanese official reports, which IslamOnline.net had access
      to, the 13 agencies were expelled due to obvious acts of intelligence
      and that some of them had nothing to do with relief work. The expulsion
      of these organizations has basically little to do with the decision of
      the prosecutor of The International Criminal Court arrest warrant
      against President Al-Bashir.

      Monitoring the activities of such agencies confirmed beyond doubt that
      they have been for many years doing full intelligence work far from
      their normal humanitarian duty. However, Khartoum had been so patient
      and tolerant until provoked by the ICC warrant of arrest.

      The Sudanese Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs has obtained files and
      documents as evidence kept at the office of its Sudanese Commissioner.
      These documents indicate the fishy roles of the involved agencies and
      the amount of harm they were inflicting on the situation in Darfur, in
      particular, and in the Sudan in general.

      There are documents against such agencies concerning forced displacement
      of the people of Darfur through temptations, pressures and deception
      pushing them to leave for Europe and Israel, in an act of illegal human
      trade. They were also involved in destructive activities through keeping
      persuading dwellers of some camps not to leave them and to take arms
      against the government.

      They also incited some armed factions to take arms inside the camps like
      what happened in the notorious camp of "Kalimat". Some of these agencies
      have also written false intelligence reports and sent them to the ICC.
      They were misleading reports obviously financed by some Zionist

      Some of the violations and infractions by such foreign aid agencies
      could be detailed as follows:

      When the agency was questioned about the statement, it apologized and
      claimed it was a personal view.

      (1) International Rescue Committee (IRC)

      1- The IRC had an agreement with the ICC in 2005, according to which the
      Committee provides the court with information, documents and witnesses
      as well as ensuring the witnesses' safety in coordination with the UN
      mission in the Sudan.

      2. In December 2004, four Dutch journalists brought by the IRC were
      arrested as they had photos of some Janjaweed members near the camps and
      a fabricated film about hold-up looting operations, originally carried
      out by two staff members working in the humanitarian field.

      The film also showed false attempts of raping of displaced women and
      interviews with displaced witnesses about battering and torturing
      operations allegedly carried out by the government authorities.

      The journalists finally admitted to all that violations and a criminal
      prosecution was started with the witnesses' statements documented, but
      the case was finally dropped off after the mediation of the Dutch
      ambassador in the Sudan.

      3- The CNN broadcast a statement made by Mrs. Roberta, an official in
      the organization, describing what was going on in Darfur as the most
      hideous genocide in the 21st century. The statement claimed that
      government members displaced the people in Darfur, raped women and
      dumped children into the fire before their parents' eyes.

      When the organization was questioned about that statement, it apologized
      and claimed that the statement made was a personal view of Mrs. Roberta,
      and that she was just a staff member and did not represent the

      4- The Organization's president, Nicky Smith, made a statement alleging
      the commitment of 200 cases of murder, rape in the camp without
      providing a single piece of evidence. She considered that it was an
      indication of the deterioration of the security status and claimed that
      the statement was an organization document.

      5- In August 2005, the organization sent letters to the then American
      Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice, following her visit, requesting
      her to continue the pressure on Khartoum and the enforcement of the
      resolution 1591. She organized media campaigns on the Internet to
      collect signatures to be sent to the US President directly for the
      replacement of the African Union forces troops by international troops.

      6- In 2006, the organization director was summoned by the Organizations
      Department Director General of the National Security and Intelligence
      Authority and was faced with these breaches and abuses. She provided a
      documented apology and requested opening a new page of cooperation to
      which she was not committed.

      7- The organization has carried out some mock so-called projects in
      Darfur on issues¬– such as women's mental health, the rule of law,
      policies of protection, etc– that were just discussed in coffee
      meetings for women to promote their psychological comfort.

      During these filmed meetings, women were pushed to talk about any abuses
      they were subjected to, which were meant to collect and fabricate
      information on their mouths.

