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You Have the Right to Airport Harassment

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    You Have the Right to Airport Harassment http://www.talkingpointsmemo.com/talk/blogs/allison_kilkenny/2008/10/y ou-have-the-right-to-airport.php#comments Her
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2009
      You Have the Right to Airport Harassment

      Her name is Helen, a Muslim woman in her mid-twenties. She's scared
      to talk to me even though I've told her that I will change her name
      for my article so the authorities will have no idea who she is.

      "I'm an easy target for this kind of thing," she says, gesturing to
      the hijab secured around her head.

      Helen was traveling through JFK airport security when she was flagged
      for further screening. She says she's gotten used to this kind of
      treatment. However, the usual security treatment then took a strange
      turn. A Transportation Security Administration (TSA) employee asked
      to see Helen's I-Phone.

      Helen tells me she was hesitant to hand over her new $400 phone, and
      she was unclear as to why she had turn over her private property in
      order to board a plane.

      "He said it could be used as a weapon," she explains, shrugging. The
      shrugs says: So what was I supposed to do?

      Helen gave the TSA employee her phone, and he proceeded to search
      through her list of contacts. Explaining the incident, Helen still
      squirms in her seat, and I can tell how violated the treatment made
      her feel.

      The TSA employee then explained he would have to take her phone for
      further inspection, and that Helen could reclaim it later at the
      airport help desk. At this point in her story, Helen throws up her
      hands in exasperation.

      When Helen went to reclaim her phone, the airport employees claimed
      they couldn't find it.

      "I said, 'No, no, no. Look, I have his name! I was just here!' They
      looked at me like I was crazy. They said, 'Sorry, your phone isn't

      This kind of story isn't uncommon. Understandably upset and furious,
      Helen went home to vent to her friends. To her surprise, many of her
      Muslim friends said they too had experienced this kind of airport

      "Items get stolen at the airport all the time by TSA staff," says Udi
      Ofer, the New York Civil Liberties Union's advocacy director.

      In the United States, the Fourth Amendment protects citizens against
      unreasonable searches and seizures. But there is a big loophole, Ofer
      explains, "On the issue of the Fourth Amendment, the biggest obstacle
      is that the courts have held that, by voluntarily flying, passengers
      waive their rights."

      To be clear: if TSA made this seizure of property an official policy,
      it would be considered illegal. However, it appears that many TSA
      employees are making this an unofficial perk of their job. If enough
      harassment victims step forward, Ofer explains, the NYCLU and ACLU
      would be happy to take the cases.

      The problem is that harassment victims often feel afraid, and they're
      too busy to spend months in litigation. However, this kind of
      harassment has a history of only getting worse if conscientious
      citizens don't demand justice.

      Now is a precarious time for Muslim-Americans. One need only watch a
      John McCain rally to understand that there exists danger in the forms
      of bigoted, hateful ideologies. But fear is ignorance's ally. It is
      up to brave women like Helen to come forward with their stories and
      put an end to this harassment.

      A government-sponsored thug caste that riffles through private
      property and illegally seizes the possessions of frightened citizens
      is behavior indicative of a fascist regime, but not the United States
      of America.

      Even when airborne, we should still expect to keep our rights.



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