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    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 6, 2009
      Dr. J. Alva Scruggs, BS, MS, MA, EdD
      E-MAIL JSCRU5750 (at) AOL.COM

      Here I was in at an Elementary School in south Florida. The State Program Review Team was here for as scheduled visit. You know, "We are from the state and here to help you!"

      In any case as approaching a classroom where a teacher was to be interviewed one could see a little Black boy standing outside of the room in the direct sunshine. He was sort of slumping against the wall. As I passed he said in a soft voice while holding out his little hands," Mister take me in with you," I looked at him and called the teacher to the door to let her know what the boy had asked. The teacher had a small glass of water with her and proceeded to pour the water on the boy's head. There was steam coming from his little head as he cooled down. The teacher remarked, "This will calm him down for the whole day."

      This day we were at a middle school in south Florida. The program was being conducted in a small room that housed the electrical power boxes for the school. If you stood in the middle of the room and spread your arms you could touch both walls. It was hot and the air was stagnant. As we came in the instructor was busy disciplining four boys. He was saying grab em' and bend over. On the wall was some paddles made of 1"x 6" board. There was a loud whoop as each of three boys received two licks. The last boy who happened to be white got his paddle from the wall and gave it to the instructor. The instructor said, "Do you need these licks or can you get the point from my demonstration?" The three Black boys were wounded and standing in the corner and the white boy was crying and going through the door. The instructor, who happened to be the coach also, turned and said, "These big Black bucks have to show. They don't respond to reason!" This is all true for God and a big handsome Mexican American from the Federal Government was right there with me. What's up with this??

      We were at a Juvenile Justice Center run by a private company and located down in Central Florida. As the guard guided me through the complex a little Black boy, who was shaking all over, pulled my sleeve and asked, "Professor will you take me with you I be good?" He appeared to be about fourteen or fifteen. The guard pushed him away and we proceeded to the play yard where some very well built inmates were playing basketball. All of a sudden someone was screaming help me. Oh God help me!" I looked at the guard and asked him what was going on. He said in a matter of fact tone, they are breaking in that little boy that had spoken to me earlier. In about an hour the medic came and took the boy away on a stretcher. The guard said well he would be a girl now, what else can I show you. I responded that I would be very happy if he could show me the gate.

      We are here in a privately run Juvenile Justice Program Center in middle Florida to review or monitor the program. As we looked at the records we noticed that most of the instructors were juveniles them selves and had active records. The book showed that many of the juveniles had already completed their time and should have been released some months ago. The center received it's funds by how many beds they kept filled, Therefore, they were not notifying the kids that they were finished and could go home. This was nothing but a moneymaking machine and had little to do with rehabilitation and release!

      Today we are in a training session sponsored by the coalition of Private Prisons owners through a grant to a professor at FSU, I think. They are teaching the new potential owners and staff how to control inmates. After the teaser demonstration an ex catholic Priest was giving a demonstration of how to subdues an inmate. He was using a pretty little Blonde lady as a partner. He was saying as he demonstrated, "The choke hold is you greatest one on one tool. You get behind the prisoner and place your right arm round his neck just under what we call the "Gussel," Ha, Ha, Ha. You put the arm under the other arm and pull back. They will struggle some but in a very short time they will relax from the lack of air. Now be careful with a Black boy they seem to have a fragile neck bone and if they have a prominent Adams Apple you may easily break his neck or his large a vertebrate!! Do you want to try? When you get to the training center in Miami you will receive a lot of this kind of training. OK?? You know we are in the fastest growing business in Florida, Privately owned and operated detention is growing at a half million dollars this year alone!! We get more money than education!!"

      Today in a High School un Florida I was attempting to act for a Black Boy who was in academic trouble and questionable for graduation, When in the councilor's office she asked why was I dong this. My answer was that it was necessary if the boy was to be saved. She took me to the window and dais, "What do you see? Look at those boys there with their pants down around their bottoms and say `what's up dog.' We call them the dog boys!" It was somewhat a taken me by surprise. I asked, "What do they do?" The teacher responded, "These boys have been this way all through High School. They do nothing in class work and make the whole thing seem as a big joke. But they do not know that when they are of age they will be gone and the streets will receive another group of dope heads and do no things. They are mostly Black boys and bound of our jails!"

      The institutions tolerate this as long as it does not disrupt the education activities of the other students. Teachers say, "Look at those people. Not a brain in their heads. I had him in my class last marking period. He is a polite, good boy but he has no clue as to why he is here are where he is going." On-lookers say, "They run in "Packs" not clicks. So there are these "Dog Boyz k9 packs." Like k9 packs Black Dog Boyz are thought to be stalking others. If the Dog Boyz are too active they are provided "Ritalin" or "Prozac" They are officially labeled ass having "Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and treated as "Educationally Challenged/dumb" forever.

      There are many more stories in the nation of education and punishment scams. Why are they not told? It is because all reports are "Politically Sanitized" before issuing for public consumption. In fact if any staff tried to place the truth about the reasons these educational programs were failing they would be fired or worst!!

      Today even though some staff have retired and beyond political retaliation the fear is still with them. They are conditioned to shy away from tell it like it is. This is why it is so hard to resolve many of America's problems. It is hard to get an answer when no one will be honest enough to ask the hard questions. Mr. Spark of Star Track had it right when he said, "It is difficult to answer if you do not know the question." It is hard to answer America's questions if no one will ask the real questions! Or maybe not. Obama refused to ask or answer the questions about race and the American Ideals and he got elected because of this.

      No, this is not the raving of a reverse racist. In truth a lot of my very, very best friends are white and were with me on these observations!!



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