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Israel's Permanent Detainees

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    Farwana: 95 detainees held by Israel for more than twenty years http://freedetainees.org/4860 Palestinian researcher, specializing in detainees affairs,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2009
      Farwana: "95 detainees held by Israel for more than twenty years"

      Palestinian researcher, specializing in detainees' affairs, Abdul-Nasser Farwna, stated that in March another four have joined the list of detainees who have been imprisoned by Israeli for more than twenty years. This brings the number of detainees imprisoned for more than twenty years to 95.

      Farwana added that the four detainees are Ibrahim Lutfi Taqmouq, detained since 3/3/1989; Sami Nayif Al Na'neeshy, detained since 3/5/1989, both from Nablus; Eyad Ahmad Abu Hasna, detained since 15/3/1989; and Mohammad Abdul-Rahman Zaqqout, detained since 23/3/1989, both from Gaza.

      Farwana added that there are six detainees who were kidnapped by the army in March 1986. He identified them as Mohammad Abdul-Hadi Al Hosni, from Gaza; Tawfiq Ibrahim Abdullah; Mustafa Mahmoud Qar'oush, from Nablus; Ibrahim Nayif Abu Mokh; Roshdy Hamdan Abu Mokh; and Ibrahim Bayadsa. Also, detainee Mahmoud Salem Abu Khreish, from Ramallah, was kidnapped by the army twenty-two years ago.

      Furthermore, Farwana stated that three detainees entered their fifteenth year in detention last week. They were identified as Abdul-Rahman Hasan Al Awawda from Hebron; Atiyya Salem Abu Mousa; and Hazim Qassem Shbeir from Khan Younis. These three were kidnapped in March 1993.

      334 detainees were kidnapped before the Oslo peace deals, and before the Palestinian Authority was established.

      Farwana said that the detainees are hoping to be freed in a prisoner-swap deal between the resistance and Israel under Egyptian mediation.



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