      What's really interesting is that the organization had been working
      without any technical agreements, and that's why it was first stopped in

      8- The organization deported a number of the displaced people of Darfur
      to some European countries while others were sent to the ICC to bear

      9- For the organization to fulfill some of its goals, it prepared
      regular intelligence and information reports in addition to security
      surveillance reports on Darfur. It also prepared a report on the alleged
      forced displacement of the tribe of Al Zaghawa, and on the government
      stirring up of tribal disputes.

      (2) US "CARE International"

      1- It prepared security reports which were basically security and
      military records as well as accusations against the government of
      shelling civilians in the villages of the northern province of Darfur.

      2- The organization's local director, Mr. Parker, prepared a paper that
      is figuring out scenarios of the replacement of the African Union troops
      by International ones.

      The report included a security and intelligence analysis which
      recommended the possibility of the Sudanese government approving the
      advent of international forces in a dignified manner.
      ACF's Cosultant, Mrs Silvy, suggested that the government practiced
      genocide, arson, and civilian abduction.

      (3) French "Action Against Hunger" (ACF)

      1- The French Action Contre la Faim (ACF) is an intelligence interface
      that prepared informational intelligence reports, including a letter
      that was discovered and carried an alleged indication that the area of
      Umm Khairat in Darfur was bombarded by the Janjaweed on Dec. 5, 2004.

      A criminal case was filed against the organization that finally
      apologized for that and claimed it had conducted an investigation on the
      typing of that information on its official stationery, but the
      investigation yielded no results!.

      2- Silvy, the organization's consultant, delivered a lecture, at the
      French International Institute of International Relations in 1999, in
      which she accused the Sudanese government of using the weapon of hunger
      against some people of Darfur in the south and in Nuba Mountains. She
      suggested that the government practiced genocide, arson, and civilian
      abduction operations.

      (4) French "Solidarity"

      1- In March 2007, the Radio of France cast a long interview with the
      organization's director in which he alleged that the Janjaweeds
      continued assaulting and attacking the Zaghawa tribes and that there was
      genocide and that the Sudanese government backed up the Arab militia and
      concluded that the war would not stop.

      2- In 2005, the organization's distribution officer, Mr. Jill, supported
      the rebels by providing them with mobile recharge cards.

      3- Barrels full of fuel prepared by the organization to be sent to the
      rebellious movements were discovered. A case was filed against the
      organization for thatviolations but it was finally dropped through
      diplomatic interventions.

      The organization practiced activities that had nothing to do with
      humanitarian work in Kurmuk city.

      (5) American "Mercy Corp."

      1- This organization played a number of intelligence roles in the region
      of Abyei, disputed between the northern and southern Sudan, to create
      commotion among the people of Abyei of the Dinka tribe (African) and
      Missiriya tribe (Arab).

      It also incited the Dinka people to create chaos in the region and
      beguiled them into believing they are the owners of the region and oil,
      and that they should fill the administrative vacuum and exploit the
      volatile situation.

      2- The organization practiced activities that had nothing to do with
      humanitarian work in Kurmuk, a city in the Blue Nile Province of Sudan.
      It established a local radio station called the "Society Radio".

      It broadcast programs that incited hatred and urged the citizens to
      separate from Sudan. It also initiated programs for church preaching.

      (6) Dutch "Doctors Without Borders"

      1- In October 2004, the organization published a report on mass killings
      in Darfur. The report claimed that the Sudanese government practiced
      genocide against civilians by using the Janjaweed pro-government
      militias, and that the civilians could not find a safe haven.

      2- In March 2005, the organization published another report on rape in
      Darfur, and alleged that the rape and sexual violence were practiced by
      the Sudanese government and its allied militias on an ongoing basis.

      The Secretary General of the United Nations used quotes form the report
      in his periodic report to the Security Council, citing that the
      organization treated 5,00 rape cases from Darfur in the UN clinics.

