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Erdogan urges world to recognize Hamas

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    Erdogan urges world to recognize Hamas Sun, 01 Feb 2009 http://www.presstv.ir/detail.aspx?id=84347§ionid=351020202 Turkey s Prime Minister Recep Tayyip
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      Erdogan urges world to recognize Hamas
      Sun, 01 Feb 2009

      Turkey's Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has called for
      recognition of Hamas which won a landslide victory in Palestinian

      In an interview with The Washington Post published Saturday, Recep
      Tayyip Erdogan said isolating Hamas is the reason for the ongoing
      tensions in the region.

      He criticized world leaders for failing to respect the political will
      of the Palestinian people who voted for the Palestinian resistance

      Erdogan said Hamas would have been in a different situation if the
      world had given it a chance in politics after winning elections.

      The Turkish prime minister said Hamas would not be able to change the
      situation as long as Palestine was "an open air prison".

      Hamas won the 2006 Parliamentary elections with 74 of the 132
      available seats. The rival ruling Fatah faction got only 45 seats.

      Western-backed Acting Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas of
      Fatah however fired Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniya's unity
      government in June 2007.

      Erdogan's remarks came after his recent public spat with Israel's
      President Shimon Peres, over the Israeli massacre in the Gaza Strip,
      in the world economic forum meeting on Thursday.

      On Thursday, Erdogan stormed out of the world economic forum in Davos,
      Switzerland after a heated debate with Shimon Peres on Gaza.

      Erdogan told Peres in the Forum, "Mr. Peres, you are a senior citizen
      and you speak in a loud voice. I feel that your raised voice is due to
      the guilt you feel.

      "But be sure that my voice will not be raised as yours,"

      "When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill."

      "I know very well how you hit and killed children on beaches."

      Erdogan walked off in front of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and
      other panel members complaining that his comments on the conflict were
      cut short by the Washington Post's moderator David Ignatius.

      Israel launched the military campaign against the impoverished coastal
      strip after an Israeli National Security Council assessment urged Tel
      Aviv to hinder 'elections in the Palestinian Authority at all costs'
      because it may lead to another Hamas victory.


      Erdogan receives hero's welcome
      Fri, 30 Jan 2009

      Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks to reporters after
      he receives a hero's welcome for a spat with Israel. Turkish Prime
      Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan receives a hero's welcome on his return
      home after his spat with Israel over its war on Gaza. Erdogan stormed
      off stage at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss resort of Davos on
      Thursday during a heated discussion over Israel's 23-day assault on
      the Gaza Strip.

      He told Israeli President Shimon Peres, who had launched a fiery
      defense of Tel Aviv's attack on the coastal enclave over the past
      month, that Israel "knows very well how to kill". More than 1,330
      Palestinians, a third of them children, were killed and 5,450 others
      injured since Israel waged its Cast Lead Operation against Gaza on
      December 27.

      The Turkish premier vowed he would never return to the annual
      gathering of the rich and powerful in Davos. Around 3,000 supporters
      gathered at Istanbul's Ataturk airport on Friday, waving red and white
      Turkish flags and banners reading "Conqueror of Davos" upon Erdogan
      arrival. Many carried banners denouncing Israel, a move which raises
      concern among the Jewish State as Ankara is its closest ally in the
      Islamic world.

      "I did what I had to do," Erdogan told reporters gathered at the
      airport, adding, "I cannot remain apathetic when it comes to these
      things, it's just not in my nature. I am duty-bound to defend the
      honor of my country." He said that he was not "at heart a diplomat but
      a politician."


      It is Time to Say "Enough"
      Gilad Atzmon

      It was rather encouraging to see PM Erdogan standing up for a humanist
      cause in Davos. But it didn't really take me by complete surprise.
      Once again it has been proven that as far as humanity and ethics are
      concerned, Islam and Muslim leaders are at the forefront together with
      only very few decent popular leaders such as Chavez and Morales.

      At the end of the day, it was PM Erdogan who opened his mouth and told
      the world leaders present that which they should have grasped on their
      own a long time ago. While Western leaders kept silent about Israeli
      war crimes, it was PM Erdogan who stood up for the truth, telling
      President Peres that his hands were soaking with children's blood.
      'You are raising your voice Mr Peres because you are submerged with
      guilt.' I may as well note that unlike PM Erdogan, I myself wouldn't
      count on President Peres' conscience. The old man has spent the best
      part of his adult life amongst the leading policy makers of a racist
      state. His name is intrinsically linked with numerous massacres. As if
      this is not enough, Peres was also a leading figure behind the
      notorious Israeli WMD project. I guess that if there is any humanity
      in Peres, it must be very well hidden indeed.

