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German police seizes music CDs

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    THOUSANDS OF CDs SEIZED German police raid hundreds of Politically Incorrect homes BBC News Wednesday, 4 March 2009
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      German police raid hundreds of Politically Incorrect homes
      BBC News
      Wednesday, 4 March 2009

      BERLIN — German police have seized thousands of recordings
      of suspected neo-Nazi music during raids across the country.

      VERBOTEN—Dangerous music threatens German democracy!

      More than 200* flats and offices were searched, and police
      said they had confiscated about 45,000 recordings, more
      than 170 computers and 70 weapons.

      The raids are part of a long-running investigation led by
      prosecutors in Stuttgart, involving some 204 suspects.

      The production and sale of music that promotes an extremist
      agenda or racial hatred is illegal in Germany.

      Siegfried Mahler, Stuttgart's chief prosecutor, said right-wing
      extremists used music to "awaken interest and win support".

      "Using aggressive, xenophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic
      lyrics, they spread extreme right-wing ideas," he said in a

      Police said there were 204 suspects — all of whom were between
      the ages of 21 and 45 — but no-one had been arrested.


      *Our NSNS correspondent on the Bundesrepublik reports as follows:
      "Yesterday more than 400 homes around Germany were raided
      by the police looking for 'right-wing' music. They arrived at 6 a.m.,
      turned the houses and apartments upside down, terrorized the
      residents, seized CDs, computers and hard drives, etc., and
      anything else they didn't like.

      "Music wasn't the only thing they were looking for—that was just
      a pretext. Anyone visiting 'right-wing' websites or receiving mailings
      from 'right-wing' websites also comes under scrutiny. Please
      understand if our correspondence is interrupted.

      "Earlier a friend of mine, Frank R., age 69, was visiting friends
      when the place was raided. Without warning the door burst open
      and four men in civilian clothes with masks and pistols stormed in.
      No indication was given that they were police.

      "My friend punched the first guy in the face, dropping him. The
      intruders then screamed, 'Police, on the floor.' He was arrested,
      tried and convicted of assaulting a police officer.

      "He spent 10 days in a maximum-security prison. Upon his release
      on bail he fled to South America, where he is now living."



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