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Symbol of Palestinian Struggle Dies of Sorrow

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    Eviction in Haifa by Maisa Abu Ghazaleh Friday, February 27, 2009 http://atheonews.blogspot.com/2009/02/eviction-in-haifa.html PNN exclusive – A large police
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2009
      Eviction in Haifa
      by Maisa Abu Ghazaleh
      Friday, February 27, 2009

      PNN exclusive – A large police unit forcibly evicted the Abu Shimla
      family from Haifa this week, a city with a large Palestinian
      population within the boundaries of the Israeli state.

      The three-story home was the scene of a physical assault on both the
      residents and the property alike. Windows were smashed and contents

      MP in the Islamist movement on the United Arab List, Ghanayim, paid a
      solidarity visit to the family on Thursday knowing they were under
      threat. Residents of the house included 10 children.

      Mother Fatima described the arrival of police. "It was 8:30 in the
      morning on Tuesday when a major number of troops surrounded the house
      and told us to surrender to a judicial decision I knew nothing about.
      The police treated us brutally and barbarically. They hurled a
      barrage of insults and physical abuse, and broke walls, the bathroom,
      windows and doors. Nothing was spared."

      The couple told Masoud, "The objective with this intense brutality
      was clearly to scare us, to intimidate us into leaving our home. And
      not only us; this was aimed at the population of the region, many of
      whom have suffered similar treatment. They are trying to force us
      out, to dictate our eviction and deportation. But we are staying
      here. We will not leave our home."

      The Palestinian neighborhood of Haifa, a city along the coast within
      Israeli boundaries, is one of dozens of areas under threat.

      A neighbor, Mohammad, says that Israeli police officers also tried to
      force the evacuation of his home, but this time by saying he owed
      30,000 shekels. Deputy Ghanyim told PNN, "There are 25 housing units
      in the neighborhood that suffer from the same problem. Arab leaders
      and competent authorities must address the issue before it is too

      Of the Abu Shimla family Ghanayim said, "The process carried out to
      evict them was a military operation organized by special units and
      this illustrates the racism and barbarism that Arab citizens are
      subjected to in the Israeli state. This would not happen to Jewish

      The Palestinian member of Israeli Knesset went on to say that, like
      Jerusalem, Haifa is undergoing an intense Judaization process.


      Al-Kurd Family Becomes Symbol of Palestinian Struggle,
      Father Dies of Sorrow, Future of the Family Unknown

      Palestine Media Center – PMC

      Mohammad al-Kurd, 62, also known as abu-Kamal, the father of a
      Palestinian family who were evicted from their home in East Jerusalem
      on November 9 by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) died at the
      weekend of sorrow after his family's eviction from the house where
      they had lived for more than 50 years.

      Abu-Kamal, a 1948 refugee from Jaffa, left behind his wife Fawzieh al-
      Kurd (umm-Kamal), five children and their families.

      Al-Khad for weeks been hospitalized due to diabetes and related
      health problems. People around him for the last couple of months
      stated that before the evacuation of his family from their home in
      Sheikh Jarrah, he was in a better condition than he had been for a
      long time. However, the Israeli authority's forceful evacuation of
      him and his family from their house, where they had been living since
      1956, put him under severe pressure and affected his condition.

      The situation for the al-Kurd family has been dramatic the last two
      weeks. While abu-Kamal was hospitalized, his wife had for two weeks
      been living in a tent, not far away from their home from which they
      were evicted, along with international peace supporters.

      Last week, Israeli police and military personnel came three times to
      demolish this tent. The last time was Friday, on November 21, when a
      representative of the Jerusalem Municipality arrived at 9:30 a.m.
      with an order stating that within two hours the tent would be

      Only ten minutes after this warning, the bulldozer came to demolish
      the tent and the fence that surrounded the privately owned land.

      Because of the lack of electricity, toilet facilities and heating
      system, umm-Kamal has been sleeping over at friends' houses some

      Palestinian sources told the Alternative Information Center (AIC),
      that the lawyer for the al-Kurd family stated two days ago that the
      demolition order of the tent came as a direct order from Israeli
      Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni. This case is apparently embarrassing
      for her.

      On November 23, at the location where the al-Kurd family has been
      living for two weeks, numerous family members, neighbors,
      international peace supporters, some Fatah members and religious
      figures came to pay their condolences for the passing of abu-Kamal.

      The body of abu-Kamal arrived and after the coffin was placed in a
      tent where all the women were waiting, the men went with the body up
      to the edge of the lot of the family's home, where umm-Kamal was
      waiting. Unfortunately, due to the Israeli authorities, it was not
      possible for the mourners to reach the home of the al-Kurd family.

      Afterwards, the men marched with the body to the al-Aqsa mosque in
      Jerusalem's Old City. Tonight, the women will begin the mourning
      period in one of the neighbor homes.

      This situation of the al-Kurd family is quickly becoming a symbol of
      the Palestinian struggle and during the funeral procession, slogans
      for Palestinian unity and liberation were chanted.

      The future of the al-Kurd family is still unknown. The family has not
      received a new evacuation order from the tent in which they currently
      reside, although an eviction order is still pending.

      According to the Jerusalem Municipality, there are plans to use the
      privately owned land on which the al-Kurd family protest tent stands
      as a parking lot.


      Um Kamal Al Kurd taking the Right of Return
      Wednesday, December 03, 2008 http://english. pnn.ps/index. php?
      option= com_content&task=view&id=4142&Itemid=1

      Occupied Jerusalem / PNN – The Kurd family is again making news after
      being forcibly expelled from their home in East Jerusalem's Sheikh
      Jarrah neighborhood. Now Um Kamal Al Kurd intends to return to her
      original home in West Jerusalem with a massive nonviolent action
      planned for Thursday.

      Last month the family moved to a tent nearby which Israeli forces
      destroyed three times. It became a beacon of popular resistance with
      hundreds of people sitting-in in solidarity.

      The father, Abu Kamal, died in a Jerusalem hospital after being
      evicted from the home he lived in since the 1950s when Jordan and the
      United Nations Relief and Works Agency created the neighborhood
      housing. The Kurd family was among thousands of East Jerusalem
      residents driven from their West Jerusalem homes by Zionists in 1948.

      Um Kamal is working to return to her original home in West Jerusalem
      with the support of a group of activists from civil society and human
      rights organizations. On Thursday the Coalition for Jerusalem will
      demand her full return.

      Today Um Kamal said that she has been expelled twice, and as such
      will return to her original home. The Coalition for Jerusalem wrote
      in a statement Wednesday, "Um Kamal Al Kurd was expelled by the
      Israeli occupying authorities for the second time at dawn on
      Thursday, 9 November 2008. The Israeli occupying forces were heavily
      armed and surrounded the Kurd family home in Sheikh Jarrah. They
      expelled the family from their home and this is the second time to
      expel the entire family. The first time was in 1948."

      The Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood houses were built by the Jordan
      authority and the UNRWA to accommodate until return the 28 families
      who were taken from their homes in 1948. Among them are original
      residents of Jaffa, Ramle and West Jerusalem. Um Kamal Al Kurd says
      she will no longer wait for the implementation of United Nations
      Resolution 194, the Right of Return. She will go home now.



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