      For years it has become clear that the Palestinian people have been
      facing almost alone the most devastating form of state terrorism. And
      yet, in spite of the crimes against humanity repeatedly conducted by
      the Jewish state, whether it was ethnic cleansing, massacres, land
      confiscation, or even just racist laws, the Western world kept silent.
      It always kept silent. Absolutely nothing had been done to stop
      American and Western support of the Jewish state. Nothing had been
      done to halt the constant flow of weapons and lethal ammunition from
      America to Israel. Nothing had been done to curtail the devastating
      influence of Jewish political lobbies in Western capitals. Time after
      time we have been watching American-made F16 planes decorated with the
      Star of David dropping bombs on innocent civilians. Yet, not a single
      Western state leader had the elementary ethical integrity to stand up
      and say, NO more, enough is enough.

      I know very well, it is not easy to support the Palestinian people. As
      much as we support their cause, their right of return and their
      struggle for liberation, empathic feelings of solidarity with
      Palestinians had over and over again been shattered very successfully
      by Israeli and Jewish well financed and dedicated pressure groups.

      For decades we have been terrorized by institutional Jewish political
      lobbies. Politicians are intimidated on a regular basis but it goes
      further. As bizarre as it may sound, in the solidarity movement we
      hardly hear the voice of any major leading intellectuals, poets,
      artists or academics. It is not that artists and academics fail to
      support the Palestinian cause. Quite the opposite, every ethical
      person on the planet supports the Palestinians, yet, everyone who
      expresses support of Palestinians' rights is immediately bullied into
      submission by a bunch of relentless Zionist operators. For many years,
      Jewish lobbies have been pretty effective in silencing and targeting
      any form of criticism of Israel by labeling it as anti-Semitic.

      However, the tide is rapidly turning. Israel's latest spectacle of
      brutality in Gaza had a very big impact indeed. It had left no room
      for doubt: to save what is left of humanity and the notion of humanism
      is to save the Palestinians from Israeli cruelty. Every humanist
      agrees that Israel must be stopped. Its military and political
      leadership must be brought to justice. Its military destructive
      capacity must be reduced to zero. Unfortunately we cannot count on
      Western leaders. They have all failed all the way through. PM Erdogan
      however, has managed to plant a glimpse of hope in our bleeding hearts.

      Saving all of us from the display of Israeli brutality is not an
      option anymore. It is an urgent necessity. As much as it will save the
      lives of Palestinians, as much it will save our young children from
      the sight of Biblical carnage in its making, dismantling Israel power
      is also a necessary move that will save the Israelis from themselves
      and their proven lethal inclinations. It may also save world Jewry of
      the grave disaster Israel is set to bring on them unless they are stopped.

      There is not much time on our side. According to some polls 94% of the
      Israelis supported the attack in Gaza. 92% supported the air raids
      against Palestinians. As we can discern, there is no force in Israel
      that can stop this deadly enthusiasm. The Israelis cannot save
      themselves from themselves. For the sake of world peace we must
      confront them using every possible measure within our disposal to
      bring them towards an elementary humane understanding and ethical

      I am deeply grateful for the words of PM Erdogan, and like millions
      around the world who have shown their approval of his actions at
      Davos, I am grateful for his ethical stance.





      New Trend Congratulates the Turkish people for Prime Minister
      Erdogan's rebuttal of Israeli terrorist Shimon Peres.

      January 30: When the Turkish Prime Minister returned from the
      Economic Summit in Davos, large crowds gathered to congratulate him
      for his reply to Peres, the president of the terrorist entity known as
      Israel. Others left flowers at Erdogan's home. At Davos, Shimon Peres
      had started the usual Israeli story that all those civilians in Gaza
      had to be killed because of the rockets being fired into Israel.
      Erdogan replied:

      "When it comes to killing, you know very well how to kill."
      The Israeli terrorist raised his voice to claim that Israel is the
      victim! [One has to be a Jew to believe such nonsense --Editor]
      Prime Minister Erdogan replied:

      "President Peres, you are older than me and your voice is very loud.
      The reason for you raising your voice is the psychology of guilt ... I
      know very well how you hit and killed children on the beaches."
      The prime minister's wife, Emine - who this month organised a Women
      For Peace In Palestine lunch for the wives of Islamic dignitaries -
      also became involved, bursting into tears after telling reporters that
      "everything Peres said was a lie".

      Earlier Erdogan had called Israel's rampage into Gaza a "crime
      against humanity" and demanded Israel's expulsion from the UN.
      Most shockingly, David Ignatius of the Washington Post, who was
      moderating the debate, cut off Erdogan's reply, while he had given
      maximum time to Peres. [Source: British paper the Guardian.]

      [Slowly but steadily, Islam is rising in Turkey. Remember that
      Turkey was once the sword arm of Islam. -Editor] [American Jews are
      preparing to bring up the Armenian issue to embarrass Turkey -editor]



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