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    Bishop Williamson on 9/11 and the Holocaust I wish Muslim Imams and other religious leaders would have half as much courage and devotion to truth as this
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 1, 2009
      Bishop Williamson on 9/11 and the Holocaust

      I wish Muslim Imams and other religious leaders would have half as
      much courage and devotion to truth as this Bishop does. May the
      Creator bless and protect him.

      http://www.youtube com/watch? v=k6C9BuXe2RM

      http://www.youtube com/watch? v=R5q23ezr8DE& feature=related

      http://www.youtube com/watch? v=ooGBMFShUVo


      Auxiliary Bishop Williamson:
      "None of the Jews died as a result of gas in gas chambers"
      National Journal

      Those persecuted holocaust researchers, those truth-bringers, are now
      being supported by a strong Catholic Congregation. Richard
      Williamson, the Auxiliary Bishop of The St. Pius X brotherhood, has
      publicly sided with the revisionists. The St. Pius X brotherhood and
      the revisionists, a phalanx to persue the mission of truth.

      The following is an excerpt of a SPIEGEL-article (Der Spiegel, no.
      4/2009, page 33):

      Monsignore Williamson:
      "In the matter of the holocaust I associate with the revisionists.
      None of the Jews died as a result of gas in gas chambers."

      An event which took place on the sidelines of a deaconing at the end
      of last year on All Saints Day can only severely damage the in any
      case tense relations between Catholics and Jews.

      Williamson travelled to Zaitkofen (near Regensburg, Germany) where
      the Society operate a seminary in a small baroque castle to make a
      Swedish convert, Sten Sandmark into a deacon of the Society. As his
      departure from the Protestant church was taken as a scandal in the
      far north, a Stockholm TV reporter Ali Fagan was there. After the
      deaconing, they both placed themselves in the chapel for an interview
      in front of the camera.

      Talk turned to the Nazis. One sees in the film Williamson breathing
      in and then says he does not believe six million Jews to have been

      To the surprised counter-question "Were there no gas chambers?" "I
      believe there were no gas chambers, yes".

      In the matter of the Holocaust, he associated himself with
      the "revisionists" who believe that "two to three hundred thousand
      Jews died in Nazi concentration camps. But none of them died as a
      result of gas in gas chambers".

      Then the cleric talked much about technically unsuitable chimney
      heights and unsuitable, as they could not be sealed, doors which can
      still be seen by tourists in Auschwitz. "if this is not anti-
      semitism" added the interviewer, "what is it then?"

      Bishop Williamson "If anti-semitism is bad, it is against the truth.
      When something is true, it is not bad. I am not interested in the
      word anti-semitism".

      SVT1 will show the one hour long documentary film on Wednesday [21
      January 2009] this week on the programme "Uppdrag granskning" "The
      Task of Checking" and it will also be available on the internet.

      The Central Council of Jews in Germany is now going to examine
      whether a legal case will be possible as denial of the holocaust is a
      crime in Germany.

      Swedish TV (SVT1), Wednesday, 21 January 2009, "Uppdrag granskning"

      Auxiliary Bishop Williamson:
      "Not one Jew died by gassing in gas chambers."

      Bishop Williamson, are these your words? "There was not one Jew
      killed by the gas chambers! It was all lies, lies, lies." Are these
      your words?

      You are quoting from Canada, I believe, yes. Many years ago. I
      believe that the historical evidence, is hugely against six million
      Jews have been deliberately gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate
      policy of Adolf Hitler.

      But you say not one Jew was killed.

      In gas chambers, I say.

      So, there was no gas chamber?

      I believe there were no gas chambers, yes. I think, as far as I have
      studied the evidence, I am not going by emotion, as far as I have
      understood the evidence, I think, for instance, people who are
      against what is very widely believed today, about quote on quote, the
      holocaust, I think that people, those people conclude, the
      revisionists, as they are called, I think, the most serious conclude,
      that between 200- and 300.000 Jews perished in Nazi concentration
      camps, but not one of them by gassing in gas chambers.

