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Time for Arabs to Win

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    Time for Arabs to Win Monday, January 26, 2009 by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni@aol.com) eaazi.blogspot.com === Saudi patience is running out
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      Time for Arabs to Win
      Monday, January 26, 2009
      by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni@...)


      Saudi patience is running out


      In his recent Financial Times column entitled Saudi patience is
      running out, Saudi Prince Turki al-Faisal writes:

      When Israel deliberately kills Palestinians, appropriates their
      lands, destroys their homes, uproots their farms and imposes an
      inhuman blockade on them; and as the world laments once again the
      suffering of the Palestinians, people of conscience from every corner
      of the world are clamouring for action. Eventually, the kingdom will
      not be able to prevent its citizens from joining the worldwide revolt
      against Israel. Today, every Saudi is a Gazan, and we remember well
      the words of our late King Faisal: "I hope you will forgive my
      outpouring of emotions, but when I think that our Holy Mosque in
      Jerusalem is being invaded and desecrated, I ask God that if I am
      unable to undertake Holy Jihad, then I should not live a moment more."
      The emotion is understandable, but there is more than one way to run
      a jihad, and the Saudis should choose a strategy to win.

      Here are the steps.

      Always keep in mind that no compromise with Zionism is possible and
      that Zionists are the enemies of God and the human race!

      Reject all requests from the US government for loans to support the
      US economy because the money would go directly to Israel to kill
      Arabs and Muslims.

      Start reading my blog. [eaazi.blogspot.com]. No one knows more about
      non-exceptionalist properly contextualized Jewish studies, Zionism,
      and Jewish political economy since the beginning of the 19th century
      than I.

      Support my effort to complete Judonia Rising: The Israel Lobby and
      American Society, [http://eaazi.blogspot.com/2008/05/fight-judonia-
      now-or-never.html] which identifies the threat that Zionism and the
      Zionist Virtual Colonial Motherland (Judonia) represents to the USA
      and the whole world.

      Support Jewish studies institutes, whose purpose is like that of my

      to debunk the falsehoods at the core of modern Jewish historiography

      to provide an accurate understanding of Jewish history, politics and

      so that Jews and non-Jews will be able to stand up to Zionist
      intimidation and manipulation.

      Create a set of investment funds to use the resources of the American
      Muslim community to create a class of American citizens capable of
      opposing Zionist political economic oligarchs so that my Anti-Zionist
      Strategy for Muslim Americans can be optimally implemented [See

      Anti-Zionize American pop-culture via acquisitions, investments, and
      development of anti-Zionist social networking to counteract corrupt
      Jewish academic-media-governmental-regulatory-legal-public-services-
      philanthropic social networking.

      Here are two example screenplays of the types of movies and
      television programs that Americans should be watching:

      Devorah's Two Weddings

      Two Weeks in September.

      Popular culture determines American perception of American interests.
      Once pop culture identifies Zionists as the enemy, the USA will move
      swiftly to abolish the State of Israel, to seize Zionist assets
      (under anti-terrorism laws), to eradicate Zionism, and to try
      Zionists for crimes against humanity.

      The anti-Zionist project should require an investment of less than $1
      billion and probably less than $500 million. In the end, it should be
      profitable and pay at least part of the cost for the restoration of
      Palestine and for compensating the victims of Zionist crimes.

      The reconstruction of the world economic system without the corrupt
      influence of Zionism will be a side-effect of the anti-Zionist


      Zionist Infestation Causes US Incompetence

      Saving America, Ending Zionist Tyranny
      by Joachim Martillo (ThorsProvoni@...)
      Saturday, January 17, 2009

      Professor Walt's blog entry entitled Crisis of Confidence refers to
      Pfaff's December column The Question of American Incompetence.
      Pfaff's September 27, 2005 article entitled American Incompetence
      addressed the same issue.

      The failures of Katrina truly resulted from incompetence and probably
      reflected in large part the Friedmanite mania for privatization that
      invariably results in the destruction of the public sector
      infrastructural knowledge base.

      In contrast, the real issue in Iraq has been policy-making by Jewish
      Zionists and brain-washed Friedmanites, who like Cheney have been
      enmeshed in Neocon/Jabotinskian Zionist foreign policy ideas. (No one
      should be surprised that Friedmanism and Jabotinskianism respresent
      two sides of the same perverted Jewish Zionist mentality.)

      Zionism is like Slavery in the 1850s the issue that consumes
      everything else.

      Read Pfaff's articles carefully. Pfaff is really using coded language
      because he knows very well

      that Neocons represented a Jewish special interest dominating Iraq
      policy as Heilbrunn has demonstrated and
      that Neocon ideas about Iraq were based in Zionist propaganda of the
      20s and 30s.
      The problem of Jewish Zionist special interest networking is
      pervasive throughout US society.

      Jewish Zionist academic clods are too numerous to list, but consider
      that the much lauded Ruth Wisse, who has had Jewish education up that
      wazoo, has less command of Yiddish idiom of the late 19th and early
      20th century than I, who have learned Yiddish while I worked in
      various NY and NJ neighborhoods where Yiddish was still commonly
      spoken. See Honoring Wisse, Insulting Walt and Wisse Kokht Kugl Mit
      Khazershmaltz!. Is it surprising

      that the Zionist-Goebbels Martin Peretz paid for Wisse's
      professorship and

      that Wisse and Sen. Lieberman are mechutanim?
      Would Bill Kristol be where he is in media without his Jewish Zionist
      connections? He was a moron when I knew him as a graduate student.
      Charles Sennott was so dumbfounded by Kristol's idiotic performance
      in several recent undergraduate class lectures at Harvard College
      that he broke the rules of academic courtesy and challenged Kristol
      before the students.

      Bernie Madoff used the corrupt Jewish Zionist social, academic, and
      regulatory networks to run his scam.

      The problem of corrupt Jewish networking extends well beyond the US
      as this comment about Nobel prizes argues.

      Yet of all nations the USA has probably been most harmed by corrupt
      Jewish Zionist networking, and it is hard to take the US seriously in
      terms of either rationality (especially in issues relating to the ME)
      or in terms of general competence as long as so many Jewish Zionist
      clowns are in high positions of authority, scholarship,
      responsibility or power throughout the USA.

      In the ME foreign policy area incompetence is merely a euphemism for
      racist Jewish Zionism extremism and fanaticism.

      Because US ME foreign policy is so severely compromised, Arab and
      Middle East nations should simply refuse to deal with Jewish Zionist
      US government officials.

      No bigger issue in the USA exists today in US domestic or foreign
      policy than how to deal with the Jewish Zionists in our government
      and society.

      As atrocious as the Gaza slaughter has been, it provides the
      opportunity for decent Americans to work for the criminalization of
      Zionism through uniform enforcement of the anti-terrorism laws for
      Jews and non-Jews.

      The brutal deaths of so many Gazan children over the past weeks may
      serve to prevent more Palestinians and Americans from being
      sacrificed on the altar of Jewish Zionist barbism and manipulation by
      providing the legal basis

      for the purging of Zionists from positions of power and authority
      throughout American society and

      for the wholesale arrest, trial, conviction and incarceration of both
      the Zionist intelligentsia and also Zionist political economic
      oligarchy, which are plaguing the world.

      The animalistic bloodthirstiness of practically all the Zionist
      invaders of Stolen and Occupied Palestine during the War on Gaza
      proves unequivocally that they must be removed from the region and
      dispersed so that they can be punished and rendered harmless.



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