      A criminal case was filed by the Sudanese government against the
      organization that was unable to prove its false allegations.
      The organization's national employees, including the medical teams,
      denounced the report, refuted its claims, and noted that it was prepared
      with intentional malice. Then, the organization sought to exercise
      diplomatic pressure to have the case dropped.
      Endeavors led by the United Nations representative, Jan Pronk, the one
      who submitted the report to the Secretary-General, who, in turn, sought
      the support of the Security Council. The Dutch Ambassador and the
      Ambassador of the European Union also intervened to drop the case.

      Finally, the decision of the Sudanese Minister of Justice was to drop
      the case and give a final expulsion warning to the organization, and to
      depose its director, Darfur coordinator, out of the country for the
      untrue reports.

      (7) American "CHF International"

      1- The organization kept receiving a lot of women in its headquarters in
      the state of North Darfur and managed to convince them to lie to
      visiting guests and officials of international bodies about false cases
      of rape and sexual violence by the pro-government forces of the
      Janjaweed militia and to claim that these forces burned their villages
      and killed their men and children.

      On a visit of Jan Waveland, Assistant of UN Secretary General for
      Humanitarian Affairs, the organization denied admission of the
      accompanying Sudanese Minister of Humanitarian Affairs.

      2– It selected a number of displaced women from camps of Abu Shouk
      to represent the organization in Abuja, after instructing them to tell
      untrue stories and reverse the situation intimidating them by rumors
      about rape they would face at the hands of the Janjaweed.

      3– It exploited some mayors and sheiks of tribes through financial
      aids and mortgage servicing in return for their collecting information
      for the organization. They were also forced to attend meetings of the
      organization at which they are incited to rise against the government.

      (8) British "Save The Children"

      1- The organization issued, in November 2002, a statement on the
      security situation in the state of North Darfur claiming that the
      government warplanes bombed positions only 50 meters from its food
      distribution center, although there were no fighting in that period of

      2- It published information, in July 2004, which alleged that more than
      half a million children from Sudan's Darfur had been forced to flee
      their villages, and that a million people were forced to leave their
      homes by militias supported by the government.

      The organization promoted wrong information on rape cases, and it was
      found that it provided good sums of money to the girls to lure them into
      telling lie and recognizing rape.

      (9) "Norwegian Refugee Council" ( NRC)

      1 - The organization recruited a number of elders, youth and women
      within the camp of Kalema. It paid them monthly salaries of 50,000
      Dinars per person, and the task of those recruits was to collect
      intelligence information about security, political, military and social
      conditions, which the organization forwarded in daily reports to its top

      2- The organization arranged secret meetings between the displaced
      people and some foreign delegations visiting the camp, and provided them
      with false information.

      3 - The organization promoted wrong information on rape cases, and it
      was found that it provided good sums of money to the girls to lure them
      into telling lie and recognizing rape.

      4 - When Jan Egeland, the former Deputy Secretary General of the United
      Nations, Kofi Annan, visited Darfur in 2005, the organization provided
      him with false information about "sexual harassment, rape, and racial
      abuse". He was summoned to the camp of Kalema in secret to hear the
      false information.

      5- It recruited 45 girls, and gave them 45 donkeys to move inside the
      camp and the surrounding villages to monitor the presence of government

      6- Owing to the organization's reiterative infringements, the
      authorities of south Darfur decided to expel it in 2006 for providing
      false reports.

      (10) British "Oxfam"

      1- In November 2004, the organization issued a report indicating the
      crimes committed by the rebels. It accused the government of incurring
      the deterioration of the security status in Darfur and called for an
      action by the international community and for immediate intervention.

      2- In the same month, the organization prepared a report on the
      situation in Darfur which the Sudanese Organizations High Commission
      refused to publish it for the false information it carried.

      However, Oxfam official, Alan McDonald, disclosed some false information
      to Karen Smith of the CNN about genocide in Darfur. Both the
      organization and the CNN played a big role to create a lobby to
      pressurize the Sudanese government.

      Muhammad Gamal Arafa is a political analyst in IslamOnline.net. He holds
      a BA and pre-MA in political science and has numerous research published
      in a wide range of publications mainly in Arabic.



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