      You may have heard of the Leuchter Report? Fred Leuchter was an
      expert in gas chambers. He designed three gas chambers for three
      states, three of the 50 United States for the execution criminals. So
      he knew what is involved. And he studied what the supposed gas
      chambers in Germany, at some point of the 1980s, what remains of the
      supposed gas chambers, the crematoria in Birkenau, Auschwitz for
      instance. And his conclusion, his expert conclusion was, it is
      impossible that this could have ever served for the gassing of large
      numbers of people. Because cyanide gas is very dangerous. If you,
      let's suppose you gas 300 people that you crowded into a chamber and
      you gas them. ... It is very dangerous to go in and pull out the
      corpses. Because one weave of gas that is trapped in the cloths will
      kill the person. It is extremely dangerous.

      Once you have gassed people you got to evacuate the gas. To evacuate
      the gas you need a high chimney. If it is a low chimney the gas goes
      to the pavement and kills anybody walking by. You need a high
      chimney, forgot how high it must be. If there was a high chimney then
      the shadow most of the day would have fallen on the ground and the
      allied aerial photographers that flew over the camp would have picked
      the shadows of these chimneys. There were never any such shadows,
      there was no such chimney. In which case the Fred Leuchter
      testimony: "there can't have been any gas chambers". He looks at the
      doors. The doors have to be absolutely airtight. Otherwise again, the
      gas escapes and kills the people outside. The doors of the gas
      chambers that they show to the tourists at Auschwitz are absolutely
      not airtight. They are absolutely not.

      What you are saying now is, the holocaust never occurred, not in the
      way historians see it today.

      I am going by what I am judged to be, the historical evidence,
      according to people who have observed and examined that evidence. I
      believe what they conclude, if they change their conclusion, I'll be
      likely to follow their conclusion because I think they are judged by
      the evidence. I think that two to threehundredthousand Jews perished
      in Nazi concentration camps, but none by gas chamgbers.

      If this is not anti-Semitism, what is it then?

      If anti-Semitism is bad, it is against the truth. If something is
      true, it is not bad. I am not interested in the word anti-Semitism.
      The word is very dangerous.

      The Bishop [unknow what bishop] calls you an anti-Semite.

      The bishop can call me what he likes. He can call me a dinosaur, he
      can call me an idiot. It is not a question of name calling. It is a
      question of historical truth. Historical truth goes by evidence and
      not by emotion.

      There has certainly been a huge explotation. Germany has paid out
      billions and billions of deutschmarks and now euros, because the
      Germans have a guilt complex about their having gassed six million
      Jews. But I don't think six million Jews were gassed. But be careful,
      this is against the law in Germany. You could have me thrown into
      prison before I leave Germany. I hope this is not your intention.


      Bishop who denied Holocaust apologizes to pope

      VATICAN CITY (AP) — A bishop recently rehabilitated by Pope Benedict
      XVI has apologized to the pontiff for the "distress and problems" he
      caused by denying the Holocaust.

      Bishop Richard Williamson, who recently denied that 6 million Jews
      were murdered during the Holocaust, is calling his
      remarks "imprudent" as he expresses his regrets in a letter posted on
      Friday on his personal blog.

      The bishop also thanks the pope for lifting the excommunication that
      the Vatican had imposed on him 20 years earlier because he had been
      elevated to bishop's rank by a renegade, ultraconservative prelate.

      Williamson's denial of the Holocaust in a recent interview on Swedish
      TV sparked a storm of protest from Jewish groups and others.

      VATICAN CITY (AP) — An Israeli government official said Friday that
      the Jewish state has good relations with the Vatican despite a recent
      controversy over Pope Benedict XVI's decision to readmit an
      ultraconservative bishop who denies the Holocaust to the Roman
      Catholic Church.

      Israel's ambassador to the Holy See, Mordechay Lewy, said that "the
      climate is good" and that there is "a lot of potential for the
      cooperation" between the Vatican and Israel.

      Relations between Israel and the Vatican suffered a blow last week
      when Benedict lifted the excommunication of Richard Williamson and
      three other bishops of the ultraconservative Society of St. Pius X.

      The bishops were excommunicated 20 years ago after they were
      consecrated by the late traditionalist Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
      without papal consent — a move the Vatican said at the time was an
      act of schism.

      Jewish groups denounced the Vatican for having embraced a Holocaust
      denier and Israel's chief rabbinate, the country's highest Jewish
      body, severed ties with the Vatican.

      On Wednesday, Pope Benedict XVI said he feels "full and indisputable
      solidarity" with Jews and warned against any denial of the full
      horror of the Nazi genocide.

