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Hamas: Its Strange Enemies

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    Hamas: Its Strange Enemies and the Tunnel Network that Feeds Gaza Charles E. Carlson Feb 20, 2009 http://newtrendmag.org/ntma1268.htm#hamas It is a miracle
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      Hamas: Its Strange Enemies and the Tunnel Network that Feeds Gaza
      Charles E. Carlson
      Feb 20, 2009

      It is a miracle that 1.4 million Gazans have survived Israel's secret
      weapon-starvation. Israel has been throttling the flow of food and
      goods into Gaza not just for months, but for years. Recent UN press
      releases state that since Israel's "cease fire," Israel allows only a
      fraction of needed food through the produce gate into Gaza. The
      Director of Operations in Gaza for the UN Relief and Works Agency for
      Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA), John Ging, said on Feb
      5: "The Agency is responsible for feeding 900,000 refugees in Gaza,
      yet can only get food packets out at a daily rate of 30,000, giving
      an idea of just how long those at the end of the queue have to wait."

      "Hamas sweeps to election victory," the BBC headline read on January
      26, 2006. "Preliminary results give Hamas 76 of the 132 seats in the
      chamber, with the ruling Fatah party trailing on 43. The win poses
      problems for efforts to restart peace talks with Israel, say
      analysts. Israel insists it will not deal with an authority including

      Former President Jimmy Carter and a team was on hand to certify a
      free election, stating and documented that Hamas is indeed the
      political party duly elected by a democratic vote of some four
      million who live in the so-called Palestine Authority.

      There is no state of Palestine, so we respectfully refer to
      Palestinians as Philistines. Hamas and most of those it governs have
      survived an 18 month blockade of imposed starvation and a military
      attack by a world class nuclear power with weapons of mass
      destruction. Israel has killed by systematic execution some 1500
      persons, mostly civilians, and including about 400 children.
      Thousands more have been wounded and scarred for life.

      The survival of the Gazans can only be attributed to Hamas and the
      tunnel system it operates to bring additional food into Gaza. Some
      tunnels were there before Hamas, but now there is an underground
      network of tunnels that defies counting. (Note 1)

      The Philistines are survivors; they know how to work, and they know
      what they are working for. We do not know details of how hundreds of
      tunnels were dug; probably few people do. However it was
      accomplished, it could only have been Hamas that organized; financed
      and supervised the network that runs underneath the closed border
      with Egypt into the barns, homes and businesses of Egyptian
      businessmen. It has been said that operation of the tunnels is the
      biggest employer in Gaza. It provides desperately needed goods and
      food, and it generates pay checks with which to buy them.

      The Gaza tunnel operation cannot be done without currency; the
      Egyptians and Gazans must be paid for their goods and labor. Gaza
      does not have a printing press or central bank, and if it did, no one
      would take the money. Instead, they must trade with the currency of
      those around them-the Shekel, the Egyptian Pound, and we do not know
      what else. In order for Hamas to run an "underground economy,"
      someone had to provide gifts or loans of currency exchangeable for
      goods and services. I suspect supporter nations and individuals trust
      Hamas with substantial money. I also suspect a large amount of small
      business free enterprise makes this system work; it is far too
      complex to be run by any government.

      The tunnel economic system operates something like this; (1) knowing
      the United Nations cannot get by the blockade, sympathetic groups,
      nations, and individuals buy and deliver money to Hamas or to
      businessmen in Gaza through the tunnel network, perhaps in suitcases.

      (2) Businessmen, contractors and workers dig and maintain 500 miles
      or more of the small tunnels, repairing them and dragging goods and
      even animals on sleds and little wagons into Gaza for sale there.

      (3) Egyptian businessmen find the food and goods and sell it to the
      Gazan businessmen at the tunnels Egyptian portals.

      (4) Philistine men, stooped to the waist, work the tunnels under
      constant threat of being discovered and bombed while inside, but they
      are paid to do it, and with their pay, they are able to buy food for
      their families. It is a cycle of money, sweat, and hope that sustains
      life and hope in Gaza.

      We ask one simple question, how could this system feed a big city
      without a government that was reasonably honest and trusted by the
      people? It is easy to see why Israel wants the tunnel system
      destroyed. It thwarts Israel's blockade plan. As long as the network
      is open, the Philistines will survive. How can we, who say we love
      freedom, do better than to support the government that the people
      trust and that keep the tunnels for life project going?

      If the Philistines are to escape extermination it will be because
      those who should be Hamas' natural friends support it. Presently they
      do not. During the last 20 months when the US gave the Gazans
      nothing, it gave Israel several billions in military and financial
      aid. Can we not at least even up the sides by giving no more to the
      criminals than we give to their victims?.