      Lewy made his comments on the sidelines of the presentation of a
      ccatalogof ancient Hebrew manuscripts that are kept at the Vatican
      library. He called the ccataloga "milestone" for Vatican-Israel
      cultural collaboration.

      The ccatalog compiled with the help of Jewish cultural institutions,
      lists around 800 manuscripts on subjects like religion, philosophy,
      astronomy, medicine and literature.


      Vatican is unflinching on Holocaust-Revisionist
      January 28, 2009
      By Duke Helfand, Sebastian Rotella and reporting from Madrid

      The Vatican stood firm Tuesday on a decision to rehabilitate a
      Holocaust-Revisionist bishop, even as Jewish leaders warned that the
      move will set back decades of Roman Catholic overtures to mend
      strained relations between the two faiths.

      The Vatican's embrace of Williamson has incensed Jewish groups in the
      United States and Europe, who noted that Catholic-Jewish relations
      have warmed since the 1960s, when the Second Vatican Council issued a
      groundbreaking condemnation of anti-Semitism.

      "This is an astounding departure," said Rabbi Marvin Hier, founder of
      the Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles. "It violates all of the
      goodwill of Vatican II, where the church said that . . . the long
      history of hatred toward Jews, silence toward Jews during the
      Holocaust is a thing of the past."

      In an interview broadcast on Swedish television days before the pope
      lifted his excommunication Saturday, Williamson said: "I believe that
      the historical evidence is hugely against 6 million Jews having been
      deliberate ly gassed in gas chambers as a deliberate policy of Adolf
      Hitler. I believe there were no gas chambers."

      He added: "I think that 200,000 to 300,000 Jews perished in Nazi
      concentration camps, but none of them by a gas chamber."

      Lombardi said the Vatican expected some negative response but has
      been surprised by the reaction. "We are sorry, and we hope that the
      Jewish world understands that this decision has nothing to do with
      Williamson's ideas," he said.

      Among those not in the loop, according to one source, was Cardinal
      Walter Kasper, who oversees the Vatican department that handles
      Jewish relations.

      "The Vatican was not prepared for the firestorm that resulted," said
      the Rev. Thomas J. Reese, a Jesuit priest and senior fellow at the
      Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University. "If the White
      House did this kind of thing, everybody would say they were tripping
      over each other and weren't organized."

      The fallout among Jewish leaders continues.

      "Given the centuries-old history of anti-Semitism in the church, this
      is a most troubling setback," Abraham H. Foxman, the Anti-Defamation
      League's national director and a Holocaust survivor, said in a

      Amid the outcry, the Vatican has moved swiftly to defend the pope's
      decision and his record of condemning the Holocaust and anti-Semitism.

      On Tuesday, Vatican Radio devoted a program to the Holocaust,
      highlighting the pope's efforts to reach out to Jews, including his
      2006 visit to the Auschwitz concentration camp in Poland.



      A Catholic bishop has been silenced by his superiors for doubting the
      existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz

      By Michael Hoffman
      Jan. 28, 2009

      There is a rather startling hue and cry for the head of Bishop
      Richard Williamson, the Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) bishop who
      doubts the existence of execution gas chambers in Auschwitz-Birkenau,
      and whose excommunication, along with that of his three brother
      bishops, has been lifted by Pope Benedict XVI.

      Extraordinary misrepresentations amounting to false witness have been
      made against this bishop and World War II revisionists in general.
      Ignorant persons who have never read a revisionist text have
      concocted wild fantasies about the character of revisionists and what
      they believe.

      Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, the founder of the SSPX who was an
      implacable foe of Judaism, is being made out to be a prelate solely
      focused on restoring the old Latin Mass, as if that restoration
      alone, separated from all the ills that beset us, is a panacea. This
      is an error which Msgr. Lefebvre never indulged. He insisted on the
      Kingship of Christ in our culture and society. How can such kingship
      exist when an enormous homicidal gas chamber fraud shackles the minds
      of millions of Christians?

      Some considerable portion of the constituency of the traditional
      Catholic movement consists of middle class reactionaries and
      aesthetes almost exclusively concerned with protocol and looking good
      in the eyes of the Vatican and the world, so as to have at their
      disposal a lovely liturgy, music, incense, bells and candles.
      Christ's radical teaching is not part of their gestalt, and I venture
      to say they would be embarrassed by Him if He were among them today,
      since He had a tendency to utter harsh truths about Pharisaic Judaism
      in very public venues, something considered bad form for those
      engaged in lobbying the Vatican (and the Zionist media!) today.

      Whether or not Bishop Williamson "denies" the existence of execution
      gas chambers operating in Auschwitz-Birkenau, should not in the least
      effect his standing in the Church of Christ, or his right to speak,
      teach and publish, anymore than Neocon Catholics who deny that the
      recent Israeli massacre of 1300 Palestinians, including 400 children,
      some of them burned by phosphorous poison gas (irony of ironies),
      lose any standing in the hierarchy, or their local church, with their
      abject denial of the Israeli holocaust against Arabs.

      God said, "My ways are not your ways," but many of Richard
      Williamson's detractors imagine God to be as the Talmud envisions
      him, a subsidiary of the ruling Sanhedrin, the rabbinic judiciary
      before whom we are all expected to genuflect, swallowing their
      outrageous exaggerations and lies in order that we may be considered
      good little boy scouts.

      One is free to reject or embrace Bishop Williamson's views, but we
      should all defend his right to express them, especially in light of
      the fact that some "Holocaust survivors" seem to think that their
      suffering under the Nazis (both real and imagined), gives them a
      license to massacre the indigenous inhabitants of Palestine with

      If Bishop Williamson's courageous remarks, however ill-timed, cause
      us to think twice about the alibi for Israeli genocide, then people
      of good will should be heartened. Instead, we witness the sorry
      spectacle of prissy Catholic school marms frantically running amok,
      seeking to smooth the ruffled feathers of rabbis whose talons are
      fresh with the blood of Gaza.

      Holocaustianity is the last truly believe d state religion in the
      otherwi se agnostic West. Auschwitz has replaced the Resurrection as
      the central ontological event in our history, a substitution easy to
      prove: no one goes to jail for denying the Resurrection. Meanwhile
      revisionists are serving long prison sentences in Europe for doubting
      the homicidal gas chamber icon. Among those prisoners of conscience
      is the brilliant, former Max Planck Institute doctoral candidate in
      chemistry, Germar Rudolf.

      Far from complimenting Christianity, as the Vatican imagines,
      Holocaustianity is its deadly rival for the hearts and minds of
      mankind. The typical "ultimate lesson of the Holocaust" imparted in
      the synagogues dedicated to the Six Million idol which masquerade as
      "holocaust history museums," hold that the historic Christian faith,
      as recorded in the Gospel of John and implemented by the early and
      medieval church, inevitably fostered the "evil bigotry" that "paved
      the way for the mass gassings in Auschwitz."

      In spite of the thundering anathemas of the prostitute press and the
      prelates of newchurch, how can any true shepherd submit to this false
      religion and its Orwellian "Holocaust" Newspeak, which at its core
      represents the pernicious and perpetual libel of Jesus Christ and His
      authentic disciples?

      Speak on, Bishop Williamson, the victims of counterfeit-Israel desire
      that you give voice to the agony of the oppressed and the bondage of
      the free.

      Hoffman is the author of "Judaism Discovered: A Study of the
      Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and


      The Crucifixion of Bishop Williamson
      Truth is Beauty

      "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free".. Am I
      therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

      As I observe the vilification of Bishop Williamson occurring in the
      Catholic blogosphere, I can't help but recall the gospel account of
      the crucifixion of Christ Himself. For with the exception of the
      Blessed Mother and St. John, the rest of His apostles had abandoned
      Him, quaking in their boots "for fear of the Jews" (John 19:38).

      Fast forward 20 centuries and something eerily similar seems to be
      happening again. Only this time, the person being abandoned and
      crucified is Bishop Richard Williamson of the Society of St. Pius X.
      And what was his crime, pray tell? It seems His Excellency has a
      penchant for speaking the truth to power, something Our Lord Himself
      was not afraid to do, including the following flamer - right to the
      Pharisees' faces (John 8:44):

      Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will
      do. He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth,
      because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh
      of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it.

      Now that is politically incorrect! Good thing Jesus isn't around in
      human form these days or He just might just find himself in a German
      prison, like Ernst Zundel or Germar Rudolf, or anyone else who dares
      to question the Holocaust™. Because I am convinced that if Jesus were
      still alive on this earth in human form, there would be no shortage
      of Christians dutifully denouncing Him as a threat to Jewish-
      Christian relations! It really has become that pathetic.