      Those who should support Hamas include Muslims and Arabs worldwide,
      Christ followers in America who stand for life and freedom, and the
      Conservative Right, which favors constitutional representative
      government and opposes US foreign aid and bailouts. There is
      considerable overlap in the last two groups, but they are motivated
      by entirely different beliefs and goals. Israel and its Zionist
      allies have pronounced Hamas to be its enemy.

      Israel thinks it will profit from exterminating Hamas and says so
      openly. Israel's political machine sees no profit for them in a one-
      state solution with universal citizenship for all races and
      religions. For Hamas, however, success will produce that result
      because it alone will not settle for a disguised form of occupation.
      Those like CBS's Bob Simon, who says the time for a two-state
      solution has passed, are correct. The future will either bring one
      state with universal citizenship, or the current one-state policy of
      gulag like confinement and execution of the Philistines will
      continue. (note 3)

      Israel hates Hamas and seems to fear its success even though Hamas
      has no serious offensive nor any defensive weapons. But it has
      popular support. Jimmy Carter has asserted, "Jewish Zionists have for
      sixty years demonstrated they want no part of peace."

      They are the superpower bully over a defenseless, occupied opponent,
      whom they would eventfully exterminate. Knowing this, the Philistines
      cannot quit. If Israel's Zionist politicians wanted peace, there
      would have been peace for at least some period of the last 60 years;
      Since Israel has never been at peace, it is reasonable to conclude
      they do not want it.

      American Jewish Zionist leaders, including radicals David Horowitz
      and Alan Dershowitz, whom we have written about and quoted recently,
      all condemn Hamas, and, in one way or another, call for its
      extermination. These radical Zionists have no concern for facts; they
      are out to win, period. Dershowitz wrote to us personally to tell us:
      "These deaths (Gaza children) were not collateral. They were
      deliberately intended by Hamas by its willful use of human shields.
      Anyone who supports Hamas is complicit in the death of these babies--
      you included!"

      Little can be done to change radical Zionists. But the other enemies
      of Hamas should be its natural allies. Most important of these are
      found the evangelical Christian Zionists, of whom we have written and
      documented much. This large and powerful group favors a fight to the
      death with Islam for what they believe to be a religious mandate.
      This author has already defined Evangelical Zionism, written
      articles, and produced a movie on the subject.

      The other anti-Hamas group is the "anti-communist Conservative Right"
      usually associated with the Republican Party; its mouthpieces include
      fanatical propagandists Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Republican
      Rightists usually consider themselves Constitutionalists, but we do
      not find their motivation in the founding documents, but in
      the "Project for the New American Century" (PNAC) of September 2000,
      which lays out a Middle East war strategy against Islam (Note 4)
      More damaging yet to Hamas are its Arab turncoat detractors,
      including Joseph Farah of "World Net Daily," which never misses a
      chance to take a swipe at a Muslim, and Dr.M. Zuhdi Jasser, Chairman
      of the "American Islamic Forum for Democracy" an anti-Islamic Muslim
      activist who, among his many publicized speeches, debates, and media
      presentations, appeared in and supported the hate movie "Obsession,
      Radical Islam's War Against The West" and was featured in the
      controversial PBS film "Islam vs. Islamists". (Note 5)

      To these, Hamas is a "terrorist" organization and Israel is a free
      enterprise democracy. The Israeli siege on Gaza is not over; it is
      only in temporary remission for political reasons relating to US and
      Israeli elections.

      Israel has attempted to turn Hamas supporters against it by telling
      them Hamas is responsible for the suffering of their own people as a
      result of Israel's "defensive" attacks. Gazans know otherwise; they
      were suffering before Hamas came to power. Israel has launched more
      and more super bombs, even testing new and awful weapon technology on
      civilians, refusing even to allow international doctors into Gaza to
      treat their victims. Hamas responds by continuing to shoot symbolic
      junkyard-made rockets over fences and walls into its aggressor's back
      yard. Their acts are acts of defiance and are not capable of massive
      damage because most of their rockets do not explode.

      The tragedy of dead Philistine women and children can be laid at the
      feet of Hamas' natural friends, who do not support it, having bought
      the claims that the Philistines are the aggressor and therefore
      deserve whatever they get. One example is found in the pages of the
      self-professing constitutional conservative publication "The New
      American Magazine." In an article entitled "Militant Muslim
      Connection" in the February 16th issue, William Jasper joins
      Limbaugh, Hannity, Farah, Dershowitz and hundreds more in the Zionist
      press, in condemning Muslims. Of Hamas he says:

      "The Palestinian terrorist group Hamas"

      (Hamas)"The militant Islam group that wages terrorist war on non-
      believers of Islam"

      The only reason "Militant Muslim Connection" is interesting is that
      its author, Bill Jasper, helped this writer complete my own March 21,
      1994, groundbreaking story "Attacking Islam." Six years later, the
      Neo-Conservative PNAC finally admitted to my observationÂ…that the USA
      was indeed engaged in an "ideological war" against Islam. Editor
      Jasper was assigned the task of helping make my first story
      ever "acceptable" to his magazine. He cushioned my story with a 1000-
      word introduction, explaining that ideological enemies are not new to
      the USA. Today he and his publication help spread the fashionable,
      but outrageous misstatements about Hamas, and indeed all of Islam.