      Bishop Williamson is personally responsible for the fact that I am no
      longer a sedevacantist and that I pray day and night for the
      conversion of the Jews. I no longer feel that same level of toxic
      bitterness coursing through my veins when I think of all that we (of
      the post-Conciliar generation) have suffered as a result of having
      been thrown under the bus by those who should have protected us. I
      see it all in spiritual terms now, and I realize that it is not for
      me to understand why things have gone so wrong in the Church, and, by
      default, in society. But it is my duty to be the best Catholic woman
      I can be, to try to be a light to others, and always to speak the
      truth in charity. Charity is just another word for love. Thank you,
      Your Excellency.

      And this is the man they're persecuting! A man who for the last 20
      years has brought the Traditional Latin Mass to millions of the
      faithful, baptized their children, heard their confessions, and
      maintained tradition, while staying faithful to Archbishop Marcel
      Lefebvre. To those traditional Catholics who are now throwing Bishop
      Williamson under the bus, I say, shame, shame, shame! They would
      probably throw Christ Himself under the bus if He dared to question
      the Holocaust™. I don't know definitively how many Jews died in
      concentration camps during World War II. But I do find it awfully
      suspicious that people are thrown in jail for questioning an
      historical event. (And even more disturbing that so many Americans
      don't seem to have a problem with that, as we brag about our freedom
      of speech.) The Holocaust has become like a secular dogma that cannot
      be questioned on pain of imprisonment or shunning.

      But if six million Jews really were killed in concentration camps,
      you would think that professional investigations would be welcomed,
      using the latest forensic technology to verify the event. After all,
      I don't know of any other group of genocide victims that refuses to
      allow investigations. But when even the Auschwitz museum has lowered
      the number of Jews killed there from 4 million to 1.5 million, and
      Red Cross records reveal far fewer than 1 million deaths, it does not
      bode well for the number six million. Unless there's a new kind of
      math where six million minus any sum must always equal six million.

      No one is denying that a significant number of Jews died in
      concentration camps under Hitler, who would not otherwise have died
      had they not been rounded up and placed in camps without due process
      of law. But there were many others who died in those camps besides
      Jews, and even many other Holocausts. Let's start with the tens of
      millions of Christians killed in the Soviet Union under (mainly)
      Jewish Communists. It's time for the truth to come out about all
      genocides. Let the healing begin.

      By giving his honest opinion about an historical event, with no
      hatred in his heart, Bishop Williamson is now being shunned by the
      very people who should be standing beside him. But I'm convinced that
      many of these same turncoats wonder themselves why scientists are
      being thrown in jail for questioning the Holocaust, but they don't
      have the ***** to say it out loud! If there's any hope of restoring
      Christendom, it's going to take men with courage and testosterone.
      Men like Bishop Williamson, who, despite his vow of celibacy, is more
      manly than the panty waists who can't denounce him fast enough! These
      cowards are terrified that they won't be able to get a rabbinic
      imprimatur for their next book, or God forbid, get their books
      published at all.

      I understand what the trads are saying, that Bishop Williamson's
      controversial opinions will somehow set back SSPX/Vatican relations
      in light of their recent rehabilitation. And I am grateful to the
      Holy Father for his kind gestures, namely, the lifting of the
      excommunications and the Motu Proprio allowing the Latin Mass. But
      the truth is that the SSPX should never have been excommunicated in
      the first place, unless all of our saints and ancestors should have
      been excommunicated as well. And my generation never should have been
      deprived of the Traditional Latin Mass in the first place, according
      to the infallible bull Quo Primum. So while it's nice that they've
      (finally) acknowledged that the Latin Mass was never officially
      abrogated, that doesn't do a whole lot of good for my generation
      whose birthright was officially stolen! How many lives and souls have
      been lost in the last 40 years as a result of this atrocity? Only the
      Good Lord knows, and we must trust in Him to enlighten the heart of
      Pope Benedict to turn back from this disastrous course (although I
      wouldn't hold my breath). But it sure is nice to have a Catholic hero
      like Bishop Williamson who speaks the truth in charity, and who,
      history will show, was on the right side all along. As St. Paul once
      said (Gal. 4:16):

      Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

      Apparently so, in the case of Bishop Williamson. But in the words of
      Our Blessed Savior (John 8:32):

      Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.



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