      "Attacking Islam" exposed a terrible war trend that has just led our
      current President Obama to assign 17,000 more Americans to
      Afghanistan. In 1994, before there was a We Hold These Truths, blogs,
      or mass Internet publishing, "Attacking Islam" needed a home, and
      found it in TNA, which has since purged the story from its archives.
      The USA had by then already destroyed Iraq and Bosnia and had
      targeted Somalia and Sudan, but few writers seemed to notice or think
      it important that all our target countries were Muslim. (Note 6)
      Most Americans believe the Zionist-controlled mainstream press, which
      tells them repeatedly that Israel is our "democratic" ally. They have
      been turned against Hamas by an ongoing campaign from this
      establishment media, joined by the Christian Zionist and Republican
      Conservative Right.

      The Philistines are the victims, isolated by hatred. Yesteryear found
      Russian peasants and workers victims of 70 years of repression and
      captivity; today it is the Philistines and Iraqis, and the Americans
      are paying for the wars, including Israel's 60-year war on its
      neighbors, and for this warmongering, Americans are hated world-wide.
      Zionism is the only winner.

      But Israel is a loser in the world public opinion scoreboard because
      most of the world's population can see for themselves that Israel
      also lost a moral battle with Hezbollah two years ago in Lebanon.
      Israel is desperate to destroy Hamas any way that works. The siege on
      Gaza had nothing to do with a few hundred worthless rockets Hamas may
      have fired that hurt practically no one. The condemnation of Hamas
      has everything to do with Israeli and US efforts to change the
      leadership of the Palestinians to bring them back under control.

      Hamas provided commitment, blood, and hope for the Philistines, but
      it is important to recognize it could not do so without some
      brutality of its own. Muslims in America should resist the temptation
      to denounce Hamas' acts of barbarism, as do World Net Daily and Dr.
      Jasser. Peace-loving Muslims want to be well thought of, but they
      should not denounce Hamas to win friends in the American media. In my
      talks to Islamic groups, I advise never to apologize for the acts of
      those who, unlike us, are under life and death pressures.

      We Hold These Truths does not support or condone brutality. We are
      pro-life, and that means we are against almost all war. In fact, we
      are all about seeking peace. But we do understand the horrors of war
      and occupation in Gaza. I saw it in 2002 and will never forget it; I
      am also in close contact with those who are there. We are very slow
      to denounce act of war by Hamas, or any Philistine because they are
      committed under the pressure of siege that most of us cannot even

      We can, however, absolutely denounce the brutality of ISRAEL, because
      these acts are by the aggressor in almost every instance for the past
      60 years. Israel has a choice. It chooses death.

      Leaders in the last three administrations have told us they were
      justified in bombing civilians and torturing humans in Guantanamo and
      Abu Ghraib prison, even though we were always the aggressors in
      Afghanistan and Iraq. There is nothing that Hamas has done in Gaza or
      Hezbollah in Lebanon that is even close to the acts of needless
      brutality committed by our own government in its wars on Islam. This
      includes Israel's gulag system that holds some 10,000 Philistines
      without charge as we speak. (Note 7)

      The next wave of propaganda attack is on the way, discrediting Hamas
      and leaving the Philistines entirely dependent upon the Palestine
      Authority's US government puppet, Mahmoud Abbas. It will attempt to
      show Hamas to be corrupt and brutal, in order to justify destroying
      the tunnel access that keeps Gazans alive.

      Years ago Israel concocted and published a plan to destroy the tunnel
      system through flooding. President Obama has now stated he needs to
      help Israel shut off the Gaza tunnel system. Israel knows that the
      tunnels are a vital source of life for Gazans and that Hamas is the
      gatekeeper of the tunnels.

      On Feb 12, Amnesty International published a press release that we
      posted in full on our website for you to read. It asserted that
      Hamas, during the Israeli siege, killed some two dozen Arabs it
      considered internal enemies and may have deliberately wounded many
      others to incapacitate them.(note 8)

      Assuming what Amnesty International reported is true, we agree this
      is inhumane. But not so inhumane as warrant an attack on it, and on a
      very small scale when compared to the many validated reports of
      Israel's murder of innocent, random civilians, many of them children.
      Amnesty International reported the fact that Israel deliberately
      destroyed the Gaza City Central Prison on December 28th, a few days
      before starting its savage destruction of Gaza. Imagine living in a
      metropolitan area where all the criminals in the prison have been
      loosed on the population!

      This is not the first time Israel destroyed the Gaza City Prison in
      order to make Gaza unsafe and ungovernable. I saw this same Gaza
      Central Prison in the spring of 2002, windows and doors blown off and
      part of the roof collapsed, deliberately destroyed by Israel to
      release the criminal element upon the people. I have photos of it,
      and a senior Palestinian Authority officer whom I interviewed in
      front of the prison told me Israel wanted the prisoners free and
      bombed the prison to free them. It seems Gazans rebuilt their prison,
      and Israel has destroyed it again.

      Hamas appears to have done what governments do when prisoners escape
      and there is no place to hold them. It tracked down some who they
      considered dangerous to their defense efforts and assassinated some
      of them. Amnesty International could have pointed out how extremely
      difficult it would be for Hamas to hold criminals and informants
      without a prison. Most wars produce accounts of executions of
      prisoners because there is no good way to hold them. A bullet has
      long been the most expedient way to keep a prisoner from escaping a
      second time, and in war this solution is used often. Hamas could
      hardly chain prisoners to bedposts while it fought Israel.

      Hamas was not handed the reigns of government after it won the
      election in 2007; it had to fight to take over. During the January 09
      bombardment, Israel dropped at least two sets of mass leaflets on
      Gazans, begging them to inform on their Hamas neighbors. Many people
      lost their homes or their lives because they were suspected of being
      relatives of Hamas activists.

      Perfectly disguised agents are everywhere in Gaza, Jewish Arabs who
      speak perfect Arabic, or simply mercenary Arabs who act as trained
      spies inside the Gaza gulag. I do not doubt for a minute that Hamas
      would assassinate someone it thought to be an agent of the enemy.
      After all, hundreds of Hamas leaders have been targeted for execution
      by the Israelis, and many of them have paid the high price of seeing
      their families murdered from the air. Would they do less when they
      think they have found an informant?

      Let's look at the total score before we judge Hamas. By any count,
      Israel killed and wounded about 500 times more people than Hamas did
      during the January invasion. And Hamas did not destroy a single
      Israeli building or home during those 20 days, as best we can tell.
      Israel left tens of thousands homeless. Hamas has taken only one
      Israeli prisoner since it was elected; Israel holds many thousands of
      Philistines in prisons under brutal conditions and without charges.
      So who is the aggressor?

      It is up to the people of Gaza to tell us if they reject Hamas. They
      voted it in. Hamas still has their support, else no one would
      negotiate with it. We Americans must stop our leaders from deciding
      by whom and how others are to be governed. These are the same leaders
      who have given us a broken, corrupt banking system and economy that
      is on the ropes. Much of the cost and cause can be tied to our
      ongoing policy of continuous war and brutality against Islamic
      states. Hamas could not be more inhumane than our leaders have been
      in Iraq, Afghanistan, Abu Ghraib, and Guantanamo. So, who are we to
      join Israel in condemning the Philistines' government?

      It was Jesus, the presumed moral guide of 200 million professing
      American Christians, who reminded us to take the timber out of our
      own eye before we try to remove the fleck from someone else's eye.
      When Evangelical Zionists again follow the clear teaching of Jesus,
      whom they call "Lord," the Philistines will have peace, and so will

      A majority of Americans believe there is a God who actually judges
      men. Many disagree by what rules He decides. Consider how God might
      view an individual who knows the Israelis are exterminating the
      Philistines with weapons America willfully provide, but who says and
      does nothing, or worse, encourages the murder. Some think the USA is,
      as a nation, undergoing Gods judgment.

      This author happens to believe God judges all people one by one, and
      not by political subdivisions. Jesus' biographers tell us; many will
      claim to be His followers in their end times, and He will say to
      them, "I never knew you." A question for those who think there might
      be a God: If God despises the murder and the abuse of the
      Philistines, or any of His Children, will He know you?

      (Note 1) The Tunnels of Gaza an underground economy and resistance
      Sara Flounders Feb 13, 2009 http://cp.whtt.org/index.php?
      (Note 2) Bob Simon of CBS News: "Gaza is the world's largest prison"
      (Note 3.) Evangelical Zionist's Dilemma: Love Your Enemy or Starve Him
      Charles E. Carlson Jan 31, 2009
      (Note 4) The Neo-Cons).
      (Note 5) "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West,"
      (Note 6) Attacking Islam, Revisited
      Charles E. Carlson Mar 21, 1994 http://whtt.org/index.php?
      (Note 7) The Lie That Justifies Mass Murder: "Hamas Hit Us First"
      Charles E. Carlson http://whtt.org/index.php?news=2&id=2770
      (Note 8) Hamas waged a deadly campaign as war devastated Gaza



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